Thursday, December 31, 2009

Week 17: For the last time this year, Dave's LOCKS of the Week

The year is just about over sports fans, but before we close out 2009, let's get into the last LOTW of the decade... Letting the ball drop on

Dave's (3)
LOCKS (2...)
of the Week (1......!)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Should all aquaintance be forgot, blah blah blah... you know, that "Auld Lang Syne" song has nothing to do with "year" or "new". It's have been nice if they mixed in the words "Happy New Year" in there.... awwwwwww well!

How ye be fellers?? Ready to do one more LOCKS of the Week this season? I sure am!

I went 1-2 last week, but hope to finish off strong. so here we go, TO THE PICKS!

Talk about "dropping the ball" how about what happened with the Colts last week, throwing the game against the Jets. 3rd quarter... AH LETS JUST SUB IN OUR BENCH PLAYERS... I'm still made about it! Grrr!! Why didn't they want to at least try to go for the perfect season? Very curious.

Anyhow, there is a very unusual case with the Colts final regular season game at Buffalo. It turns out that the Bills are an 8 point favorite. I can't remember the last time the Bills were an 8 point favorite against anybody! Just goes to show how awful the Colts' second stringers are. Nevertheless, I'm picking the Colts to cover the spread (+8) because I can't fathom the Bills scoring enough points to make up that margin. ONWARD...

Next, we stop in at the Meadowlands for Giants' Stadium's last game. Although the G-men played the week before, the Jets will have the honor of hosting the stadium's final regular season game. The Jets are facing Cincinnati, and it seems like the Bungles are all by throwing this game too. IN theory, the Jets, 10 point home favorites, would be s cinch to fly over the Bungles onto a playoff berth.

But these are the Jets we're talking about. Even if JT O'Sullivan throws 5 interceptions, somehow I feel like the Bungles will make this interesting. I dare say take the points (+10) and watch Cincy cover as NY struggles to score points.

And finally for our LOCKS of the Week Season, we go to Minneapolis. The Vikings are playing the Giants in a game they really didn't want any part of. Because they botched opportunities vs Chicago and Carolina, among others, the Vikes are now forced to play all their starters just to salvage a bye week. With Minnesota in such desperation, who knows what will happen?! However, given how much the G-men have struggled defensively, and let's face it, they've out and out QUIT by now, I'll give the nod to the Vikes to cover -9 at home.

Folks, it's been a great year bringing LOCKS of the Week to you and I wish you a wonderful happy new year. Be safe!

Happyyyyy NEW YEAR!!! on

Dave's (tweeee!)
LOCKS (yaaaay!)
of the Week (BOOM!)

See y'all next season!

To review: IND (+8) at BUF; CIN (+10) at NYJ; MIN (-9) at home

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dave's LOCKS of the Week: Week 16

From my Christmas travels it's time for

Dave's (plop)
LOCKS (bonk)
of the Week (fwop)

Dave's LOCKS of the Week
Week 16

Again a Merry Christmas to you all! This week, an adbridged LOCKS of the Week to round out the second to last week of the season. You can bet everyone has the holidays on their mind, but let's hope they also have playoffs on their mind too. LOTS of teams still in it for the playoffs. TO THE PICKS!

First, let's do the easy one: Pittsburgh at Balitmore. I don't see how the Ravens lose this game, and to top it off, they get points! Quoth the Ravens "we get points? How did that happen?" The Oddsmakers are pretty smart on this one. They not only factor in the teams but the fans too. Imagine... they're having coffee and say "wow, all those goober Steeler fans must think they're going to run the table now... let's make them a FAVORITE!" No way should the Steelers be favored in this game, but Vegas has played the crowd and made them a 2.5 pt favorite. I want the Steelers to win so badly, but I'm going to use the brain instead and flock to the underdog. I'm going Ravens (+2.5)!

Next to Indianapolis, where the still undefeated Colts are playing the still in it Jets...

STILL the ONE, we're 14-0
STILL the ONE, we barely beat San Francisco
We're still having fun but we're STILL THE ONE.

C'mon, has there ever been a less convincing 14-0 team in NFL history? You gotta be kidding me with all these wins the Colts are pulling out of their pants... Even a magician couldn't pull off half these tricks. I'm not convinced by this team, and furthermore, with everything clinched, I imagine they may not have full intensity for this game. Jets are getting (+5.5). I'm taking the points and taking the Jets out in flyover country.

