Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving LOCKS of the Week: Part 5

It's time to give thanks, break out the Turkey and hope for some good football on the THANKSGIVING...

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I've been looking forward to writing these picks all week. I have a really good feeling about all three teams in Week 12. What better way to feast on success than on Thanksgiving, the ultimate eating holiday this side of Independence Day! Here's what we have for Thanksgiving in the NFL:

In Detroit: I'm going Packers solidly to win and cover -6.5. While the game is on the road, and while the Packers struggle defensively lately, I think that's a pretty small point spread for a team that is magnificent at scoring points. It's Rodgers, it's Jones, it could be Jennings, and more. While Stafford, Johnson, and Smith may be a good counter, I also think the Packers eat the Lions alive. Pack -6.5.

In Dallas: We've often struggled with this game with the results being less than stellar, but in recent years we've seen some pretty good games in Texas. I would give the Dolphins a fair shot, but overall I think the Cowboys STILL cover the spread of -7. Dallas in a semi-close one.

Finally, in Baltimore: the Crab city hosts the hotter than fire 49ers with an old defense that's still going strong. The Ravens' Joe Flacco is erratic but is also facing some breaks: He's playing at home, he's going against a team that's traveled a long way on short rest, and he's got the momentum of having beaten Cincinnati the week before. I like the Ravens to win outright and give the -3.

Gobble up for your Thanksgiving action on

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Enjoy your Thanksgiving everyone, and hope it's a good time for you and your family.

Monday, November 21, 2011

MNF LOCK of the Week: Chiefs at Patriots

We nailed our Thursday night pick last week, and we do it again on...

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And now we go on to MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL with possibly the most lopsided matchup of the season: Chiefs vs Patriots.

In this game you have one of the NFL's best offenses, granted, one that's struggled lately. That's the Patriots. You also get possibly the worst NFL offense you've seen yet this year. That's the Chiefs.

The Patriots have looked better with each week with their pass rush. Their corners are still awful, but I think they have the ability to defend teams once in a while. Put together, the Pats will take this game by storm and destroy the -16.5 spread at Gillette Stadium. I'm going Patriots -16.5 at home in a complete "waste-of-time" game tonight in Foxboro. reason why we call it

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Coming up later this week: our Turkey Day picks with some games that may not be as bad as you think. Stay tuned!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

SPECIAL: Thursday Night Pick of the Week: NYJ vs DEN

1-2 last week, and here for the rebound on

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To start, we're doing a special THURSDAY NIGHT PICK this week.

Here's the scene: Jets, coming off a Sunday night game against the Patriots, going to face the Broncos at Denver. The Jets are favored by -6.5, and I'm going the other way! I don't think the Broncos are that good, but while this is the case, I think they'll have no problem with the Jets great pass coverage. The Broncs barely throw the ball with Tebow leading the charge. Charge he will: there will be a lot of wildcat formations and option plays tonight. Get ready for it... BRONCOS by 6.5!


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It's going to be a fun one over at Mile High...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

3-0 and Back for Mo'!

Last week on LOCKS, we went 3-0 on our picks: LSU, NYG, and Chicago. Not only that, but the Bears won outright at Philadelphia on Monday Night. Time to keep it rolling with the new

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Three more picks this week, three obvious looks. How about we start in college?

Arizona State has a late one at Washington State and I think even on the road, the Sun Devils will cover 11.5. ASU -11.5 on the road.

Next, we switch gears to the NFL. I think it's about time the Lions got a nice road win and I can guarantee Jay Cutler won't play well for the Bears. He rarely plays well in back to back games. Let's go Motor City and the Lions +3 at Chicago.

Finally, we turn to the Ravens/Seahawks where I think the Hawks are getting too many points at home. I know they're usually pretty bad, but defensively the Hawks have their moments and the Ravens are never that great against the bad teams. Remember that Baltimore had to stage the biggest comeback of their franchise history to beat the Cardinals. Baltimore is very hot and cold and I'm going to take Seattle to cover. Seattle +7 at home.

We go into the Veterans Day weekend to commemorate those who served as we serve up

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In summary: ASU - 11.5; DET +3; SEA +7

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wow, nearly one year gone??

My goodness!

It's so good to have you all back. Where have I been? Honestly, where? It's time for some more

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I've been very busy of late, compiling great radio programs on the Dave in the City Podcast . I've been taking my lumps with bad predictions: remember the Cardinals and the World Series? That was me. Remember the blown 17 point lead in the NBA Playoffs for the Thunder against Dallas? That was me. I haven't had a great streak of late.

Maybe this time we can get it back and get it roooolling. I'll start with the big Northeastern Showdown in Gillette. Pats are a whopping 9.5 point favorite, but I think Big Blue comes up big and stays in it. Giants +9.5

And now! We're introducing some COLLEGE ACTION deep in the south. LSU vs Alabama, and with the Tigers on the road, we think they're an easy +4.5 cover. Take the Tiger's Roar over the Crimson's tide.

And lastly, the big one for Philly: Bears/Eagles. Am I crazy or do I think Bears +4.5 is going to work? It's true the Eagles have made a nice surge of late and their defense looked dominant a week ago vs. Dallas, but I'm calling for the BEARS +7.5! I think we're going to see some shuffling this weekend....


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Your picks: NYG +9.5, LSU +4.5, CHI +7.5