Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: May 31st

I did a regrettable thing this Saturday afternoon... I parked the car a good 4 feet inside the red part of the curb.  What I was trying to do is get the proper spacing between me and the car in front of me, you know, right around 1-2 feet between us, but I was not keeping track of the curb *behind* me so I wound up cutting into the overall parking space on the street.   If anyone leaves future cars are going to get hosed for the next day-plus.  With only 4 feet behind my car, nobody is going to be able to park in the space behind me either.  A terrible job out of the Dave. 

The LA Kings lost  Game 6 of the NHL Stanley Cup West Final to Chicago last night, and I was so upset at the Patrick Kane go ahead goal that I threw the remote at the couch, but I am such a mush that the remote bounced right off the couch and back into my hand!   Almost like a boomerang.  It was so funny I nearly laughed!

Sunday night, June 1, will be Game 7 at Chicago between the same two teams.  When I compose the next blog entry we'll see if the Kings are still playing hockey.   As they say -- anything can happen.

I might be getting too old to drink... it's bad enough for regular people, but lightweights like myself can really struggle as they get older.   "Old-er"... you could just be getting "old" but we soften it nowadays with "old-er".  Similar to how one would say "oh he's fatter"... no!  He is just plain fat!   Ah what are you gonna do?  I do the same thing with the "-er".

Anyway, Friday night, I drank two pints of Tricerahops IPA... man is that beer strong.  I was never in danger of hitting a DUI but it provided such a strong buzz and some rough after effects... Even after drinking lots of water after the fact, I had a big headache the next day that I didn't clear up until I took a nap around noon.  and I had to COMPLETELY shut down... it was like a time warp... lie down in the bed and zing, it's an hour later.

I could sense what time it was because I put on "Frontiers" the Journey album on Spotify.   When I dozed off it was playing "Separate Ways" and when I got up it was near the end of the song "Faithfully."  I don't think that was a full hour of sleep, but I stayed in bed a while longer.  

For whatever it's worth, the sensation of a COMPLETE body shutdown is really something!   To do that during the middle of the day really shows how tired one was the night before.   It was one of those nights... after the hockey game I needed to take my mind off it so I did laundry late at night.   I was up way too late... it was so bad that my brain was gasping for air as I hung up the clothes, and the dryer didn't even dry the clothes right!

Even starting the laundry was a fail because when I got to the laundry room, I forgot that I ran out of detergent, so in a t-shirt, pajama shorts, loafers, and a jacket I went to the grocery store.  It was roughly 10pm when this happened so there weren't a whole lot of people there, but I was just thinking to myself as I saw other folks in the store "Don't judge!"

It happens to us all: if you're withing walking distance of the grocery store you'll just slap on pants and go pick up something, ragged or what have you.  Some people don't even bother with the pants. 

Welp... it is now time to go w/ a friend to Chili's... can San Antonio finally take care of business on the road?  I think they can, but they have an abysmal history out in Ok. City.   We'll find out soon enough!   Hope you enjoyed this teaser blog entry.    'Til next time...

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: May 28th

Wow... end of May.   Whoda thunk it?

Time flies don't it?   Felt like we were just getting started with March... now it's May.

Apparently a new lady moved into our apartment complex and last night she went bat@$%@# crazy yelling at the rest of the neighbors about her dog that she said was dying. 

I remember some of the characters we had back at the old place in West LA, but this was something else.  I had to shut the windows to tune her out.   She's not an old lady... but geez.   Hopefully that's not something that carries over and maybe she was just flipping out because her dog was dying and not because she's bat@$%@# crazy.  We will see.

If her dog really is dying, my sympathies... you never want to see that.

Does it seem shearn to buy pre-made Hebrew National hot dogs at the store?  Shearn meaning "pointless."   You take one home, and it's so obvious you could have made it yourself.  You eat it, yes for 50 cents each, but you ask "what was the use of this?"  6 bones would have gotten 8 of these hot dogs and buns plus extras for the week.  In fact this topic might be so shearn that I brought it up already!

