Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Week 17: Dave's Swan Song of the Week

It's time to say goodbye my friends...


Dave's (clack)
LOCKS (fwish)
of the Week (creak)

Dave's final LOCKS of the Week this year
Week 17

It's always tough to say goodbye. All those weeks living on every play, butt on the edge of its seat from September to now. Now it's all coming to an end. So sad... But let's finish the season strong! To the picks!!

First, to LAMBEAU FIELD in Green Bay. *This* is a place that should get all the clip shows and tear-filled memoirs. Remember the big hoopla about "Texas Stadium's last year?" Oh please, its Texas Freakin' Stadium!! This is like Three Rivers Stadium closing... the place was a dump. Texas Stadium was sterile, dull, unimaginative, and frankly, boring. Good Riddance!

But here we're at the Frozen Tundra where the Packers are facing the 0-15 Lions. It's a chance at history!! In fact, going in Green Bay's favor is that the Lions haven't won in Green Bay since 1991! Whoof! Thats especially frustrating knowing both teams are in the same division.

But an air of change is afoot. The Packers were so tantalizingly close to finally winning a game in the final minutes but still folded. Look for the Packers to "pack" it in and lay down against the still fightin' Lions. Lions cover the (+9.0) spread EASILY.

Onward, to the Steel City... hahaha, the Steelers don't play in 3 Rivers any more. Instead we're looking LIVE at Heinz Field, the land of ketchup and weirdly constructed sandwiches. On Sunday the Steelers host the lousy Browns in a warmup game before the playoffs begin.

Can you believe the Browns are (+10.5) dogs? That's a mistake! First of all, the weather forecast calls for Rain and Snow with 10 mph wind. Next, the Steelers for all intents and purposes have a first round bye clinched. The result is the Steelers ought to be resting many of their starters. Cleveland will be making this much more of a game than many think. Besides, it's a rivalry game, and rarely are these games blowouts. Browns to cover.

Finally to San Diego, where the Chargers and Broncos play a winner take all duel to determine the Winner of the AFC West, and the right to get pounded by the Colts in the first round! The Chargers are favored by 8.5? Whaaa? You have to think the game will be closer than you think. These two teams are made for each other. The Bolts and Broncos wrote the book on underperforming (or being overrated, if you will). Watch this one decided by a field goal as the Buckin' Broncos Buck the experts and ride those (+8.5) points, cover the spread and keep the game close!

It's been fun, but it all has to come to an end sometime.. That's all for

Dave's (slap!)
LOCKS (clank)
of the Week (fwoosh!)

Aw... thats it for my picks, but stay with us when we roll out the quick PLAYOFF LOCKS of the Week. Enjoy Week 17 everyone!

Recap: Lions (+9.0) cover at Packers; Browns (+10.5) cover at Steelers; Broncos (+8.5) cover at San Diego

Friday, December 19, 2008

Dave in the City Transcript: Segment 4

Welcome back, "In the City." I'm Dave Medina.

This is it! The last of 2008. What a great year we had, here in sports. Now for the year in review... Most guys do countdowns, but who are we to judge? Instead, we'd like to offer you the moment of each month.


First, in January, how about the Giants playoff run? It was capped off by a thrilling game in Super Bowl XLII. Who could forget the big pass from Eli Manning to David Tyree?

The "other" Catch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-aKfTK2LiM


February was the month the NBA declared "WE ARE BACK!" It was punctuated by a spectacular Slam Dunk contest. First we had Gerald Green jump up to the hoop and blow out the candle!


Then, in an unforgettable show, Dwight Howard donned his cape and threw down like SUPERMAN... literally!



The NCAA Mens Basketball tournament was one to remember, but how about the way Kansas DOMINATED #1 UNC in the Final Four? Technically, this happened in April, but it was an amazing performance by the Jayhawks. Believe it or not, UNC actually made a huge comeback, cutting the lead to less than ten points before Kansas launched one final flurry to put the Tarheels away, 84-66.

But obviously, the highlight of the game was this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZdL9PxKQ8E


The Mens Basketball national championship was particularly good. Mario Chalmers of Kansas tied the game on a 3 pointer with 2 seconds to go in regulation. Kansas and Memphis played a back and forth game that went to overtime. In the OT, Kansas pulled away and won the national championship.

