Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dave's LEGS of the Week, the turkey kind, Week 12!

Gobble up some fun, it's time for

Dave's (bok bok bok)
LOCKS (gaaah!)
of the Week (chomp!)

Dave's Turkey LEG LOCKS of the Week
Week 12

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all have a safe and good weekend with your family. Enjoy the big meal and... that's about it.

I'd say "enjoy the games" but what's to enjoy...?

In DETROIT, we have another Thanksgiving rematch with the Lions and Packers. Perhaps the networks scheduled this years in advance hoping Favre would still be on the Packers. Perhaps the Lions can score points again. After all, they beat the Browns 38-37. And perhaps cows will jump the moon and cheese will grow out of trees. Are you kidding?! Aaron Rodgers tears up the Lions, just like Philip Rivers tears up the Broncos in Denver. Give the points to the Packers, all (-10.5) of them.

Let us also be thankful for an interesting game at night between the Giants and Broncos. Won't make a LOCK of the Week there, so let's go on to Sunday's games...

Off we go to Houston, Texas! At Reliant Stadium the Texans will host a rootin' tootin' good football game against the still undefeated Indianapolis Colts. I'd be hard pressed to see the Colts take yet ANOTHER game, but to be honest, I *do* think the game will be close... in fact, even closer than you think: The Texans are getting only (+3.0) points, but I believe they'll either win or lose by 1-2 points. HIDEE HO!!!!

Our last stop this week is down in Nashville, TN. This almost isn't fair, but the Titans, as hot as they are, will face the Warner-less Arizona Cardinals. And there's no line. It's just not fair... how can you not take the Titans? I'll take the Titans (0.0) and then take candy from a baby, shoot fish in a barrel, make a layup....

And that's the Mayflower edition of...

Dave's (toooooot)
LOCKS (sqwak!)
of the Week (blat!)

Again the picks are: Packers -10.5 at Det; Texans +3.0 at home; Titans 0.0 at home

Friday, November 20, 2009

Dave's LOCKS of the Week: Week 11

Look at us! Here we are! Right where we belong...

It's time again for

Dave's (BOOM!)

LOCKS (clunk!)

of the Week (fwap)

Dave's LOCKS of the Week

Week 11

Another big week of LOCKS, after a tough 1-2 record last week. Here we go, TO THE PICKS!

First, we go to Dallas, and in Big D the Cowboys are looking to avoid some big L's... And for the Redskins, a +11 point underdog, you might be surprised to see the spread so large. Take the REDSKINS +11 and watch them skim the points of the margin of victory.

NEXT..! To Tampa Bay where the Bucs are getting a lot of close calls... Nearly beat the Dolphins! Nearly beat another team... BEAT the Packers in a close one.

And facing them are the Saints, who have had some close calls themselves... the Rams nearly beat them with 2 min to go, the Dolphins SHOULD have beat them with two minutes to go... it goes on. While the Saints are the class of the NFC, I'm a-gonna give the Bucs the Points, all +11.5 of them at home.

Finally, out to the Rocky Mountain High, Denver Colorado. It's the Chargers and the Broncos... and let me tell 'ya, Philip Rivers LOVES that high altitude. He's thrown for a great qb rating and several touchdowns up there, PLUS, the Chargers have never scored less than 35 points in the Philip Rivers era. It's gonna be an interesting one, we think, but it could be close. Fortunately, the game is a "pick 'em" and with a zero point spread, I gotta go with the Chargers. No points? No problem!

That will do it for the 11th (hour) edition of

Dave's (BANG!)

LOCKS (swish)

of the Week (zap!)

again, here are the picks: Was +11 at Dal; TB +11.5 at home; Chargers (no spread) at Den

Monday, November 16, 2009

Dave in the City Sportstalk Podcast (11-17-09)

Today in the City, Andrew Jacobsen stops by to bring the Bests and Worst of the NFL Weekend, PLUS a look at the most predicted Stephen Jackson trade between the Warriors and Bobcats. And a quick look at the NHL and NBA so far.