Finally, we go back in time a couple days to Christmas Day (the last two picks were for Sunday games). The Titans face the Chargers on Thursday Night Football! Yes, I said "Thursday Night Football". YES, they have one. No, I know most people don't get the NFL network... YES, I know Padres cable access baseball gets a bigger audience than NFL network.... I know, I know... ok ok.

Anyway, the Titans are rightfully favored by (-3). One might think that's a mistake, but after the 0-6 start, Tennessee has been doing a marvelous job battling back to about .500 . This team will have a ton to play for, and statistically speaking, the Chargers are due for a loss after 9 straight wins. Not to mention, Chris Johnson leads a Titans running attack that is near the top of the league (2nd overall in YPC). If the Titans are able to exert the runinng attack, it should allow for them to control the clock and minimize Philip Rivers' effectiveness. I'm going BIG, TITAN BIG and I'm going Tennessee (-3) on X-mas day.

I went 1-1-1 last week (yuck) and hope to turn it around this time on

Dave's (dink)
LOCKS (donk)
of the Week (beep beep)

Again, here are the picks: Bal (+2.5) at Pit; NYJ (+5.5) at Indy; TEN (-3) at home

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dave's LOCKS of the Week, Week 15

Last Chrsitmas, I gave you my heart
The very next day, you gave it away
This year, to save me from tears,
I'm giving you

Dave's (ring ring!)
LOCKS (ho ho ho!)
of the Week (bing bong!)

Week 15

Season's Greetings Gentlemen and Gentle Ladies! It's our week before Xmas picks here on LOCKS of the Week. This week, we feature several interesting matchups. LOCKS went 3-0, to put the season record at 23-16!! oooh baby, now time to lock in the picks:

First! To the Thursday night game in Jacksonville... The Indianapolis C*O*L*T*S are a medic crew right now. EVERYBODY is injured! 20+ players! It's time for Dave to make his...


The Jaguars *will*, not might, not could, I say WILL beat the Colts on Thursday night! There's no point spread, but I have this thing under LOCK and key. Stop thinking about benching starters, Colts fans. Jags take it, BELIEVE IT!

Next! To the Steel City where the mighty have fallen... and fallen, and fallen and FALLEN. The Steelers, two months ago would be a 7 point favorite this week hosting the Packers. Today, they are barely a 1 point favorite. Even though Pittsburgh falls on hard times, I'll take the Stillllers to cover (+1) and beat the Pack. The Law of Averages has to win sometime... I find it hard to believe that this team would lose 6 games in a row.

Lastly I'll be headin' to Nashville where both teams could potentially be without their starting QB. The Titans host the Dolphins, and Titans fans will continue to keep the faith! The game is a pick 'em, which means (no line). I'm taking the Titans to pick up the pace and beat the Dolphins outright, at home.

I saww mommy kissing

Dave's (smooch!)
LOCKS (riiip!)
of the Week (bling!)

Merry Christmas to you and Chanukkah to others of you!

Review: JAX (no line) at home; PIT (-1) at home; TEN (no line) at home

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dave's ATTEMPTS of the Week, Week 14

Oh man... another tough set of point spreads on

Dave's (CLOP!)
of the Week (CLINK!)

Dave's ATTEMPTS of the Week
Week 14 (well, its two times seven...?)

WOW, look at the tough picks this week... this is tough. 1-2 last week, brining me to 21-18. My winning season is in jeopardy!

Speaking of which, we start our journey in HOT-lanta where the Falcons host the Saints. Talk about Jeopardy! The Falcons are in danger of blowing back to back winning seasons, which has NEVER happened in their franchise history. That's both impressive and depressing. This week, they're a (+10.5) point dog against the undefeated Saints.

The Falcons have numerous injuries: Ryan is banged up, Turner is too... not looking too good. But, the fact remains, Roddy White is still hanging around as is Tony Gonzalez. Could be a good effort for the Georgia Peaches. I'm taking the Falcons and the points (+10.5)!

Next, out to the Meadowlands! It's another division clash between the Giants and Eagles. Nothing giant about these two teams, this is the epitome of mediocrity. The Eagles... they can't even win consistently, but they might be able to beat the Giants here on the road. The key is, while McNabb can't handle a west coast offense, he CAN handle launching the ball to receivers who burn the secondary. The Giants secondary is lousy right now, and I think the Eagles might pull off the minor upset. The point spread is just (+1) but I'll take the point and go EAGLES... E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!