Here's a look at that clutch 3 pointer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_H4RO4VXmY


May was a big month for Horse Racing. Big Brown furiously came from behind to win the 2008 Kentucky Derby in a bid to win the Triple Crown.

Here's the big race from May: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBeoZUsnXdc

Sadly two things transpired. One, Big Brown suffered a chip in his hoof which kept him from winning the Preakness Stakes later that summer. Thus, Big Brown's bid was bombed. Secondly, another entrant of the Kentucky Derby, Eight Belles, broke both ankles during the race and had to be euthanized.


Welp, who could forget it? It was the Lakers facing the Celtics for the NBA Title, renewing rivalries of years past. The Celtics imposed their will and wouldn't let up, even in Game 4 when the Lakers blew a 20+ point lead. A fantastic finish for the Celtics and Kevin Garnett, but also a bitter end to an otherwise very impressive Lakers campaign.

Games 4 and 6 are very tough to take, so I REFUSE to post any footage. Instead, I present the KG interview after the Celtics clinched the title: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyjOy7fRzs0

I'll be honest: It was great to see Garnett display so much pure emotion that night.


All Star Game graced Yankee Stadium for the last time, in "old" Yankee Stadium's final season. First, Josh Hamilton set the new single round record for Home Runs in the Home Run Derby. Then, the AL and NL went to extra innings, featuring great plays all around. The AL won the event in the 15th inning when Michael Young hit a sacrificy fly to score Justin Morneau from 3rd base.

It was a great week for baseball!

Hamilton monster shot at HR Derby: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdy7ZoNR-jM&feature=related


In the Beijing Olympics, Michael Phelps took the swimming world by storm and swam to a record 8 Gold Medals. It was a show of brilliance that will be remembered for years to come. However, Phelps would have been finished if not for a furious comeback by one Jason Lezak in the Freestyle Relay against France.

In addition, Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin claimed several events in Womens Gymnastics. Liukin earned the honor of All Around Individual Champion, taking the Gold in the event. Johnson earned a gold herself in the Balance Beam competition.

Unfortunately, NBC forced out all the known evidence that Bela Karolyi bear hugged Bob Costas after Liukin's performance. What a bummer.


The Rays, forever known as the laughing stocks of MLB, rose up to the summit and beat the mighty Yankees and Red Sox to take the AL East crown. Do you believe in Miracles?? YES!!

The Rays were a great team in 2008, as Evan Longoria, Scott Kazmir, B.J. Upton, and the rest powerd the Rays to a 97-65 record. Needless to say, it was the Rays all time franchise record for wins.

Rays clinch a playoff berth: http://mlb.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20080920&content_id=3514963&vkey=recap&fext=.jsp&c_id=mlb

Tampa Bay would go on to storm past the White Sox in the LDS, then beat out the Red Sox in Game 7 of the ALCS to make the World Series.


Phillies Fever! The losingest franchise in baseball, The Phillies, made 2008 *their* year by winning the World Series. In a minor upset, the Phils beat out the Tampa Bay Rays to win it all. The Phils took it in 5, which was halted by weather partially through the game and resumed the next night.

Who knew the Phillies had it in them?

Here's the clinching out recorded by closer Brad Lidge to clinch the title: http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/gameday/index.jsp?gid=2008_10_27_tbamlb_phimlb_1&mode=wrap


Texas Tech pulled an astounding win over in Lubbock, TX. On the Tech's last play from scrimmage the Red Raiders pulled ahead with a long touchdown pass from Graham Harrell to Michael Crabtree. The Red Raiders would go on to upset the then #1 Texas Longhorns, the biggest win in Texas Tech's franchise history.

Here's the Game Winning TD by Crabtree: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaN_ce47MOY


Alabama... Florida... the SEC Championship... The #1 ranked Crimson Tide's perfect season was ended in Atlanta when the Gators kept pace with Alabama and then pulled away. However, the Tide played a great game and earned numerous brownie points in the loss. The Gators would move on to a berth in the BCS Championship game.

Here are some highlights from the SEC Champsionship game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oRla-8LMOk&feature=related

2008 was full of surprises, excitiment and joy. It had its moments of truth, sadness, and hardship, but it was another good year that proved that there is no greater thrill than that of victory, and no harder agony than one of defeat in the world of sports.