On the Show…

Bests and Worst of NFL Week 10 with Andrew Jacobsen

The Islanders make a mini-comeback in the NHL

The NBA: Who’s Hot and Who’s not, including how the Hawks overcame the world (and a deficit against Portland)

A Preview of Tonight’s big game of up and comers: Bulls vs Kings at Arco Arena.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dave's LOCKS of the Week: Weeks 1-10

Hi everyone! We now present to all of you, Dave's LOCKS of the Week for the First 10 Weeks of the NFL Season.


Gloooory gloory hallelujah!
Gloooory gloory hallelujah!
Gloooooooooooory gloory hallelujah!
His LOCKS are Marching on!

From a distance, a cricket chirps. It's back! Dave's LOCKS of the Week...

[ahem, excuse me, you didn't say it right!]

My apologies, it's

Dave's (squeak!)
LOCKS (tweak!)
of the Week (bonk!)

Dave's LOCKS of the Week (2009 Edition)
Week One

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we're back everybodyyy! How's the world looking for you today? I see 6 LOCKS of the week this week: there will be 6 NFL game black outs due to low attendance! wokka wokka...! ok ok, let's go to the picks... time for another year of thrills, spills, and embarrassments as we start...

LOCKS... of the week! to the picks!

First to Kansas City! The Ravens Meet the Chiefs... the Chiefs are terrible, but in week 1, the Ravens are expected to outscore them by at least *thirteen* (-13). Really?! I dare quoth the raven: "too much!". Got it Chief? "Got it!". The Ravens might not score 13 points in the whole game! Quoth the Dave: "Not enough! Chief Yahoo Covers" Take the Chiefs and the points (Bal -13), easy bbq peezy.

NEXT, to the desert in Glendale, AZ. The defending NFC Champions... the unending quagmire of San Francisco... who will win? Ah forget the wins... Even though Mike Singletary says "I want WINNERS!". We'll give you covers!! Covers good enough, Sing?

"Can't do it!"
No c'mon it's easier this way!
"Can't do it!"
You sure?
"I want WINNERS!"

Ok fine, here's a winner: take the 49ers to take the spread of +6.5! The last several games between these teams have been decided by no more than 7 points and several of them went to overtime. I see no reason for it to change now. Look for the Niners to uncover some FOOLS GOLD in Arizona! (SF +6.5)

And finally... over in San Diego, we have some thunder... (boom!) lightning (boom!) the Charger Defense is frightening... they'd better knock knock knock...

ON WOOD... baby! woooo hooo hoo hoo hoo hooooo.... baby.....

I'll tell you what gets knocked: the RAIDERS, on their ass! Chargers on the Monday Night Midnight Special, take over the Raiders and cover the spread easily (SD -9.5). If they don't, fire Norv Turner on the spot!

And thats it for

Dave's (clash!)
LOCKS (smash!)
of the Week (crunch!)


The Picks: KC +13, SF +6.5, SD -9.5



here are

Dave's (clang!)
LOCKS (bang!)
of the Week (..dang!)

Dave's LOCKS of the Week
Week 2

Short and sweet this week...


First, to the Georgia Dome where the Falcons are on my mind against Sweet Caroline (bum bum bum!). Falcons home opener. It wont be too sweet for the Panthers this week as they meet some down dirty and nasty.... Matt Ryan and the falcons soar HIGH and tear apart the Panthers easily, FALCONS BY DOUBLE DIGITS! or at least by more than -6.5 .

Next, to the Motor City... where the auto industry aint the only thing dying. Hell, the Lions franchise has been dead for decades! So the moribund Lions with their new QB (note how we didn't say "improved") Matthew Stafford going up against the Minnesota Vikings and their QB Brett Favre, who's as old as dirt. WHO WINS THIS CONFLAGARATION?! There is no way in hell the Vikings should be challenged in this game, but guess what? The Dave Jinx owns all... nevertheless VIKES to cover on the road (-10) am I nuts? These prognostications are sure to be IN-SANE...

and you know speaking of Crazy Eddie, let's look to another Eddie, former Niners Owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr. It's time to make... the PICK to end all Picks.


ahem... sike!

I just did that to rile up Jake and Andrew. No SF 49ers prediction from me, instead we head out to WASHINGTON DC, our nation's capital, where four score and 7 days ago, the Redskins were taken down by the G-men in the Meadowlands. This week, they play their home opener against the Lousy St. Louis Rams. Can the Rams repeat the impossible and cover the spread like they did last year (same teams, same stadium too, in DC!). To quote President Obama: YES WE CAN!!