I must be nuts...

Finally the Colts are at home to face the Broncos. Indy is favored by (-7), and they have played very well at home. Talk about a battle of the horses. In this one I'm taking the thoroughbreds, and that's the Colts... Colts to win place AND show (-7) at home!

That's the tricky outlook for

Dave's (VROOM!)
of the Week (wum wum wum wum...)

To review: ATL (+10.5) at home; PHI (+1) at NYG; IND(-7) at home.

Friday, December 4, 2009

LOCKS of the Week went 20-16 through Week 12

So far, this has been the best Season of LOCKS of the Week ever!

Through 12 weeks, well over half the season, LOTW are 20-16...

Dave's JINXES of the Week... Week 13

ooo eee ooo

Dave's (clank!)
LOCKS (bing!)
of the Week (yaaaaah!)

Dave's JINXES of the Week
for Week UN-Lucky Number 13

I was 2-1 last week, continuing my long streak of winners here on LOCKS of the Week. This week, we go for the juggular... or perhaps I'll just jinx all of them. Here we go!

First, to Cincinnati, where the Bungles will be hosting the Detroit Lions. No spiel this time... if the Bungles are as good as they think they are, they better dominate and dominate and DOMINATE the Lions in the Queen city. The only thing is, the Bengals' Carson Palmer has not be impressive in the least, lately. Nevertheless, I pick the Bungles to cover (-13) at home and out roare the Detroit Lions.

Next, we pounce from South Ohio to somewhere in New Jersey. The Giants take on the surging Dallas Cowboys... but wha oh! It's DECEMBER! And that means it's officially time for the Cowboys to suck!! It's going to be an ugly game no matter what, and I dare say the Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-men take it, and take the points +2.

Finally we travel to Greeeen Bay, where the Packers *think* they're in the playoff hunt, hosting the Ravens, but they really aren't. The Packers may have one of the worst defenses in the league, and the Ravens have a middle of the road/solid defense. The Packers always look good against bad teams, but this time around they'll get shut down. Take the Ravens in an upset (+3) on the road.

and that is probably, likely, supposedly...

Dave's (clangalangalang!)
LOCKS (bonk!)
of the Week (fwat!)

Good times ahead to close the season. Again, the picks: Cincy -13 at home; Giants +2 at home; Ravens +3 at GB

Games that Count

Oregon State vs Oregon was everything college football should be. Intense, meaningful, and emotional.

Oregon was the victor 37-33, and for that they get to go to the Rose Bowl. The game was thrilling every step of the sway.

Now, do you see the value in a bowl system, as opposed to a fabricated playoff system?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wow was THAT a beatdown?

Last Monday night was quite a show. I don't think anyone expected this outcome: Saints 38, Patriots 17. Many thought the Saints could win, but to school the Pats as they did was impressive indeed.

I have mixed feelings on this. I'm 100% happy for the Saints and their fans, they're off to a great start... hell... Start? The Saints are storming the barn this year! To think that this franchise used to cling to a SINGLE WIN during the entire season. The "ain'ts" ain't, no more!

And then there's the Patriots. The "mix" in my feelings is that while I want to be just so ecastic over a Patriot beat down, what I realized was the Patriots were badly overrated, and I was one of those who overrated them. I really thought the Patriots were a better team, but the numbers don't lie. Outside of a neutral field "road win" in London, the Pats have not won a single road game all year.

It's the kind of statistic you don't notice right away, because the Patriots only played four road games all year. Now you see them just get clobbered at New Orleans. Shame on me! I really thought the Patriots would compete more than this.

Truth be told, the Pats' problem is the same problem they've had for the last five years: their defense suffers. It is just not that good. Remember in the second quarter when Devery Henderson was wide open without a Patriot within 50 yards of him? That told the whole story.

Going back to the Saints, I've been pretty high on them the whole year, and this time around, I feel like I'm justified. The Saints are bound to lose a game, and honestly it's better for them if they do. I'm not saying "don't win games," but a loss is really good at refocusing a team for the long term.

Last night though, really was a showcase of conferences. The Saints, and the NFC, are clearly the superior group.

Speaking of losses, man, are you getting a kick out of MNF analyst Jon Gruden, who proclaimed "The Saints are going to run the table!"? This is the same guy who said "The Steelers won't lose another game the rest of the season [paraphrasing]", after which they proceeded to lose three in a row. Jon, you're killing me! Stop jinxing the NFL!