So we end the year here in sports and "In the City" wondering what will 2009 bring? Will there be other great moments, and similar joy. Could there be more bitter defeats in the running. What awaits us in this new year?

It's been fun everyone, and again, thanks for stopping by. "Dave in the City" is a production of LOCKS of the Week Radio in association with Blogger.com. The Associate Producers are Andrew Jacobsen and Jacob Rosales, with special thanks to Arvin Darilag and Tony Jimenez.

Our information and subjects come courtesy of multiple sources, including ESPN.com, MLB.com, NFL.com, NBA.com, NHL.com, Yahoo! Sports, and sports Sports Illustrated. Technical assistance provided by TEAC, Audacity, Winamp, and Yousendit.com.

The Executive Producer of LOCKS of the Week Radio is Dave Medina.

This is Dave, speaking for "Dave in the City." Merry Christmas everyone! We'll be back January 5, 2009. Have a great and happy holiday season, have a wonderful New Year... and I'll see YOU next yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

Dave in the City Transcript: Segment 3

Welcome back "In the City." I'm Dave Medina

Big time games going on in Week 16 in the NFL. Most importantly, you have teams fighting for the playoffs. This is probably one of the better playoff runs of the decade. Now then, let's see who the TEAMS TO BEAT are in the NFL.

Let's start with the AFC:

The Steelers would have to be the team to beat in the AFC. When you consider they've played so many tough teams in a row and come out ahead in most of them, one has to pay the Steelers a lot of respect. The only thing is, they still don't have an offensive line and their running game is running at 1/4 speed. It's a little rough watching Big Ben get hammered most of the time. So why are they "the team to beat?" The fact is, the Steelers defense is playing SO well, it has single handedly brought them to half of their wins. It reminds me of USC, in a way, with how dominant the defense is. Still, I'd guess the Steelers are about a 50/50 shot to get to the Super Bowl. Just goes to show you how weak the AFC is.

After them, I'd probably go with the Tennessee Titans. They have a sterling run defense, an average pass defense, and a solid running game. Chris Johnson and LenDale white are proving to be a good combo, as Chris Johnson is in the top 10 in rushing yards while LenDale White is Top ten in rushing touchdowns. If they can control the line of scrimmage and dominate time of possession, they have as good a shot as anyone.

So lets see, there's a big drop off after the Titans... you get a bunch of teams that are OK, but not world beaters. The Ravens are a solid team to look for in the playoffs. Unlike past years, they actually have a good quarterback. And for Baltimore, this is huge. The game against the Cowboys is going to be quite a show, and if they can beat them, perhaps they're better than we think. I've always liked their defense... its just that when it gets down to the 2 minute warning, they've folded in years past. We'll see if they can win a playoff game for the first time in 7 years.

I could see the Colts making the Super Bowl, but I'm still not convinced... but it wouldn't be impossible.

Now to the NFC...

The Giants have been THE team in the NFC but now they're starting to face some adversity. And you know what else? My feeling all along is that they're going to find a way to blow it in the playoffs. I still think this, but that doesn't change my opinion about who the best team is going in. The Giants are the best team in the NFC. Still, they are almost asking for a divisional round upset. I'll know more about their psyche once we see the Giants against Carolina this week.

After NY, I'd go with the Cowboys. Do you believe it? Now honestly, I cannot, for the life of me see this team making the Super Bowl. But I have to admit, ever since Phillips took over defensive coordinator, the Cowboys have improved on defense dramatically. For once, they're making use of their MASSIVE talent. The one thing that will stop them is themselves. They have the perchant for chokejobs late in the season. I'm not turning back on my stance: I think the Cowboys are due for a loss, assuming they even make the playoffs. If they make it to the NFC Championship, that would be a tremendous achievement for a team that has been mired in controversey since Week 1.

One team that many folks haven't considered is the Falcons. It's a long shot, but of all the teams in the field, I could definitely see Atlanta as a dark horse. Their defense is surely overrated, but they have good coaching, and a budding young QB in Matt Ryan. Hey, why not?

