Sunday, December 21, 2014

Dave's Christmas Thoughts of the Day: December 21st

Ho ho ho Merrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry Christmas!

Last blog entry before the big holiday season.   Well!  I have a question for you.   When you shower, do you take the bar of soap and scrub your feet?  I bet almost nobody does... isn't that funny?  How do they get clean?   Somehow I've gone on this way and not worried about it.   I do rub a dub the tops of the feet sometimes, but never the bottom.  It's funny this only occurred to me this year.

All done with the present shopping except for a couple things.  I have a gift to purchase for one of my grandmothers and an additional item to add for my father.  Aside from that, it's all in the books.   I did almost all the shopping online this year.  Saved me a ton of trouble and I really haven't fought through any lines.   For me it's the way to go!

Ever try the "Beef Bowl" cut at Lawry's?   I'm dying to give it a spin sometime soon, and perhaps my moment is at hand.  I've developed a sort of tradition at Lawry's.  Every year during the winter or Fall, I make one trip to Lawry's for a meal.  Unfortunately, most of my friends don't care for prime rib, so to date I have made every trip to Lawry's myself.  It's too bad too because it's a great experience.  Anyway, the "Beef Bowl" cut is an enormous, monstrous, simply ridiculous cut of standing rib roast that usually is served to participating players in the Rose Bowl game.  However, it's available to order as a civilian if you can pay the price.  I haven't up to now but maybe that time is changing.   I get a nice little cash bonus from the departments (not in the thousands or anything, but enough for a good steakhouse meal) before the Winter Break.  It's truly a nice gesture by all.   I can use it this year to furnish this beef bowl prime rib meal.   Here's a look at it:

I got a version of the picture with a guy seated next to it so you get an idea just how bit it is... the beef is six inches thick!   Outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would you be able to eat the whole thing?  I'd love to try and find out.

On Saturday I kicked off the college bowl season with a trip to Tony P's for breakfast.   I think I blew everybody away coming in so early... it wasn't even 10am yet.   Everyone was friendly, nonetheless.  I ordered the pancakes and bacon... that was some of the best pancakes I've had in my life!  Eating that while watching Nevada and Louisiana-Laffayette punt the ball around was a good time, the game wasn't good at all, but the food was exemplary.   I ordered coffee with it and had about a dozen refills.  No wonder I was up past 1 that night.

The little things make me smile.   I never knew Mitch Hedberg did promos for the Atlanta Thrashers long long ago.  That made me smile.   I know it doesn't sound like much, but he did a good job with them.

I know what Mentos are, but it was funny to think about it going through the years.  It was candy, so I thought, but what particular candy was it?  It was last year when I learned Mentos are mints.   They can be chewed too so that they go down more easily.

A big atta boy to the Pittsburgh Steelers for making the playoffs!   First trip to the 'offs in three years!   Feels like it's been quite a long time, but nice to see the 'offs again.  I hope this time they don't get embarrassed at the end as they did against Tim Tebow back then.   The Steelers' defense really isn't any good, but they can have good games when they cheat with an aggressive blitzing pass rush.  Horizontal offenses like the Chiefs are such a good matchup for the Steel City and it played out Sunday afternoon.   A NICE win for the Steelers., setting up Sunday night vs the Bengals with a chance to clinch the AFC North Division.  Looking forward to it!

Hard to believe the Steelers made the playoffs after looking so dead, so lost, so beaten in the first month of the year.  Kudos to Mike Tomlin for getting his boys to believe.  That's a good offense too... it's been fun to watch although frustrating too because they often were playing down to bad teams and losing because of it.

Christmas is a great time of the year.  It's one very few moments of the year where most of society comes to a pause so we can all be together, with our families and some friends, to recognize the birth of Christ, and celebrate our own livelihood.   Many of us, the non-religious ones, emphasize the personal and family reunion aspects of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  However, I always recognize the religious undertones of this time of year.

I also like cookies!   I associate cookies with Christmas, inexplicable as it may be.   Santa eats cookies.  Families bake cookies.  I eat cookies.  It all comes together.