There's nothing worse than bringing up a subject you just talked about earlier in your lifetime, especially to someone who already heard the story.  It annoys me to repeat stories... I *hate* doing that, because you're saying something to someone that they already know.   I can relate... some of my colleagues, or family, will re tell stories they've told time and time again and it's like watching the same concert all over.   Sometimes it's a great story but you get the sense they didn't know you heard it already.   I hate doing it myself because I want to keep it fresh.

Maybe that's why I haven't done the blog so much lately.  I want original material to bring to all of you and not so much the same six tricks that you'll see from the more hackneyed stand up acts.  That plus sheer laziness.  It's tougher to write a blog in an apartment with a room mate because you have less time overall to do things.   You won't get to watch your shows or your sports immediately because you let your buddy have the TV first and then jump in later, but during that same time you take over the kitchen to cook since your friend just used it to make his meal.  It's interesting.

I went to Hotwire to browse Vegas deals then found a 5 star hotel "North Strip"... I thought I was the *man*.  A saturday night stay in a 5 star?  boom... but then I found out I got the Trump Tower hotel, oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...

I'm told the accommodations are tremendous BUT, the place isn't on the strip, there's no casino in there, and the price isn't a huge savings from its normal price during off peak periods.  I'll give it a try another time when the overall prices are lower.  Amazingly I got out of that deal even though technically you can't cancel a Hotwire deal.

The workaround was that I had to book another trip and then I was allowed a refund of the difference.  The second trip I booked could be less money than the original one so I took advantage and got a room in Santa Clara in July.  Why Santa Clara in July?   Simple!  The California Extreme Arcade Expo... at last I will get to see it!  All I needed as a room... I should be good to go.  Plus I may get to see my friend Jacob.

Imagine if you had to stop 8000 pucks at once?  That'd be a hard task.. and it would hurt!  That would be like a giant rubber pickup truck slamming into you.  How much do you think 8000 pucks would weigh?  If two were about a pound... 4000 pounds?  Ooh!  That's how much a car weighs!  

I feel like Hotwire cheats you somewhat on these hotel deals... Priceline Express deals have netted me better properties... even if Hotwire can sometimes get you lower prices.

Are there people who think it's cool to not like or not follow the NBA?  I found that an unusual trend... guys who proudly proclaim "I DON'T GIVE A BLEEP ABOUT THE NBA AND WON'T WATCH IT."  And they'll say it with the kind of arrogance that implies you should applaud them.   Instead I think "well good for you!  Go get a cookie."  Then I'll put on the game.  Jacob does that... this is an arena where I think his buddies in SF really influenced him.   Jake was more chill about the NBA when he lived in Santa Barbara... and in Southern California, we're big on the NBA... still are.  Our local ESPN station *still* talks local NBA every day even though the Lakers and Clippers aren't in the 'offs right now.

but to be fair the NBA playoffs might be hitting a decade worst level of competitiveness.  Cheers to the Thunder for adding some intrigue to their series last night with a win, evening up the series 2-2, but most of the second and third rounds have been a mind numbing bore.  There just aren't that many competitive teams in this year's 'offs.  We'll have a great NBA finals I think, but the path to get there hasn't been worse.   The Heat are playing virtual preseason games right now and I think the Spurs, despite losing last night, have good command of their series.

If I could pick one Vegas location to stay at right now, and this just emerged, I think Palazzo would be it.  One of my buddies, Kevin, told me about it recently and his description was captivating.  All of the rooms are suites!  No cheapies either... genuine 750 square foot suites with full bedrooms and sunken living room areas.  Definite must-see down the road.  I would consider this as a Christmas gift perhaps.  Perhaps!

For now, back to the grind, the relentless work and local sports.   Life is good.  Hope you're doing well too.  See you soon!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: May 19th

Do you have it????  GUTS!!!

