Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dave's LOCKS of the Week: Week 4 -- Dave's ?'s of the Week

Hey hey!! Who wants to play...

Dave's (bang!)
LOCKS (clanggg!)
of the Week (plop)

Dave's LOCKS of the Week
Week Numero Quatro.. (that's Week 4 for those of you who don't speak Spanish)

Success! Last week, the LOTW went 3-0, to bring LOCKS of the Week to a remarkable 6-1-2 to start the year. NOW, it starts to get *very* dicey, and I don't anticipate great results, but here we go: To the Picks......!

We start in Buffalo where the Bills have really been picked apart, wing by wing, from start to finish. Would you believe the Bills covered the spread last week? An unusual finish at Foxboro as Buffalo nearly sauced the Pats in Massachussetts.

This week: expect a much different story as the Jets fly into Ralph Wilson Stadium coming off their best offensive effort of the year so far, an effort against a presumably good Dolphins Defense, but also one where the Jets defense played its worst game yet. Not surprising, given they were without Star CB Darrelle Revis. You might think the Bills will rise up and keep pace with the Jets. BUT THIS IS THE BILLS and Proud Buffalo Bill ought to be left in the dust as the Jets fire afterburners, and fry the Buffalo Bills straight into Hidden Valley (Ranch, that is). I'm taking J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS! and giving the -5.

Our flight continues at high altitude then lands at the home of Three Rivers, the Steel City, Pittsburgh, PA. At stake: Pride, Power, and a stint atop the AFC North (possibly). The Steelers (3-0) against the Ravens (2-1). Baltimore is the team everyone expects to take the AFC North this year, BUT NOT SO FAST! It's the Black and GOLD who've been just golden on defense, whether it be Harrison, Polamalu, and the like. Nonetheless, look for the Ravens to float onto Heinz field and pour the ketchup on the new Steel Curtain. Take the Ravens AND the +1.5 points, in another tough fought, defensive, physical game.

Finally, down the river and into the everglades we go as we see the Indianapolis Colts visit the Jacksonville Jaguars, and boy are they bad. Traditionally, the Colts have run and passed all over Jacksonville, and this week will be no different. Jaguars are capable creatures but against THESE Stallions? No chance! Manning will pass it up big time and I will give the -7.5 to the Colts.

And that is your line or three on

Dave's (zzzzzzz!)
LOCKS (ping!)
of the Week (clink!)

To review: NYJ -5; Bal +1.5; Ind -7.5

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dave's LOCKS of the Week: Week 3, It Just Seems Too Easy.

Who's ready for a free ride?
A soul tide?
Well, open wide!

Dave's (creak)
LOCKS (squeak)
of the Week! (tweak!)

Dave's LOCKS of the Week
Week Number 3

It seems too easy doesn't it sports fans? I had a good week in LOCKS last week, despite the 1-1-1 record. Pushes are frustrating... you could take them as either a win or a loss. In this case, it felt like a win with Houston down double digits at DC. I'll take it!

Now then, to the picks!

Last week felt hard, but this week, WHOOF, so so easy! SO easy! Let's eeeease into Reliant Stadium. Ah yes, easy, reliable... but can you rely on the Cowboys lately? They've been shut down by two teams that no one expected to do so. Suddenly, Dallas is a painful 0-2 going to Houston this Sunday. But look for the Cowboys to ride 'em HIGH and show Houston who the *real* Texans are! Yipee Kai-Yo-Kai-YAY as we take Dallas and the meager +3 points off into the sunset.

Riding off from Houston to the Carolinas, we see the Bungles of Cincy meet the Panthers of Charlotte. If you think the Panther are at all a good team, you are FOOLING yourself. These meager kittens switch their RBs like they switch socks, and the QB is nothing to speak of with or WITHOUT Casey Klaussen. *Lame.* You can take Cincinnati and give the (-3). Then, laugh it all the way to the bank.


