Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"Kids Club" Podcast Picks: Week 3 (Sept. 17)

The newly named "Kids Club Podcast Picks" for College and Pro football were announced earlier tonight on our "Dave in the City" podcast (  Here are the picks we made on the show, two were on air and two were sent via txt.

For the record, everyone *is* tied at 4-4 I messed up the math when I announced the standings on air.  On we go:

Ron in NJ (4-4) 
Alabama -14.5 vs Florida
LSU -9.5 vs Mississippi St.
Saints -10.5 vs Vikings
Eagles -6.5 vs Washington

John in CT (4-4) 
Akron +9.5 vs Marshall
Boise St. -17 vs LA Lafayette
Saints -10.5 vs Vikings
Chiefs +4.5 vs Dolphins

Say Hello to Ottis (4-4)
Alabama -14.5 vs Florida
Missouri -14 vs Indiana
Bengals -7 vs Titans
Chargers +2.5 at Bills

Andy in Seattle (4-4)
Alabama -14.5 vs Florida
Arizona -9.5 vs Cal
Bills -2.5 vs Chargers
Panthers -3 vs Steelers

We have a TRIPLE CHECKER ON A CHECKER with Alabama, which in some circles is called a "Family Bet."   A lot of confidence in the Crimson Tide, and against an inept Florida offense, why not?  

Oat Man and Andy will go head to head on the Chargers/Bills NFL game with the Bills laying 2.5.  May the best team win!

Some good picks this week, good luck to all...

Dave's LOCK of the Week: September 17th

It's a very tough week to pick football games, so this week just one game.

Only ONE game!

This week we have Arizona at home against Cal.   Anu Solomon is simply a wonderful quarterback.   At home Arizona has been great so far, and I think a bunch of people are overvaluing Cal.  Some people got the message and brought the line up to 10.5 which is how I played it.  Since then, some more hype for Cal brought the line *back* down to 9 points.  That's a missed opportunity by me.

I think Cal's an improved team, in fact, maybe a well improved team, but it's not enough to take the Wildcats at home.  I like them big!   Arizona -10.5.

That is all!   There were some other fun ones like Oregon -24 at Washington State, and Alabama -14.5 at home against Florida.   None of them are slam dunks so just one LOCK of the week.  Good luck to U of A!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: September 17th

People think "ain't" is short for "is not."   If that was true, why is there and "a" in it?  For about 25 years I wondered this.  Then, over the weekend, while I was driving, it came to me.   "Am not" can be shortened to "ain't" too.  So "ain't" means "am not" for short.  So instead of "I am not going to that meeting," you say "I ain't going to that meeting!"

And then it all made sense!   Ain't is a proper contraction, but for "am not"  and people just got lazy and borrowed it for "is not." But ya know, I'm not the kind of fuddy duddy that would get on people for using "aint".  Ain't is fun!  It's good for emphasis or expression.

I am in utter shock that Jerry Lewis is still alive.  I honestly didn't know that.   How about that, fellas?   I apologize to Mr. Lewis for thinking he died earlier.

Funny moment from America's Got Talent's Mel B, the former Spice Girl.  She comes in from LA, where it is just bright and sunny and practically scorching, but we're getting used to it.  She lands in NY where they do the show and it is COOL and dumpy looking, and raining everywhere and she shows a pic of Manhattan on her instagram and goes "going from Sunny LA to rainy NYC!"

but how about that AGT finale last night?  Was that not spectacular?   I was so pumped at that show that I wrote a tweet praising the 6 finalists:

I mean... the #AGT finale was so good I make a genuine plea to just give ALL SIX acts 1million bucks and their own show!! That good.

The official America's Got Talent twitter retweeted that and now my twitter account *exploded.*  I am getting notifications from all over the country.  One after the other.  This is spectacular!  I'm really enjoying this.  And everyone agrees!!   If you saw the show you'd see why... it was truly impressive.

Congratulations to the Baltimore Orioles for winning the AL East division.  Enjoy your first round exit to a team with much better pitching!

A few weeks ago, when I drafted Adrian Peterson, on three fantasy teams, I thought "Finally!  A running back I won't have to worry about."  I was so excited to get him on a fantasy team at last!  


Peterson really seems like a despicable person.   At best he's a despicable parent.  Just terrible.   I would say this is for the best that he's getting hammered by everybody.   I will find a way to get by with the fantasy teams such as they are.