Finally, I'd consider the Carolina Panthers as a potential Super Bowl team, but it would take a LOT. The defense would have to play out of its mind for that to happen. Carolina rates middle of the pack in both pass and rush defense. So we'll see... it would really take some big games from Steve Smith, Jonathan Stewart, and DeAngelo Williams to make it happen.

It looks like the Super Bowl matchup could be up in the air this year. In the NFC, my faves are Atlanta, and maybe Dallas going in... possibly Philly if they make the big show. In the AFC, easy, Steelers and Titans... The only problem with me going with the top 2 seeds here is that a top 2 seed almost NEVER makes the Super Bowl in this day and age. More than that, the #1 seed is practically the kiss of DEATH in the AFC. Before the Patriots ride in 2007, the last #1 seed to win the AFC was 2003 Patriots against the Colts.

Whew! Having this much up in the air is good for the NFL... it'll make the playoffs really exciting this year.

When we return here "In the City," we'll look at the best of 2008, month by month. It's up next.


Break: Aretha Franklin and Billy Preston, Auld Lang Syne

Dave in the City Transcript: Segment 2

Welcome back, "In the City." I'm Dave Medina.

You know, I never thought cold weather would return to Calfornia, and its quite an adjustment. I think I have 10 layers on right now. I also have no heating... none! Grr...

Quickly, a note on the BCS Championship in 3D. I brought up the test screening earlier, and of course we know that 3ality is commissioned to produce the event... but wait until you get a load of the theatres showing the game. They're all in the sticks! Tulare?! Riverbank?! Livermore?!?!?! Wow! It's as if they're purposely forcing us to go to redneck territory to watch this thing. ...No thanks.

Anyway, the Bowl Season is almost underway. Sure, we all know about the most important games, bah, it's been played. Let's touch on the biggest "little" games of the Bowl season.

This is in no particular order, by the way:

Poinsetta Bowl, TCU vs Boise State. This game looks really evenly matched. Admittedly I haven't had a chance to pay enough attention to TCU, but remember they gave Utah a good game a few weeks ago. Boise State, can't say enough about them. They're dominating teams every week, albeit very lousy ones. The matchup, on paper, seems fascinating. Will the WAC Team beat the Mountain West team or vice versa?

next theres the

Hawaii Bowl, Hawaii vs Notre Dame: Anyone else puzzled with how Hawaii is allowed to basically host an extra home game? Anyway, a meeting between the Warriors and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish is gold waiting to happen. Hey they always say, there's a pot of gold waiting at the end of the rainbow, right? So if you match the rainbow against the gold, who wins? That, alone, is reason to watch this game!

Ok, moving on,

Lets take a look at the Emerald Bowl, Miami (FL) vs Cal: I just like the idea of a bowl game at AT&T Park. Are they selling the popcorn for this one?

oooh here's my favorite... the

Holiday Bowl, Oklahoma State vs Oregon: This game never disappoints! Imagine the score? Pick the over!! I can't wait to see them get it on! aw, who knows... for all I know OSU will clobber Oregon. They're men and they're (scoring) 40!!

and finally there's the

Capital One Bowl, Georgia vs Michigan State: This game ALSO never disappoints. Remember last year when the Wolverines upset Florida in this game? Michigan state could be due for a similar upset this time around. Michigan State isn't as bad as we think... and Georgia flat out ain't as good as we think either. The result: a very competitive game down to the wire!

and with my limited knowledge, THAT is our preview of Bowl Week, In the City...

When we return, we'll take a look at the NFL's teams to beat in the playoffs. That's coming up...

hoo boy, I have to do it, you guys... I can't help myself. In fact, go ahead and throw a shoe at me after listening to this break. oof... This is DAVE IN THE CITY

Break: Happy New Year (ABBA) <-- I know, I know...

Dave in the City Transcript: Segment 1

This... is DAVE IN THE CITY, brought to you by LOCKS of the Week Radio!

[cue the music]


A pleasure to have you for the big FRIDAY show here on LOCKS of the Week Radio. Wow... We have a big show for you, a year ender, to finish off 2008. Today on the show we'll have for you the Year in Review, we'll touch on Bowl Week, and then we'll see about teams to beat in the NFL playoffs.

That's all coming up right here "In the City..."