I'm Picking the RAMS to cover +10... take the points and eat them hearty... Rams put a dent into the point spread at FedEx Field.

And THAT is the scoop on

Dave's (flush!)
LOCKS (gush!)
of the Week (mush!)

Enjoy the games, all. This week it was Falcons (-6.5), Vikes (-10), and Rams (+10)



I present:
Dave's (bang!)
of the Week (plump!)
No spiel this time, just the meat... TO THE PICKS!
In New England... I know its "Andrew's Team" but to think so many people are pumping up the Falcons this week is so silly! I hate to say it but, statistically the Pats are superiors in passing yards and passing yards allowed. Not to mention, the rush defense is better for the Pats. Pats win this easy... give the -4.0 to NE.
In East Rutherford, NJ... I am a huge fan of the Jets defense. I think their defense is terrific! I think Sanchez is terrific. I know its "Dave's Team", but to think it's an automatic for them to win against the Titans is short-sighted. The Titans are 0-2, but the two losses were at least to some pretty good teams: they lost to the Texans, who compete, and they lost to the Steelers on opening week. Titans are GETTING (+2.5) points. You couple that with Sanchez' knee tendonitis, take the Titans, easy!
In Cincinnati... The woeful Steelers make their way to the Queen city to salvage the season against the Bungles. Here we are suddenly thinking "Wow the Bengals are playing great!" You know what? I know it's "Jacob's Team", but I just can't see the Bengals keeping it close. Every time the steelers go to Cincy to play, they beat up on the Bungles pretty good. and Pit couldn't run the ball THEN either. Steelers -4.0? that's it? Woww, Steelers to cover cover cover the 4. Easy!
And that's
Dave's (boinnnng!)
of the Week (bonnng!)
To review: NE -4, Ten +2.5, Pit -4.0 . And quite honestly, if the Bengals actually beat the Steelers this week then I will truly think pigs have flown in the sky.



Week 4 is upon us so once again we call upon

Dave's (BOOM!)
of the Week (crinkle)

Dave's LOCKS of the Week
Cliffs Notes Edition, Week 4.

Don't have the new keyboard yet, so I will type shorter sentences to save time. Let's go right to the picks!

I'm a picking the STEELERS to cover the -6.5 points at home vs San Diego. Steel City needs a little iron tough home cheer to get them going, and they'll get it. It's about TIME the steelers played an easy team. yes, I just called the Chargers and easy team. May I be struck by a LIGHTNING BOLT.

onward! to New England!

What? The same location in back to back LOCKS of the Week? OH YES BABY... I'm going to show a little more LOVE this week to the NE Patriots.

P-A-T -- NE will kick a lot of those
R-I-O -- Oh NO, Baltimore!
T-S New England!

Patriots! (donald duck!)
Patriots! (donald duck!)
Wherever we may go we'll wager high HIGH HIGH HIGH!

ok ok, enough. Patriots for the win and for the cover (-2.0)

now back home to my kind of town CHICAGO, Illinois!

The Bears are who we thought they were! and they're playing the Lions.

Should be a tougher game than you might think. However, the Lions are still not a good football team, and this time the Bears can score points. I dare say this will be a blowout for Chicago. Bears -10.

that does it for

Dave's (fwish!)
LOCKS (splash!)
of the Week (doink!)

To review: Steelers -6.5, Pats -2.0, Bears -10



Time to start on the losing trail... it's!

Dave's (bonk!)
LOCKS (whirrrrrrrrrrr!)
of the Week (ping!)

Dave's FLUNKS of the Week
Week 5

I just know I'm going to lose this week... It's too good to be true to have back to back winning weeks. Even so, I'm going to try anyway:


First in NY/NJ/CT: The G-men meet the raiders in likely a very ugly, ugly football game. Not to mention, Eli Manning is questionable to start. Even *if* he starts, you're looking at a qb with a bum foot, even against the Oakland chucks.

The chucks (no longer "raiders") have had embarrassing losses, each one more embarrassing than the last. This week, you'd think "well they're gonna get brow beaten!" but maybe not... consider this: the chucks do pretty decently with pass coverage. They're allowing around 200 yards per game... not great, but not bad.