I baked two pieces of fish last night -- Salmon and Halibut.  The halibut was pretty good, but the Salmon, OH, the salmon, it was phenomenal!   I find that baking fish a little extra at 350 degrees makes for better taste.  Just a little extra will do.   Salmon from the store wrapped in foil and put into the oven is simply amazing, and it's so *easy* to cook too!  I rather enjoyed the process.

People out here are already panicking about the Dodgers.  It's only been six weeks.   Yeah, they stink right now, but I feel like this isn't such a big deal.  If the Dodgers can be around .500 by June they'll be just fine, honestly.   The rotation has been mostly good, the hitting has had its moments, the only real problem is that bullpen.  It stinks!!!!!!!!   Not much more to it than that.  I feel like it's correctable so I'm far from "werried."

I know that on this blog I used to tell stories about going out and seeking babes and such, but I haven't had much to tell of late, or perhaps I've been trying not to get *too* personal.  I must say though there was a lady from the Triathlon team I saw on the way to the locker room from swim... quite fetching!

Yeah I guess you *could* say there are spies even for the blog..!  Haha... that comment won't make sense to most people.

Tom in NJ and I are still in the middle of our workout challenge.   I managed to get in a swim yesterday and it was great.   I think this is now the third, maybe fourth week (week 1 was just the tail end of a week).   I feel great! 

My buddy Tom is doing well too... it's had its tough moments, but he went out to run *every day* except for the off day on Sundays.   He's doing great!  He's getting faster and faster with his runs.

There are some moments where I feel faster in the pool too.  I can't say whether that's actually happening, but it *feels* nice.

Know what else feels nice?   Red Velvet pancakes.. I've been craving those for a while... and they serve those at the Aria.  and in better news, speaking of Aria, I have a free room reward there coming up!  I just have to redeem it, but this game I play, myVEGAS, has afforded me one night at the modern, chic, beautiful Aria Resort and Casino.  I look forward to cashing this in!

My birthday is coming up this week.  On that day, I'll take in some swimming and cap it off with those Chocolate Chip Pancakes I told you about from John O'Groats.  I'll be healthy this time!  Might be my first visit there without it being a sick day.   I got the day off as a vacation date this time.

I finally found a sandwich that hits the spot at Barney's Beanery.  It's the Pastrami Reuben on marble rye.  Very good!   Surprisingly good, even.  Most of the food at Barney's is underwhelming.

Did you see a tweet from Michelle Beadle yesterday that showed a shot of a sports bar with a bunch of screens with the caption "Perfection?"  Guess where that was?  THAT WAS TONY P'S!!!   Coach noticed the tweet and showed it to me and I was like "would you look at that?  That's Tony P's!  We were just there last week."

That's the pic she tweeted yesterday.  You can make out the screens, the little board showing the beer selections, and the football helmets at the top, almost instantly.  Who would have guessed?  ESPN's Michelle Beadle also makes Tony P's her home.  It's a tremendous bar too.   I see the buzz has caught on about that place.  I *love* that place to death... ever since finding it, I finally had a reliable, wonderful, and tasty place to be for all the sports.

It was about a year ago (maybe I blogged about it, who knows?), when we were at Tony P's for March Madness and I believe Syracuse may have been playing.  There was some guy in an orange shirt who looked a lot like Andrew Siciliano at the end of the bar that night.  To this day,  I swear that actually WAS Andrew Siciliano.   I mean he has ears you can identify from Mars.

I thought about buying that six pack of Mars bars from Amazon but I got cold feet about it.   It seems like a lot of effort to get candy bars to ship for like $6.95 plus postage from a far away land just so you can try them.  I just want ONE... at like 95 cents.

Mitch Kupchak... today's the lottery.  Good luck to you and your team, and PLEASE do not let Jim Buss make you trade that pick for a Kevin Love rental.    You must stick to your basketball principles!  For us, won't ya?  Signed: Dave in the City and YOTS.

That's all from here, take care you all...

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: May 14th

Today is the 16th anniversary of Seinfeld's Series Finale.   Remember that day?   We had waited all year for it, wondered how it'd go, and then we were so bitterly disappointed.   A bizarre finish to an otherwise iconic TV show.