Welp, Christmas is coming round the corner, and we're all getting excited. I can't wait to get my present! Nope, not the new widget... no I'm talkin' about the Lakers beating the Celtics for once.

UGGGH!! How many times do Laker fans have to get its ass whipped by the Celtics? 4 generations of Laker fans taken to the woodshed by Boston. Its so frustrating. But anyway what an incredible matchup of two teams that are lighting up their respective conference. The kind of juggernauts we haven't seen meet up since the Giants met the 49ers way back in 1991. THIS IS BASKETBALL MY FRIEND. Yes, I'm dying to see this.

You can bet LA fans are psyched up for the matchup. They've been chanting "Boston Sucks!" since opening night. They want this. Can you imagine the hype if the Lakers pull off the upset? Holy hat, that would be insane. If you were sick of Lakers coverage before, the madness after a Lakers win would drive everyone nuts. That would be so hilarious.

Ok ok, let me actually break down the game. I'll put it into three categories.

Defense: Celtics easily. The C's are a great defensive team. They have tremendous vision, they're physical, they're a bunch of punk-ass bullies, and its the perfect M.O. I love how the C's have really responded to Coach Doc Rivers' solid leadership. Jake will always tell me how bad he is, but he's the NBA's Dusty Baker. Motivationally speaking, he's got it goin' on.

Offense: Lakers. Nobody has more depth than the Lakers. When Luke Walton is the 11th guy off the bench, you know you have a very deep offensive team. The Lakers, as they've done the last two years, are top 5 in scoring. So far this year, they lead the league, scoring 108 points per game. The PACE that the Lakers play at can be staggering sometimes. Any opponent could have a 2 point lead turn into a 12 point defecit at the blink of an eye.

Intangibles: Even. The thing is, the Lakers are nearly unbeatable at home, despite their extremely OVERRATED defense. The 2nd unit really feeds off the crowd and feasts off of turnovers. Without those turnovers, suddenly the Lakers become very pedestrian. For the Celtics, you are looking at a team built on toughness. There's no doubt the Celtics are mentally and physically intimidating, having a great size advantage over most teams in the NBA... but more than that, they'll grind it out and go in deep and take the contact. That's an important facet to have to advance deep in the playoffs.

Both teams have loads of playoff experience. Granted, the Celtics as a team have only 2007 on their portfolio, but as individual players, both teams have been through the wars. Interestingly enough, both teams' bench players are fairly young.

This is going to be a great, fantastic game. For all we know, one team will beat up the other, but the intensity of this GAME is going to be playoff-esque. The crowd will be excited, the teams will be wanting it, it's been circled on the Calendar since the schedule came out. THIS IS IT!!!

After this break, we'll take a good look at Bowl Week. What are the more underrated matchups of the College Bowl Season. That's coming up after this.


break: Oingo Boingo, Open Eyes (Auld Lange Syne)

Dave in the City Podcast: The Written Edition

Hi again everyone! I'm sorry to say my mind entered its own vacation and maxed out our server bandwidth. As a result, "Dave in the City" today will have to settle for a transcript to round out the year.

However, you'll get plenty of great highlights coming up... A preview of the Christmas Matchup between the Celtics and Lakers, the year in review, and much much more. Stay tuned!

I still don't know if the Colts are this good...

Any time you see a game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, you question whether its the opposing team thats this GOOD or if it's the Jags that are this BAD.

Last night, more confusion. The Jags were ahead early, 14-0, but still managed to lose the game 31-26. BUT... the Colts needed some spectacular passing from Peyton Manning to get it done.

LOCKS Contributor Andrew Jacobsen notes that if the playoffs ended today, the Colts would play the Broncos in the first round. AGAIN?!?! How many times can we take Indy blowing out the Broncos??

However, the matchups have not been etched in stone. Andrew's football preview (below) indicates there is lots to be decided in Week 16. My feeling is, the Colts have been getting well on bad teams, including the Jaguars and Lions, and I am still not convinced. I remember that they went out on the road to beat the Steelers, but I see way more of these 3-7 point games against Houston, Detroit, and Cleveland. These are teams that ANY legitimate playoff contender should beat handily. Instead, the Colts barely skate by.

Luckily enough, Indy might be playing the other team with this character trait: Denver. Wouldn't you know?? I still don't know if the Colts are "11-5 good..."