More importantly, only three times last year did Eli Manning have a home qb rating above 80. 80!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eli Manning flat out doesn't play as well at home. While the Chucks have a pathetic run defense, there may be enough turnovers to keep them in it. So a line of 14.5 is extreme. I say Oakland covers +15.5 on the road at the meadowlands. Let's give it up to the CHUCKS!!!! but G-men still win it.


It's Crab City! It's Baltimore! It's the Ravens! It's the Browns! It's a WHUPPIN'! The bengals have had some pretty good run so far, but they are a pretty mediocre team... which for them is a great year.


The ravens are going to go out there and tame the bungles... Ravens by 90! (-8.5)

final pick of the day... to the Gateway city!!!

For all the good the cardinals are, the rams are just as BAD. This is a really REALLY terrible team, and the line of -10 for the Vikings? Not enough! I dare say the Packers go out to the dome and take this puppy by at least 10 pts. Minnesota (-10) for da win!

Ravens, Vikes, Chucks... THAT is

Dave's (bloom)
LOCKS (zoom!)
of the Week (clack!)

again, Ravens -8.5, Vikes -10, Chucks +15.5. Here comes 0-3!!



Here it comes... the time is running... it's TIME for
Dave's (tick)
LOCKS (tock)
of the Week (BONNNG!)
Dave's LOCKS of the Week, Week 6
The *timely* edition
Time is running out for many teams here in the NFL, and this week we focus on Time time time... see what's become of me... while I look around, for a possiblity... that is blah blah...
[how in flip did I memorize that much of a Bangles cover song?]
Welp here we go... to the PICKS!!
tick tick tick tick tick tick tick...
First, we go to Minneapolis, where the Ravens have been hitting some hard times... Their wings were nearly fried up and served with ranch dressing. Their spirits are as low as the tide (nevah mohr!), and boy are they crabby... so crabby, I think they'll rip the horns off the Vikes and peck away at an UPSET SPECIAL... take the points and possibly the win for the Ravens (+3) AT Minnesota! BOOM SHAKE, FAVRE'd for the Count!
tick tick tick tick tick tick tick...
Next, out to Pittsburgh... where the steel city's home team have been struggling this year. At home, on the road, it doesn't really matter. Not to mention, they haven't really covered the spread outside of that SNF game against San Diego, wherein they still nearly blew the game. While pittsburgh is favored by 14 against the lowly browns, I have yet to see any game between these two classic cities decided by more than two touchdowns. If I haven't seen it I may have missed it... go for the Brownies to pick up the dog biscuits and cover the sperad of kibbles and bits... Browns +14 baby!
tick tick tick tick tick tick tick...
Finally, we go to San diego, where I think the time is RUNNING out for the mighty broncos' undefeated season. Undefeated the broncs will be no more. Once they play a talented team, and by that I mean the Chargers, away from their comfort zone in Mile High, the Broncos will be in for a rude awakening. The Chargers often play the Broncos very very well even when they had Cutler. Take the Chargers -4.0 at home easily!
And THAT (tick tick tick tick tick tick tick...) is
Dave's (bleep)
LOCKS (buzzz)
of the Week (rrrrrrrinnng!)
So to review Bal +3.0, Browns +14, SD -4.0 . It's a dog eat dog weekend, save for the Chargers. Although if you think about it, the Chargers might be considered media underdogs, so its as good as an upset :)



Boy look at these lines! The oddsmakers have the point spread of 11 of the 13 game set at 7.5 points or less!!

[bum bum BUMMMMMM..!]

How will we get by on

Dave's (aieee!)
LOCKS (aaaaaaah!)
of the Week (slash!)

Dave's LOCKS of the Week
The Thrilla in the Chilla, Week Lucky Seven Edition

so come join us, as we enter the HOUSE... of horrroooohhhhsss

twwwweeeee! [organ]

Your ghouish moment of suspense begins in London town (bonnng!) Where there *is* a double digit point spread *bonnnng*... and there are two teams *bonnng* and a hellish offense from Tampa Bay *bonnnnng*... But there is long travel afoot! You must take the Bucs and the (+14.5)... OR DIEEEE AAAhahahahahaaaaa...


