Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Classic Video Games SWEET SIXTEEN.

Many battles were fought, votes were waged, favorites were clipped, near upsets, the CLASSIC VIDEO GAMES tourney had it all. And now, the SWEET SIXTEEN. Vote for your favorites now! Vote for as many games as you'd like. Matchups:

#1 Asteroids vs #13 Pong (Atari Region)
#6 Pitfall vs #10 Paperboy (Atari Region)
#8 Duck Tales vs #12 Contra (Nintendo Region)
#3 Super Mario Bros. vs #7 Super Tecmo Bowl (Nintendo Region)
#3 Street Fighter II vs #7 Out Run (Sega Region)
#1 Sonic the Hedgehog vs #4 Frogger (Sega Region)
#6 Pole Position vs #7 Dig Dug (Namco Region)
#1 Pac Man vs #4 Ms. Pac Man (Namco Region)

Vote now over at !

Sunday, March 18, 2012

An Open Letter to National Basketball Media re: Lakers

People will ask me "What do you think of Mike Brown's coaching?" as if to imply that "Ohhhh Mike Brown is running the Lakers into the ground!!"

Give me a break: I think Brown has been terrific this year so far, and team defense has improved dramatically. Sometimes it's about the players, and the Lakers have EXCEEDED my expectations so far.

Is it a championship club? No way... but it's a club that's making some noise and plays well at home. LA is good for one or two playoff series, I think. All this hype about "uh oh, look at those team meetings! What disaray!" is yet another feeble attempt by East Coast Media to write off the Lakers. Guess what bozos, WE AIN'T GOIN NOWHERES!!!!!!!!

More Classic Video Games voting open on facebook!

Hi everyone.

We've continued the quest towards Classic Video Gaming's Final Four, and the voting continues on our facebook page: . Join in!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

CVGT 1st Rd: #7 Out Run vs #10 Shinobi

All right folks... here's our first round matchup:

#7 Out Run


#10 Shinobi

Make your pick tonight! We'll post our second matchup later this evening.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The CLASSIC VIDEO GAMES Bracket Tournament

In honor of March Madness this year, I drafted a "Classic Video Games" Tournament Bracket this year (1976-1991). You can vote on each team to advance as we post the matchups each day. Here are the seedings for the tournament this year:

Classic Video Games Tournament Bracket, Link.

You'll have to zoom in some to see the brackets. Here are the seedings in question:

Atari Region

1. Asteroids
16. E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

8. Road Blasters
9. Marble Madness

5. Star Wars
12. Battle Zone

4. Tempest
13. Pong

6. Pitfall
11. S.T.U.N. Runner

3. Space Invaders
14. Breakout

7. Missile Command
10. Paperboy

2. Centipede
15. Food Fight

Nintendo Region

1. Super Mario Bros. 3
16. Double Dribble

8. Duck Tales
9. Tetris

5. Mega Man 2
12. Contra

4. Metroid
13. Castlevania

6. Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!
11. Blades of Steel

3. Super Mario Bros.
14. Final Fantasy

7. Super Tecmo Bowl
10. Bubble Bobble

2. Legend of Zelda
15. Kid Icarus

Namco Region

1. Pac Man
16. Mappy

8. Joust
9. Galaxian

5. Defender
12. Bosconian

4. Ms. Pac Man
13. Xevious

6. Pole Position
11. Rally-X

3. Donkey Kong (Arcade)
14. Burger Time

7. Dig Dug
10. Robotron 2084

2. Galaga
15. Berzerk

Sega Region

1. Sonic the Hedgehog
16. Mr. Do!

8. After Burner
9. Golden Axe

5. T.M.N.T. (Arcade)
12. Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

4. Frogger
13. Dragon's Lair

6. Q-Bert
11. Rampage

3. Street Fighter II
14. Zaxxon

7. Out Run
10. Shinobi

2.The Simpsons (Arcade)
15. Smash TV


So! First things first. Were there any glaring omissions? Was anyone seeded too high? Next week we'll open up voting for each of the matchups and go day by day... probably a few at a time. So with that said, fire away, folks.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

800 Degrees Pizza -- Best Pizza in Los Angeles

I have to break the silence.

A few months ago, I saw a new pizzeria open up on Lindbrook and Westwood, near UCLA. It was called "800 Degrees" and I passed by it every day on the bus ride to work. Every day I'd say "Oh here we go, with another gimmicky pizza joint. All fluff no substance."

Then, a month ago I gave it a try for myself, and it is nothing short of amazing! What separates this place from other Pizzerias that came before it, even great ones like Lamonica's nearby on Galey Ave., or D'Amore's Pizza Connection literally around the corner?

First of all, their crust is second to none. Even Lamonica's comes out a little thick. This pizzeria is the truest Neapolitan style crust I've seen and tasted in town. As a result, the pizza will come out a little soft, but always ask for it to be crispy and it'll come out wonderfully.

Secondly, the topping selection has the freshest ingredients of the highest quality. Papa John's has long claimed fresher ingredients, but they're still standard grade, typical quality ingredients found in most cheap delivery outlets. 800 Degrees offers the finest pepperoni, the most authentic olives, the freshest sausage, and my favorite, this incredibly crispy yet juicy bacon that I tried last night. All of their toppings are top notch. I almost forgot to mention that the mere fact they use Fresh Mozzarella is a TREMENDOUS selling point. So few pizzerias go this route, and I appreciate fresh mozza whenever I can find it.

Lastly, the service is terrific. 800 Degrees operates akin to a Subway or Chipotle: at each stage of the pizza's construction, items can be added or subtracted as desired. In addition, service is quick, efficient, and surprisingly, the pizza cooks in 5 minutes.

It's been said on other blogs, but 800 Degrees is also one of a rare assortment of restaurants that offers a Coca Cola Freestyle Machine, which offers hundreds of varations of soft drink flavors. It's a tremendous experience from top to bottom. If that's not enough for ya, try their small gelato bar after your meal.

I can't say enough good things about 800 Degrees. Perhaps, their lack of delivery service is a knock for some, but I feel like that would take away from their other fine elements of production. As it stands, 800 Degrees is my favorite pizzeria on the Westside of LA, and that's in a region that features Bravo, Lamonica's, Joe's, Vito's, and a number of wonderful thin-crust pizza restaurants west of La Cienega Blvd.

Hopefully others will agree that 800 Degrees is the best thing to happen to Local Pizza since the Village opened way back when.