Thursday, December 18, 2008


“Well, the weather outside if frightful…”

Yes…yes it is. We’ve had rain and now cold weather here in California all week and even though its Christmas time and we should be having cold weather…still this is CA and we are just not used to it. My ears hurt because its so cold. BUT…it does feel like football weather, right?

So here you have it, boys and girls…the last football preview of the year. Yep, I’ll be off next week and won’t return until after New Years. You’ll have to deal with two weeks without knowing what games to watch on the weekend. Its ok though…I’m sure you’ll make due.

BIG weekend in the NFL this week. Lots of meaningful games with playoff implications. I can’t remember the last time that was true this late into the season. Lets get to the games…


With no college football and us still being a week away from any halfway decent bowl games, we have some NFL action on Saturday night..and it’s a good game too…if you like low scoring affairs.

Ravens/Cowboys – Both teams are fighting for a wild card spot in their respective conferences. Defense should be the name of the game come Saturday night. Both teams have been excelling on that side of the ball recently. Should be a hard hitting affair…and no, I don’t mean in the Cowboys locker room.


Steelers/Titans – the battle for the #1 seed in the AFC. Winner becomes the odds on favorite to go to the Super Bowl from that conference. Titans have looked vulnerable of late…losing 2 of their last 4 games. The Steelers meanwhile have been playing better recently. Again, defense should rule in this one.

Bengals/Browns – the battle for Ohio…round 2!!! Wait…oh, that’s right…nobody cares. Skip it!

Saints/Lions – why would I list this game? Answer…O-fer Watch ’08 Continues!!! This might be the best last chance for the Lions to get a win. Can they do it or will they go down in history as the worst football team ever? Luckily they are playing the Saints…who are pathetic on the road.

Cardinals/Patriots; Dolphins/Chiefs; Seahawks/Jets – keep an eye on the games involving the AFC East. Its really a must win for all involved otherwise they can start making their holidays plans because a loss and you can kiss the playoffs goodbye.

Falcons/Vikings – We should name this game “the matchup between first round losers in the playoffs”. Seriously, both teams are in the mix for a playoff birth right now but if they make it, I would expect both or whichever one does to lose RIGHT away. Still, should be a competitive, ugly game Sunday afternoon.

Panthers/Giants – speaking of competitive, ugly games…it would shock me if this matchup was anything but. It’s the battle for the #1 seed in the NFC. The Giants are REALLY struggling on offense right now and need to start putting things together if they hope to repeat this year. The Panthers, meanwhile, I’m not sold on. Seriously, how did they win this many games this year?

Ok…there you go. Good crop of games to choose from this weekend. Happy Holidays everyone. I’ll check back in next year…

Andrew Jacobsen

Dave in the City Podcast: Thursday

Today on the show: MLB Transactions, NFL "Roll Call" segment makes its return, a quick recap of the Boston/Atlanta game last night, some thoughts on Chris Paul's new consecutive games steals streak, plus a minor bone to pick with Mark Texiera.

Enjoy everyone!

Link: Dave in the City Podcast (12-18-08)

Text link: http://www.yousendit.com/download/TTZtSkhRT01Fc0lLSkE9PQ

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Week 16: Hardest LOCKS of the Week Evah!!!

Regis: And now, Dave, for the Million Dollar question...
Dave: Ok, what is it?
Regis: For 1 MILLION Dollars... WHO will cover the spread in the Carolina/Giants game?

[dramatic music]

Dave: um... can I have a lifeline???


Dave's (slam!)
LOCKS (blam!)
of the Week (squeak)

Dave's LOCKS of the Week
Week 16

Holy Moly! Is this the hardest LOCKS of the Week in LOTW history or what? Every single game on the schedule has a line of 7.5 points per less. How would any bettor succeed in this environment? We shall try, hard as we might...

To the picks!!

First, for the easy one. This would be like the 100 dollar question in "Millionaire." Stuff like "What is the number that comes after 1 and 2?" or "Will the Pats cover (-7.5) at home vs Arizona?"