Our next tale takes place in a little lair... a fine place with a rarified air...
It's Kansas City, where there's smoke afoot...
It's the smell of ribs and a little soot...
So the home town team goes out to play
And the Chiefs look to ruin the Chargers' day
Ah, but what line do we have in store?
But a paltry line of half plus four?!
Bah! We cannot play the lie... Take San Diego to cover (-4.5) and say... goodbye!


And at last, the... Dolphins come to play... ok enough horror schtick... basically, the Saints are visiting the Dolphins, and with Miami coming off a bye, they are going to be more ready than ever before. Don't be surprised if the Dolphins give the most dominant NFC team so far this a tough time. Line is -6.5, and it would be extremely impressive if the Saints won by double digits... BUT IT WONT HAPPEN! The Dolphins are well coached, have a good running game, and a good home crowd. Planet Miamiwood takes the points! (+6.5)

And THAT is

Dave's (chop!)
LOCKS (whiiiiirrrrr!)
of the Week (creeeeeeeeak)

Amazing that October is almost over already... years gone by fast. So again the picks are Miami +6.5, SD -4.5 and TB +14.5



A doo dooo doo wa wa wa... booo bee booo....
Daaaaaaaaaaaaave's (ahhh ha ha)
LOOOOOOOCKS (ay ay ay)
oooooooooooooooof theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK (ooo ooo oooo oooooooooo)
Dave's Doo Wop LOCKS of the Week
Week 8
Nothing pre-produced about this week's LOCKS of the week... we're going acoustic and acapella... TO THE PICKS!
First off to Orchard Park...
In the stilll...... of the niiiiiight
The bills were suuucking.... sucking it tiiiiiight
And the Teeeeeeeeexans were coooomiiiing
They had an ooooooffeeeeense, they got it riiiight
Buffalo saww them... out in the 20...
A pass (doo wop), so deep (doo wop), and three touchdowwwns
In the stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill, of the niiiiight (in the stiiiiill of the niiiiight)
Take a wild guess who I'm picking! Texans (-3.5), EASY.
and now to the revenge LOCK of the week...
A ba ba woombawombababa baa ba ba ba HOO! (stomp!), Who kicks the dolphins' aaaaass?
Tell me tell me baby, I know just what you do...
You pile up points on the New Orleans and just when I knew you
A grip of points were scored on you like simmons in the ass
a ba ba wombabobobbaba ba bab aba HOO! (stomp!) Who kicks the dolphins' aaaaaass?
46-34, the final scored on you
How can anyone believe you, its dumb the picks you threw
So this week at the meadowlands the Jets score 52
a bab ab wombowomba ba ba ba baaba HOO! (stomp!) Jets cover (-3.0)!
and now, finally, to the game of the week... VIKINGS vs PACKERS!
You brought us joy and laughter... we needed you so...
But then you sucked a new one, we had to let you go....
Favre you had said you loved us... but now you want to to stick one in us...
We have to stay with Rodgers, your ego wouldn't let it go...
so I say...
YOU WHIIINE, like a baby (you whine like a baby)
WHINE WHINE like a baby (Favre you little baaaby)
WAAH WAAAH why'd you hate me (you got to move ooooon!)
woah woah woah woah woah...
btw, I can't be-LIEVE herd is so adamant the packers are going to tear up the Vikes. man I would LOVE to see it happen, but frankly, the Vikes win this one, not by a ton, but by enough to cover the (-3.0) spread. Either way, it's gaonna be a good one!
So that ends
Daaaaaaaaaave's (wa waa)
LOOOOOOCKS (ooh hooooo)
of the WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK (wweeeeeeeee heee heeeeeeee)
So again, no dogs this week (you can see what happened last time I picked underdogs... ugh.) Texans -3.5, Jets -3.5, Vikes -3.0.
btw, I also have three "parallel universe" locks of the week this week, just in case something disrupts the time space continum
Parallel Universe LOCKS (clink!) of the Week: Seattle +9.0, Arizoner -10, Baltimore -3.5



Start spreading the newwwwwwssss...
I'm leaving todaaaayyyy
I want to be a part of it...

Dave's (clang!)
LOCKS (bang!)
of the Weeeeeeek (gonnnng!)

I want to be in the LOCKS that never keep... ok enough singing.