Now on to Denver in the next annual battle of the stallions. The Broncos are nursing grief from the death of a fallen WR. The Colts are hungry and hoping for a big showing. Given the circumstances I'm taking the horseshoes over the non-horseshoes. Colts gallop to a big win and give (-5.5) . In fact, I'm amazed that's the line is that low!

We like it a lot and we're going favorites here on

Dave's (wheeeeeeze)
LOCKS (clank!)
of the Week (bonnnng!)

To Review: Dallas +3, Cincy -3, Indy -5.5

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dave's LOCKS of the Week: Week 2 -- The Sequel

One good week of picks deserves another, bring it on!!


Here comes the latest

Dave's (clank!)
LOCKS (squish)
of the Week (crumble..)

Dave's LOCKS of the Week
Week 2: The Sequel

IMPRESSIVE week on my part last week, going 2-0-1 in picks for the NFL in Week One. I can't believe it? I have a winning record? Let's make it TWO, as we get...

--to the picks!

First, out to Cleveland, Ohio where the Browns host the Chiefs in a showdown for nobody. All right, I know that the Brownies were my "1" that I pushed on last week, but let me tell you, the Browns are here to play.

The Chiefs did a remarkable feat last week. Kan-sas City won a game with no offense and spe-cial teams. How do you even do that?? It boggles the mind but the smoked meat goes South this week as the Dog Pound laps up the table scraps from the ol' Monday Night affair. Look to the Browns to cover AFC North of -1.5 (that's it?!) at the mistake by the lake. What can BROWNS... do for you?

Shipping out from the great midwest to the Potomac and into to FedEx field, a place where UPS company is NOT welcome, but nonetheless, a package of Titans vs Redskins awaits us. Witness, gentlemen, the young, feisty Texans stampede onto the grass and take on the Tribe. And if you saw their "act" a week ago you can tell the Tribe ain't got bite in their offense. Bows and Arrows won't be enough to take down the Red White and Houston Blue, so I am taking the TEXANS and giving the Points (-3) with their ever improving run game and pass rush.

Onward, up the river and back around the bend, South Bend that is, and upwards to Indy, where the Defending AFC Champion Colts host their first home game. OOH, can you imagine the excitement when the fans get to hoist their... what?! The Colts *lost* the Super Bowl?? --and LOST Week 1 to Houston? ...and LOST their safety Bob Sanders?!?! Indy's defense so far is a season of losses, but as they do in the brickyards, look for the Colts to ZOOM to a resounding victory over Big Blue, the G-Men, and take their home opener just above the (-5.5) point spread. These Colts always take it *right* to the finish line!

It's a wrap! And another day of excitement on

Dave's (Screech!)
LOCKS (Vroom!)
of the Week (Bonk)

Enjoy this less than thrilling Week 2, folks. Hope to do more of the same next week.

To review: Browns -1.5, Texans -3.0, Colts -5.5

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dave's LOCKS of the Week - Week 1: Two Dogs for the Price of One!

Football is a great game...
It is a grand game...
It is, the only game...

[MLB] Heyyyy!! What about baseball!

[NFL] Get out of here! Two cow-town teams just beat you in the ratings!

[MLB] Waaaaaaaaahhhhh!

Ahem, where was I?

Played no where else on Earth... it is, the best game...

It deserves: The Best Picks

Annnd NOW, beginning it's FOURTH SEASON: Here it is!!!

Dave's (clank!)
LOCKS (bink!)
of the Week! (pi-yoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!)

Dave's LOCKS of the Week
Week 1

Let's get to it boys! (yeaaaaahhh!) TO THE PICKS. Week 1

We're calling out the Dogs this week. Read on, enjoy, devour!

We will NOT be selecting from the Vikings/Saints game. The revolution... will NOT be televised. We start instead in Tampa Bay! Ohh Tampa... uh... damn, there's no Tampa Bay theme song is there? Landmarks? No? Really?! Ok, anyway, the Bucs are (-3) point favorites at home to rebuilding Cleveland Brownies. Tampa Bay is HORRIBLE, they have a lot of ?'s and few options offensively. Freeman is not really what you'd call a quarterback, but while the Browns don't offer much either, they finished on a high note winning their last month of games, and featuring new direction (Holmgren), a better defense, and perhaps some leadership from one Jake Delhomme. The better QB usually wins, so I'm baking the Brownies and taking the points. Browns +3.

