Friday, August 28, 2009

Tom, Vick, and McNabb

Three guys are going to be among the most interesting stories this year. Then there's Brett Favre, who's a story in itself. Ugh. Brett Favre. The guy who doesn't know when to quit. A man who can't spend more than a month without the spotlight.

It turns out, the joke is on him. Favre joined the Vikings this month for two reasons:

1) To stick it to the Packers for "giving up on him"
2) To get the front page of the NFL news.

So far, (2) worked out brilliantly... for a week. Eventually we realized the joke's on him. No sooner than he starts his first pre-season game, do we get a stack of reports that the Eagles now have one Michael Vick on their roster. Now THIS is a story. Michael Vick was much maligned for torturing pets and other animals over the years. He has paid serious retribution: two years in jail and a loss of most of his millions.

Now he's trying to make a return to his own normalcy. It's not easy. It's also a much more intriguing story than a 40+ year old trying to recapture glory long gone by.

Just to finish up on Favre, we already heard reports that he is ALREADY causing a rift in the Vikings Locker Room. How about that?! He's wasting no time dividing the team. Except, in another twist, the team is actually rather UNITED. United against Favre, that is.

So now to the three most interesting stories of the NFL far: Tom, Vick, and McNabb

Michael Vick: I think we already know his QB prowess is overblown. Actually, it was overblown even before he was prosecuted years ago. He joins the Eagles as a "gadget guy", so say the Eagles. Basically he's supposed to be an option, but not THE option nor THE QB. So why then, is Donovan McNabb so defensive about his usage last night? Could Vick be the new QB in Philly eventually? It depends...

Donovan McNabb: Donovan McNabb takes a lot of junk from a lot of people. After last season, and knowing his age, he's at a turning point, or more precisely, a breaking point. The Philadlephia un-faithful are fed up with him, as is the Philly media. Basically if McNabb screws up even a little, the whole city will let him have it. Michael Vick represents a threat, in my opinion. A physical sign to McNabb that this is "his last chance."

Tom Brady: and meanwhile, caught in the hulabaloo, is Tom Brady, who has a comeback of his own brewing. Remember his season ending injury in the FIRST SERIES of the year last year? It remains to be seen how a man who was inactive for nearly a calendar year will rebound and become an All Star again. His competitive juices will make it happen, but I don't think it will be immediate. Still, this is a very interesting story, and ironically, a story that has been shifted to the back burner compared to two other car wrecks: Favre and to a lesser degree Vick.

Of the four, you'd figure that Brady will have the most success. Obvious, right? Now I wonder who will come out ahead between Vick and McNabb. For now, Michael Vick has his head on straightest, but who knows? I'll predict, quite honestly that the Eagles fall apart. When there's two strong willed QBs on the same team, it usually doesn't end well.

It really made me wonder why so many experts predicted the Eagles to take the NFC East. I won't! I pick the G-Men of the Meadowlands.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Welcome BACK!

Welcome Back...

Your dreams were your ticket out...

Welcome back
The first downs and touchdowns are what it's all about
And the plays and defenses will be gathering 'round
While the half backs and full backs will set 'em down

Oooh you're gonna feel it (ooh yer gonna feel it)
Right here where you need it (right heeere where you need it)
Oh its starting round the clock, take your tailgate the the lot, WELCOME BACK