I am so thankful to be healthy again after the absolute worst flu of the year 7 days ago.  It was so bad that I couldn't move.  It basically killed my weekend.  I felt terrible... and I wasnt all there for three days straight.   The next four days were recovery.  I haven't gone to swim the whole time, even up to now.  However, I now am back to full health, and today, on a Sunday evening, I feel so very grateful.  Thanks so much for good health!  I hope to retain my well being through the rest of the month.

I am thankful to once again make it through another year alive, with a roof over my head, and good family to turn to.  I'm thankful for friendly faces and dependable people.  I'm thankful for continued employment and a good hobby with the DITCOW podcast.   It is great to be a functional part of society.  I hope for more good things in 2015.

And to all of you who read this blog.  My thanks to you for reading, and I hope you've enjoyed it.  Go out there and have a great holiday season!   Take care and see you again soon.  Merrrrrrrrrrrrrrry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

"Kids Club" Football Picks - Week 16: December 16th

It arrives!  The final week of "Kids Club" picks in a most exciting contest.  Here we go, the picks for Week 16 - Four Bowl Picks this week plus two NFL picks.

Say Hello to Ottis (32-25-3)  
Alabama -9.5 vs Ohio State
Missouri -5.5 vs Minnesota
LSU -7 vs Notre Dame
North Carolina -3 vs Rutgers
Vikings +7 at Dolphins
Broncos -3 at Bengals

Andy in Seattle (32-25-3) 
Alabama -9.5 vs Ohio State
Rice -2 vs Fresno State
Duke +8 vs ASU
USC -6.5 vs Nebraska
Patriots -10 at Jets
Broncos -3 at Bengals

John in CT (29-30-1) 
SDSU -3 vs Navy
Cincinnati -3 vs Va. Tech
Duke +8 vs ASU
Minnesota +5.5 vs Missouri
Vikings +7 at Dolphins
Packers -10.5 at Bucs

Ron in NJ (25-31-4)  
Northern Illinois +10 vs Marshall
Texas A&M +3.5 vs West Virginia
LSU -7 vs Notre Dame
Auburn -6.5 vs Wisconsin
Vikings +7 at Dolphins
Lions -7 at Bears

First place is up for grabs.  We'll announce the winner of the contest in January!  Good luck to all the picks! 

"Kids Club" Football Picks - Week 15 Results: Big week for Andy and Ottis, Two way tie for 1st

And we are set for a monster finish to our "Kids Club " football picks contest.   Ottis had the best week, going 4-0, Andy was second best at 2-1-1.  Ron managed to salvage two pushes in an otherwise bad week for him and John held steady at 2-2.  Let's break it all down.

Say Hello to Ottis (4-0) 
Hit with: Patriots, Jets, Broncos, Cowboys
Missed with: [none]

Andy in Seattle (2-1-1) 
Hit with: Chiefs, Patriots
Missed with: Ravens
Ties: Seahawks

John in CT (2-2) 
Hit with: Patriots, Jets
Missed with: Rams, Chargers

Ron in NJ (0-2-2) 
Hit with: [none]
Missed with: Giants, Browns
Ties: Seahawks, Texans

15 weeks down, and one big week left, here are our standings entering week 16...

Ottis: 32-25-3
Andy: 32-25-3
John: 29-30-1
Ron: 25-31-4

Away we go!  Tonight we have our "Bowl Preview" show on the DITCOW podcast (@ditcow).   On this program we'll also provide our final "Kids Club" picks of the season.  This week each panelist provides six total picks - 4 bowl picks plus 2 NFL Week 16 picks.   It shall provide for an exciting conclusion in our contest.  Tune in!  (

LOCKS of the Week Result: 1-0. Season Record now 19-27

Cowboys came through for me!

So with that hit, my 1-0 week brings me up to 19-27.   I may attempt one final round of LOCKS this week, but we shall see.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dave's LOCK of the Week: December 13th

Just one LOCK of the week this time, and it was two weeks in the making.