Nothing says lovin' like Brownies from the oven but NOTHING says "junkpile" than our sail up the Atlantic and up through New York to BUFFALO where the Dolphins are on the road to face the Buffaloooo Bills! Buffalo Bill, on top of a hill, he fetched a pail of water, the owner flipped out, the team fell back and no one came watching thereafter. C.J. Spiller could have potential, Evans might have another decent year, but I'd rather go with the better coverage defense. The Dolphins will splash all over the Buffalo, water or non, and I'll EASILY take the -3 points.

Does anyone realize how BAD the Bills are?

Onward! From the meager slopes of Upstate NY down to the Meadowlands we go for the Monday night showdown with the Jets and the Ravens. Defense, both teams have it. Offense... oooh, not so much. And who would have guessed the flyin' Ravens would have a better air attack than Jets? It's true! Look at Flacco over the season and compare with Turnover Sanchez on the Jets. I dare say we'll see some Joe Cool outlast the Dirty Sanchez over in NJ. Take the Ravens and the points. Quoth the Ravens: "We had a lockdown defense way before you did and you stole our idea to go on HBO and do the Hard Knocks Show too!" Ravens +2.5.

Two Dogs... for the price of one! Right here on...

Dave's (bang!)
LOCKS (bong!)
of the Week (BOOOOOM!)

Low point spreads but I'm still riding high. To review: Cleveland +3, Miami -3, Baltimore +2.5

Dave Medina vs the Universe (beat it, Pilgrim!)

Okey folks! Here's the Official Dave in the City College Pick'em, Week 2
(brought to you by


Miss St. +1.5 (I must be nuts)


West Virginia -12.5
Houston -19.5


SCAR -3.5
Hawaii +3
Florida -15
OU -7.5
Michigan +4
Iowa -13.5
Miami +8.5
Tennessee +12
BYU +1
Bama -11.5
Stanford -6
USC -19.5

Aren't you glad you used NFL?

Here it comes!

Walkin' down the street...

Everybody you look for blah blah meet.

Hey hey it's Football, the best stinkin' sport a-r-ounnnd

And everybody's singing... because their favorite team's in townnnn.

HEY HEY! It's Football... don't you just love to sit down?

Watch a little pregame with munchies..

America is kickoff BOUND!

[What is it with me leading off every NFL season with a TV theme spoof?]

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sorry, Boise... Not Impressed.

Saw the Boise State/Va Tech game last night. I thought it was a great game. Unfortunately, because it was so great, and so close, I have to dock Boise State some points. You watch: If Virginia Tech gets its head kicked in this season, and I mean by anybody, that is going to be a BIG hit on Boise State. Boise barely beat this team. Now I know that it was very impressive the way Boise State came back after giving up the lead, and I know they were initially up 17-0, but that they let the team back into the game in *this* manner doesn't speak well for the Broncos.

I'll explain... There've been other teams in history that have gone out on the road and dominated in games just like this. USC, in basically the same situation took care of Virginia Tech handily, 24-13. Same location as last night too. To win by only 3 points?! And on a desperation drive?? And with Virginia Tech basically STILL having a chance to win at the end?

Color me unconvinced.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beginneth the College Footballeth

Alllll right, folks! For better or worse, here comes College Football!

Here's my picks for the weekend:

Thursday Night:

Don't know who that opponent is, but I'll take SCAR -14
Pitt +3
Hawaii +21

Rest of the Schedule:

Az -15
Illinois +11
Vandy -5.5
Purdue +11
Michigan -3
Kentucky -3
BYU -3
Oregon State +13.5
Fresno State -3.5
Texas Tech -14
Navy -6.5
Boise -2.5