Dating website aimed at specific ethnic groups or demographics... does it speak to a form of discrimination?   ""   The city and suburban guys on that site going "hey give me a break here!  I like country girls too... why can't I have in on this?"

I bought a ticket to see Kings/Ducks Game 7.  It's probably not going to take place, but I really would love to see a Game 7!  I've always wanted to see a Game 7 of anything... anything!   First round, Second Round, Finals, any sport.  Having one with the Kings in it just makes it better.   ...but I probably am jumping the gun on all this.  We'll see.

I wasn't sure about it until I went to Ticketmaster and saw they had a fifth row seat in the upper deck, and for the price, it was the lowest row I've ever seen a ticket available for a playoff game in Anaheim.  At that point I had to at least give it a shot -- I was never going to get a better seat for the price in a second round matchup.

Well folks, now I'm excited!  But I will only be excited for a limited time.  If the Ducks win tonight, it's all over.   No game 7, no commute to the OC to worry about.   Onward to Game 6 and we'll see if there's anything else afterward.

When it's hot your mental state really gets shaky.  You just start to get loopy.   It's hard to even think in extreme heat.  Today it was 95 degrees in Los Angeles.  NINETY-FIVE.  Whoo!   That's just the beginning... it will be 96 today and 100 on Thursday.  That's just pure madness.

I was laughing a bit at that because I was bracing myself for some really hot temperatures when  going to Vegas and NYC down the road, but I may wind up facing the hottest temperatures of the year THIS WEEK, right in my own back yard.  Whoooo!

I went to Bay Cities to get a sandwich last night, ordered the roast beef instead of the Godmother, and it was pretty good except for one thing. The guy who made the sandwich grilled the Boar's Head Roast Beef on the griddle!   It was nice of him to think ahead, but I gotta be honest, I like roast beef cold... especially Boar's Head Roast beef.   It threw me off for a good while.   Next time, I'll go back to ordering the Godmother, where all the meats are served cold from the get-go.  I could also order a roast beef in the future but I will also remember to ask for the cold roast beef.  It just never occurred to me before... usually if you don't specify anything the roast beef comes cold.

It was hard not to think of fellas like Jabes, Rollins, Pitch and Catch, and the Oat Man last night.  I saw the final 6 minutes of Rangers/Penguins Game 7 and it was intense!  I was so nervous and I wasn't even rooting for any of the teams, but it WAS very very cool to see the Rangers pull off a huge comeback.   Rangers hung on to win Game 7 and beat the Pens.   Ranger fans go through a lot of grief... it was wonderful to see the Rangers pull through for them.

Yesterday at the staff meeting, my manager actually recommended for me to take my birthday off.  How cool is that?  My birthday is on a Friday this year, so I happily sent the vacation day request.  This is going to be *fuuuuuuuuuun.*

I have yet to drink one of those throwback Miller Lite cans.  I gotta get on that!

The heat wave has limited my blog entry to just these paragraphs, but I hope you enjoyed it.  Have a great rest of your day!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: May 2nd

It's so hot out here.  Oiiiiiii...

Last night at Tony P's, I ordered the chicken nachos and the pulled pork quesadilla.   These things were really good.  But, unlike past years, I could not finish both of these.  In fact, I left half the nachos and one piece of the quesadilla.

Incredible!   Times are changing.  End of an era.

My friend Tom and I are starting the May "Workout Challenge."  We are supposed to swim (in my case) or run (in his case) every day for 6 days out of the week through the month.   That's going to be hard to do.   In a usual week, I will swim about 2-3 times a week.  Going from that to 6 is a challenge!

Tom and I are just doing this for fun.  We each will post our run or swim on Facebook each day.  We just have to post that we did a run or swim.   The one who can do this the longest without skipping a day (or spending more than 1 off day a week), wins!

That's all from here, stay cool my babies.   If you're in the East.. stay warm!   It should warm up for the rest of you all eventually.  Happy Friday.