When the Eagles beat the Cowboys on Thanksgiving, I felt an air of flukiness to it.  The Cowboys were short on rest, Romo was still hurting and the Eagles fast start took them by surprise.  The boys look like they panicked.. overthrowing in desperation and Tony Romo's throws were just off.

I thought at the time that when these teams meet again the Cowboys will get it back.  Yep, I like the COWBOYS +3.5 at the Eagles.  My LOCK of the Week for Week 15.   Here's to more success!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"Kids Club" Football Picks - Week 15: December 10th

Here are the "Kids Club" picks for Week 15.  This week, all NFL picks.  Next week, each panelist will offer 4 College Bowl picks and 2 NFL picks.

Andy in Seattle (30-24-2)
Chiefs -10 vs Raiders
Seahawks -10 vs 49ers
Patriots -7.5 vs Dolphins
Ravens -14 vs Jaguars

Say Hello to Ottis (28-25-3)
Patriots -7.5 vs Dolphins
Jets -1.5 vs Titans
Broncos -4 at Chargers
Cowboys +3.5 at Eagles

John in CT (27-28-1)
Patriots -7.5 vs Dolphins
Rams -4.5 vs Cardinals
Chargers +4 vs Broncos
Jets -1.5 vs Titans

Ron in NJ (25-29-2)
Giants -6.5 vs Redskins
Browns +2 vs Bengals
Seahawks -10 vs 49ers
Texans +7 at Colts

Some of the lines were adjusted so that the point spreads match in checker on checker picks and for head to head picks.   John and Ottis will go head to head with the Broncos/Chargers game.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

"Kids Club" Football Picks - Week 14 Results: Andy goes 4-0, Retains 1st Place, John + Ottis go 3-0-1

A MONSTER week for much of the Kids Club after a rough week last time during Turkey Weekend.   Andy had the best week, winning the week with a smashing 4-0 in picks.   John and Ottis were right behind him with a 3-0-1 week.  Unfortunately, several games turned on Ron in NJ very late.  Florida State for one allowed a backdoor cover to Georgia Tech, and the Packers did the same with under 5 minutes to go in their game against the Falcons.   He went 0-4, but 2 of those were snatched from his fingers near the very end.  Let's recap the results, pick by pick.

Andy in Seattle (4-0 last week) 
Hit with: Alabama, Georgia Tech, Patriots, Seahawks
Missed with: [none]

John in CT (3-0-1 last week) 
Hit with: SMU (won outright!), Georgia Tech, Cardinals
Missed with: [none]
Ties: Vikings

Say Hello to Ottis (3-0-1 last week) 
Hit with: Oregon, Cowboys, Seahawks
Missed with: [none]
Ties: Cincinnati

Ron in NJ (0-4 last week) 
Hit with: [none]
Missed with: FSU, K-State, Broncos, Packers

and on we go!  Here are the standings after 14 weeks.

Andy: 30-24-2
Ottis: 28-25-3
John: 27-28-1
Ron: 25-29-2

Tonight we'll try it again for Week 15.  This time out, we'll do four NFL picks, as there are no college games this weekend.

LOCKS go 0-2, Season Record is now 18-27

This week's LOCKS went... whatever they went.  0-2 for two games where a cover was in hand for nearly 80% of either game.   My season record is now 18-27.     Here's the breakdown:

Hit with: [none]
Missed with: FSU, Packers

Better luck next time, as they say!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dave's LOCKS of the Week: December 4th

Here we go… trying to keep the forward momentum on LOCKS (dink!) of the Week.

Two picks (so far, I may add a third tomorrow).  Here we go.

Florida State -4 vs Georgia Tech.  I like Georgia Tech, and they've had quite a good season.  For me, the fact remains that Florida State has survived many close games and are simply the better team.  They have had their head in their butts all season but in many cases, they still found a way out of it, with every team, and I mean EVERY TEAM going right after them as defending champions.   Georgia Tech's offense is a fun offense, a different offense, that triple option, but it's also a limited offense.   FSU's front seven can hold it down and I think Florida State wins by at least a touchdown.  Why overthink it?   I've exhausted my attempts to root for someone to beat them, time to embrace the Noles (as YOTS would say).