So! Dave did it again last week... proving once and for all he's as sure a bet as Jim Cramer's financial stock picks! 2-1 the previous week bringing his season total tooo.. (drumroll)

ba baba ba baaaa 13-8

and this week we do it again, TO THE PICKS!!

First, over yonder in the sticks of Indy... It's the Indianapolis Colts hosting the medium hot Pace Picante Houston Texans (yee ha!). The Texans, 5-3 are on the road with their pretty good QB Matt Schaub and their very good WR Andre Johnson. Would you believe they're actually doing what everyone predicted them to? wow! The Colts, as good as they are offensively, as wonderful as Manning has played, are really asking for it. They're 7-0, but overdue like a lost library book! I'm not calling the upset, but I am calling the Texans to cover that REEEEEEEE-DICULOUS (+9.0) point spread. Take the points, and take the Texans to make it a close game.

Next, we go down south to the Peach State of Georgia. The Falcons, coming off a short week and a tough loss at New orleans, try to lick their wounds as they face the woeful Redskins. I know Washington's off a bye week, and I know the Falcons are tired, but I'm a still calling the Falcons to cover the (-10). Falcons dirty bird all over the tribe and take over in Atlanta!

and now, finally, the game of the time slot from 1pm to 4pm pacific time! It's the Chargers, sending electricity all the way out to New Jersey where they'll meet the reeling NY Giants. Hoo boy, here comes another butt kicking...? not so fast everbody! The Giants will have their way against the Chargers, they'll rebound from the pounding they took last month AND... the G-MEN will take the (-4.5) and blow out San Diego.

and that is...

Dave's (boing!)
LOCKS (doink!)
of the Week (blam!!)

Special note to my LOTW readers... I also did LOCKS of the Week on Todays podcast, complete with background music. Again, the picks: HOU +9, ATL -10, NYG -4.5



Once again it is time for our Count-up edition of
Dave's (ping!)
LOCKS (bang!)
of the Week (whizzzzzzzzzzz)
Dave's LOCKS of the Week
Week 10: the Pinball edition...
link in case you have no idea what I'm talking about:
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh WOW!!
1-2-3-4, 5, 6-7-8-9-10, 11-12...
dooooooo dodododod dooo dodododododoooo doo doo dodododo doo doo dooh
1-2-3-4, 5-, 6-7-8-9-10, 11-12....
doooooo dodododoo dooo dododododo doo doo dododododo doo doo dooh...
da da da DAH, 10!!
Here we go for week TEN...
First to the Steel City where TWO big games will be played this weekend. Not only will the Steelers host the Bengals, but you also get a huge game for the Pittsburgh Panthers against the Note Dame Fighting irish. First of all... take the Panthers -7 at home. Are you kidding? Panthers will devour the irish for breakfast... lunch, dinner, snacks, tea time, you name it.
Now to the actual LOCK of the week... STEELERS by the same margin, -7. Ok Cincy you had your fun, with your close finishes and surprise wins, but now its time to play a game with real expectations. Cincy is going to fold over like a pancake. Steelers by 28!
more on week TEN...
Now to San Diego, where the Chargers will run out of batteries against the Philadelphia eagles... The Eagles will win by not two but TEN points. Just when you thought the Eagles were done... they come back with a huge win... and just as you thought the Chargers put it together, you can BET they'll come up short here. EAGLES +2...
Finally, to the Sunday night game, where Dave isn't afraid to take on the big matchups... How about two teams that have been good for the last TEN years? To Indianapolis we go and to Lucas Oil Stadium where even though the Patriots are +3 point underdogs, I'm taking TEN Brady and the Pats to beat up the Colts. Why? not because "Brady wins football games" not because "The Patriots are a great dynasty (whatever that means)", not because "he makes John Maddens 'top TEN mancrushes'". Nope! I just think the Patriots are healthier and the Cotls injuries will finally catch up to them. Pats +3!
woo woo wooh WOW!
1-2-3-4, 5, 6-7-8-9, 10, 11-tweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-ELVE!
And that is
Dave's (CLANK)
LOCKS (bzzz)
of the Week (wop woooop)
To review: Steelers -7 at home, Eagles +2 at SD, Pats +3 at Indy
I'm hot baby!! This will be for an unprecedented three winning weeks in a row!