In the meanwhile, I turn to produce and look at the wonderful fruit and veggies entering stores nationwide.   Peach season is coming to an end, and as we say goodbye to peaches, we make way for Pumpkin Spice Latte season.  If Peach Season is my bag, Pumpkin Spice Latte season is Andy in Seattle's baby.   Every fall he lets us know that the Pumpkin Spice Lattes are once again in season.  I rather appreciate these announcements because like him, and some other fellas I know, Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks are the greatest.  Incredibly good!   I know we have our moments with the Gingerbread Lattes and the Salted Caramel Mocha but Pumpkin Spice has it all... flavor, texture, and context with the weather that is.

Doesn't really apply this week with it being 100 degrees in LA, but in a few weeks that latte and the crisp fall air is going to be just perfect.  I look forward to another one!  Had my first one a few days ago.

I finally and I mean FINALLY found a tall bottle of orange gatorade.  The local store refuses to sell those and only carries Lemon-Lime and Fruit Punch.   At this other grocery story in the area, a much bigger store, I went to the gatorade section and saw all three.   That's a good job by Gatorade and the nearby Ralphs.

That's all from here, enjoy your Wednesday.

Mike Francesa's Week 2 NFL Pick Results: 5-2 this week. 5-5 for the year.

Mike Francesa rebounded quite nicely with his large selection of picks for NFL Week 2.  For the week, he went 5-2, nearly getting the Colts -3 last night for a stellar 6-1 showing.  However, a great week for Mike as he now moves up to 5-5 for the season:

Mike hit with:


Mike missed with:


Just to repeat, both the Broncos and Colts games were in hand for a cover (-12 and -3 respectively) well into the fourth quarter.  A great week for Mike.  Now to see how he carries that momentum for Week 3.....

Monday, September 15, 2014

LOCKS of the Week Results: 2-1 this week; 2-7 for the season.

At last, a winning week for LOCKS.  Week 3 was good to us.

Hit with Bowling Green, Oklahoma
Missed with Central Michigan.

It isn't a huge season improvement, but a winning week is a big moment, and a springboard to hopefully a rebound this season.  For the week, we're 2-1.  For the year we climb "up to" 2-7.

Long way to go, but some more success could light the way.  Onward. 

Podcast Picks Results - Week 2: It's a Dead Heat! John rebounds.

For Week 2, John is the winner at 3-1.  Ron had a losing week at 1-3, and both Andy and Ottis hold steady with 2-2 for the week.  Here's the breakdown.

John in CT (3-1)
Hit with TCU, Bills, and Patriots.
Missed with South Florida.

Say Hello to Ottis (2-2)
Hit with Missouri and East Carolina.
Missed with Seahawks and Lions.

Andy in Seattle (2-2)
Hit with South Carolina and the Bills.
Missed with Utah State and the Seahawks.

Ron in NJ (1-3)
Hit with Cardinals -2
Missed with Louisville, Louisiana Lafayette, and Lions.

So, after two weeks, everybody is tied in the standings!  Here they are:

Ron in NJ: 4-4
John in CT: 4-4
Say Hello to Ottis: 4-4
Andy in Seattle: 4-4

A four way tie for first!   However, what I've done is arrange for several tiebreakers to determine who ranks above who.  Here's the breakdown of the tiebreakers in order:

  1. Winner of the most individual weeks to date.  This week John had the best week in picks so he wins week 2.  Ron won week 1.   At the moment THIS tiebreaker is tied so we proceed.
  2. When both players in first place are tied we go to who had the most split sweeps over the year.  When you go 2-0 in either College or NFL picks for a week, that is a "split sweep."  If this category is tied, we proceed.  A 4-0 total week gives you *two* split sweeps.
  3. In the case where split sweeps are equal, we look at who had best record for the past week.  If this is tied we proceed. 
  4. If both persons have the same record for the week, we go to the person with the most split sweeps that particular week.  
  5. If the above scenario were to occur, a 1 in 123943295832532325 chance of occurring, LOL, we will decide by coin flip as determined by the 'Cow.   
  6. At season's end, if there is such a tie, we can try to assign a Bowl Game "wager-off" for which either party will go head-to-head.  If the game is a push or no-action, we'll just give both guys the same place in the standings.

So, we have quite a nice setup so far… very competitive field.   On to Week 3!

Update:  I will also implement the "wager-off" if we 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Mike Francesa's Football Picks: September 12th

In the league where they play………………………………..  for pay.

Mike Francesa's NFL Picks: Week 2 

Jets +8 at Packers
Panthers -2.5 vs Lions
Cowboys +4 at Titans
Browns +6.5 vs Saints
Texans -3 at Raiders
Broncos -12 vs Chiefs
Colts -3 vs Eagles

We cleared up an on-air error by Mike where he said "Jets +8" to start and then in his recap he said "Jets +12".  He got the "12" mixed up with Broncos -12 but corroborates his original call of Jets +8.  So SEVEN games selected this week!

Good luck to all the picks.