Packers -12.5 vs Falcons.  Packers at home in prime time.  BOOM, right there, that should be enough to pick Green Bay.  The Packers are flat out automatic at home, and most of their home games this year were blowout wins.  Now you add in the Falcons, who plain *stink.*  I know they beat Arizona a week ago, but that is an aberration to an otherwise pathetic season for Atlanta.  This is NOT a good team.  The Packers are on a roll and no signs of stopping now.  The point spread would had to have been Packers -21.5 before I considered taking the Falcons in this one.  Nope!   Packers all the way.   It'll be over by halftime.

So as of the moment (Thursday December 4th) THOSE are my LOCKS of the Week!  On to another good outcome, hopefully.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

"Kids Club" Football Picks - Week 14: December 3rd

Here are the Kids Club Football picks for Week 14...

Andy in Seattle (26-24-2)
Alabama -14.5 vs Missouri
Georgia Tech +4 vs Florida State
Patriots -3.5 at San Diego
Seahawks +1 at Eagles

Say Hello to Ottis (25-25-2)
Cincinnati -7 vs Houston
Oregon -14 vs Arizona
Cowboys -3.5 at Bears
Seahawks +1 at Eagles

Ron in NJ (25-25-2)
Florida State -4 vs Georgia Tech
Kasas State +9 vs Baylor
Broncos -10 vs Bills
Packers -12.5 vs Falcons

John in CT (24-28)  
SMU +12 vs UConn
Georgia Tech +4 vs Florida State
Vikings -6 vs Jets
Cardinals -1 vs Chiefs

Good luck to all the picks.

Monday, December 1, 2014

"Kids Club" Football Picks - Week 13 Results: No winning weeks, Andy stays in 1st Place

Rough week for the Kids Club after the 'Club rallied in the previous three weeks.  Most of the group had a sub .500 week, with Oat Man's 2-2 the only finish at .500.  Here are the results:

Say Hello to Ottis (2-2) 
Hit with: Michigan State, Colts
Missed with: Baylor, 49ers

Andy in Seattle (1-3) 
Hit with: Georgia Tech
Missed with: Utah State, Steelers, Patriots

John in CT (0-4) 
Hit with: [none]
Missed with: Texas, UCLA, Bengals, Steelers

Ron in NJ (0-4) 
Hit with: [none]
Missed with: Colorado State, UCLA, Steelers, Bengals

No need to dwell on these outcomes, here are the standings after 13 weeks...

Andy: 26-24-2
Ottis: 25-25-2
Ron: 25-25-2
John: 24-28

The good news is that most of the Kids Club is still at or above .500, and John would still be a couple games back of the leader.  It's still anyone's game as we take the picks into Conference Championship Weekend for Week 14.  We'll see who takes charge!

LOCK of the Week goes 1-0. Now 19-25 for the year.

I was very satisfied with my pick of Stanford +5.5 at UCLA.   Right up there among my favorite picks of the year.  You may remember my favorite pick of the year so far is when I picked the Packers to cover 8 (I believe) at home against the Vikings.  This is maybe my other favorite.  

No need to elaborate on how Stanford did it, or why UCLA is tough to trust ATS.  Instead I'll say that we went 1-0 this week, back to back winning weeks and, one game at a time, my season record is now 19-25.

Soon I'll need to pick more than one game in order to get back to .500, and we'll see what comes up.  Stay tuned...

Mike Francesa's Week 13 NFL Picks go 2-3. Season record now 31-23-1

Things didn't go well for Mike Francesa's NFL Picks this week.   It could have been worse, but his Thanksgiving picks failed him.  Let's recap the results:

Mike hit with: Lions, Colts
Mike missed with: Cowboys, 49ers, Giants

So!  Mike is now 31-23-1 after 13 weeks.   Fortunately, he only went only one game under .500 for the week.