Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mike Francesa's NFL Week 7 Results: A *perfect* 6-0! 18-9-1 this year.


Mike Francesa went a perfect 6-0 for the NFL Week 7 predictions, and with the perfect week his season total is 18-9-1.   A masterful effort by Mike this year and bear in mind: he started 0-3!  So, here are the picks and the outcomes:

Mike hit with: Colts, Ravens, Vikings, Chiefs, Cardinals, Steelers
Mike missed with: [none]

That's why he's number one, folks.

"Kids Club" Football Picks - Week 7 Results: John + Andy both go 3-1, Division Standings tighten

John and Andy both needed a nice rebound and they got it with their respective 3-1 weeks.   Ron was not as lucky, with the Colorado State game in particular burning him, and Oat Man held at 2-2.  The picks were pretty well designated so the group as a whole now is closer to one another in the standings.  John wins the week, owning the better overall record and most individual week wins.  Busy day at the office so we'll just give you the straight results:

John in CT (3-1) 
Hit with: Kansas State, Ravens, Jaguars
Missed with: Louisville

Andy in Seattle (3-1) 
Hit with: Duke, Arizona State, Cowboys
Missed with: Chargers

Say Hello to Ottis (2-2) 
Hit with: Ole Miss, Broncos
Missed with: Baylor, Patriots

Ron in NJ (1-3) 
Hit with: Missouri
Missed with: Colorado State, Bears, Seahawks

and here are the standings after 7 weeks:

Ottis: 14-13-1
Ron: 13-14-1
Andy: 11-16-1
John: 11-17

On to Week 8!  It's getting intense with this competition.

Monday, October 20, 2014

LOCKS of the Week go 0-2: Season total is 9-16

It was a disaster this week, but anticipating said disaster we were keen to limit participation to two games:

Interestingly, the game we didn't use, Jaguars +6, hit in a big way.  The Jags won the game outright!  But, officially these are our results:  0-2 for two NFL picks and 9-16 for the season.

Hit with: [none]
Missed with: Bengals, Giants

I think the simple fact is, both of these teams *stink.*   I'm glad they lost, and it serves them right getting overhyped like they do and then doing nothing when you expect them to.

We're starting to run out of weeks!  I can only hope we find a way back to .500 and we're looking at some pretty juicy matchups to use for LOCKS next week.   We may include quite a few games, more than you've seen before.  Stay with us and we'll provide some future winners.

Dave's Top 5 Sandwiches in L.A.

In case you're wondering my "Top Five L.A. Sandwiches" are:

1. Bay Cities "Godmother"
1. Langer's Pastrami
1. Canter's Corned Beef
1. Capriotti's "Bobbie" Turkey/Stuffing
1. "Bayou Bomber" at Ralphs

*they're all No. 1!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Mike Francesa's Week 7 NFL Picks: October 17th

In the league where they play………………………………..  for pay.

Mike went quickly delivering his Week 7 NFL picks, and here they are!

Colts -3 vs Bengals
Ravens -7 vs Falcons
Vikings +5 at Bills
Chiefs +4 at Chargers
Cardinals -3.5 at Raiders
Steelers -3 vs Texans

Good luck to his picks and here's to a big NFL Week 7!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dave's LOCKS of the Week: October 15th

It was a very tough week to think of games to pick from this week's point spreads.  Nothing stands out, so we have just two LOCKS for this week, and they're both in the NFL.

First, I like the Bengals +3.5 at Indianapolis.  My goodness, how quickly did everyone quit on the Bungles?   It just seems nuts that now we all think they're bums... and yes I think they're overrated and not to be trusted in big spots, but their defense is not the Jaguars now.  I don't even think the Jaguars are that bad... but that's another matter.

Anyway, the Colts have done well for themselves lately, but if they think they're going to just throw all over Cincy, they are mistaken.  Granted, the last two QBs did just that: Tom Brady and Cam Newton.  They were flat out great... but the Colts never make it easy... they struggled to put away a good D-line like the Houston Texans.  I see the same story this Sunday.  There is just way too much confidence in the Colts, and I feel like their team needs work defensively and in their O-Line.   Lastly, the Bengals are simply due for a win.  Even without A.J. Green, this team has way too much talent to have a 3 game win-less streak.  There's no way!   and... well, even if they don't win, I think I'll have a good time with them getting embarrassed anyway.

Yep!  It's another "Dave in the City"  "eff those guys!" bet!   If they cover, I win, if Indy tramples all over them, I still win.  Bengals +3.5 at Indy.

My second and final pick is Giants +6.5.   I've had enough of the Giants.   I've picked against them twice I believe and got burned both times.  This time I'm going to pick them to cover +6.5... and one of two things will happen.  a) they cover and/or win  and b) they don't cover and get kicked around by the Cowboys.  I *love* both outcomes, and the fact is, the Cowboys may come into this game a little flat after an emotional, impressive, incredible win at Seattle.   Dallas would be liable to start slowly and pull out a win at the end, but the point spread is just too big.  Dallas was about a 6.5 point favorite against Houston at AT&T Stadium and nearly lost to them.   The 'Boys did not cover on that day and I don't think they cover here either.  Giants +6.5 at Dallas.

So, with the Jaguars +6 on the table, I'll pass on that affair for now and stay with the two strongest choices: Bengals and Dallas.  No picks in college this time out... we'll be in for some fun for football, enjoy the games!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"Kids Club" Podcast Football Picks - Week 7: October 14th

On the @ditcow show this week, the Kids Club once again filled in for the unavailable Junk Man and we had great time breaking down some manic movement at the top of College Football's ranks along with the various comings and goings of the NFL.   So!   With Ron, Ottis, and Andy on air, and John sending picks via text, here's what the Kids Club picked for Week 7.

Ron in NJ (3-1 last wk)
Missouri +5.5 at Florida
Colorado State -5.5 vs Utah State
Bears -3 vs Dolphins
Seahawks -7 at Rams

Ron also offered these two bonus picks which will not count towards the contest: Colorado +19.5 at USC and Rutgers +19.5 at Ohio State.

Andy in Seattle (1-2-1 last wk)
Duke -2.5 vs Virginia
Arizona State +3 vs Stanford
Chargers -4.5 vs Chiefs
Cowboys -6 vs Giants

Say Hello to Ottis (1-3 last wk)
Ole Miss -16.5 vs Tennessee
Baylor -8 at West Virginia
Patriots -10 vs Jets
Broncos -6.5 vs 49ers

John in CT (0-4 last wk)
Kansas State +8 vs Oklahoma
Louisville -17 vs NC State
Ravens -7 vs Falcons
Jaguars +6 vs Browns

Nothing specific of note about the picks except that there are NO Checkers on Checkers (common picks) for Week 7.  Some of them were re-assigned on air.  Good luck to all the picks and enjoy the games!