Easy money!! Are you kidding? The Cardinals are really clunking down the stretch. After that laugher against Minnesota, and with the Pats fighting for their lives, and with a QB that loves to turn the ball over anyway, the Cardinals are going to get POUNDED this Sunday. Give the points and let NE steamroll the cardnials so that their breathren Vultures can com after them. Pats ALL OVER the Cardinals...

Next! BACK to Detroit we go... Mooo-tor City. It's too bad the Lions (+7.0) can't get a bailout like the Auto Industry. What a drag. Instead, they'll try to salvage an otherwise win-less season by facing the New Orleans Saints who are absoultely FINISHED in the NFC South. Bush is now out, the Lions have been playing hard all year, the winds of change are upon us... Give it to Detroit and shoo-be-doo, doo-woooooop, LIONS COVER (+7) BABY!!

Finally we head a little west to the Land O' Lakes in Minneapolis. The Vikings appear to be hot, but they're really just average. Sure they won back to back games, but who doesn't? It's the NFL! Even the Rams won back to back games this year. The Vikes face the visiting Falcons, and its going to be the greatest running matchup alive: the Vikes top rated rush defense vs the Falcons #1 rated running game. I'M CALLING FOR THE UPSET! The Falcons are going on the road with their superior, albeit rookie, QB and shocking the NFL. Atlanta is a (+3.5) dog and they will win outright baby! Atlanta covers!

Pencils down! Those are your specials here on

Dave's (blip blop!)
LOCKS (crinkle!)
of the Week (squish!)

and Happy Holidays to everyone out there.

Recap: Pats (-7.5) cover at home; Lions (+7.0) cover at home; Falcons (+3.5) cover at Minnesota

Dave in the City Podcast: Wednesday

Today on the show: Joe Paterno contract extension, a breakdown of the NFL Playoff race, and a visit from our good friend Jacob Rosales, aka "El Hebrew Hammer". Hope you enjoy the show everyone!

Link: Dave in the City Podcast (12-17-08)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Dave in the City Podcast: Tuesday

Another big show today: Andrew Jacobsen stops by to break down Week 15 and the Heisman Awards, a quick update on College and Pro Football, and a feature on the Boston Celtics. All "in the City" for the big Tuesday show!

Link: Dave in the City Podcast (12-16-08)

Dave in the City Podcast: Monday

Today on the show: Extensive Coverage of NYG/Dal and Bal/Pit. Plus, a review of the NFL in Week 15 plus some coverage of the Heisman Trophy awards. All here "in the City".

Link: Dave in the City Podcast (12-15-08)

Our 100th Post!

Hooraaaaaaaay!! LOCKS of the Week turns 100... and with the 100th post, I wanted to thank everyone here for visiting and making LOCKS of the Week great! Let's go get some champagne.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Well, its all over. Tomorrow will be our first Saturday since late August that there will be NO football on TV. Yikes! I mean, I have no clue what I’m going to do all day. Seriously…what do people do when there is no football on Saturdays? Do people actually go places on Saturday? That’s crazy! Maybe I can get some Christmas shopping done. Ugh! Anyways…

Without any college games there is a lack of compelling matchups this weekend to really focus on. Still, I’ll try to drum out a few.


Bucs/Falcons – Ok. I will admit it…I am openly rooting for the Falcons now. I have doubted them all season, but this is a very solid football team. I watched their game against the Saints last weekend and I was really impressed even though they lost. Matt Ryan has been amazing as a rookie. A win on Sunday and this team could be headed for the playoffs. Oh yeah…plus I hate the Bucs. Always have…can’t explain it. Go Falcons!!!

Lions/Colts – Last year at this team, the big debate around the NFL was “could a team really go undefeated through the regular season?” Yep…the Patriots did it (only, of course, to lose in the Super Bowl). THIS YEAR, the big question in the NFL is “could a team really go through a season without getting at least ONE win?” Yep..looks like it very well could happen. Poor Lions. This is what happens when you stick with a crappy GM (Matt Millen) for years and years for no logical reason (take note, SF Giants).

Steelers/Ravens – How surprising have the Ravens been? I thought the defense was getting too old and starting a rookie QB who played in I-AA College football last year was certainly going to be a recipe for disaster this year. Not so! Who would have guessed they would be playing the Steelers in December for the division lead? Not me. Expect this to be a low scoring, very physical football game.

Giants/Cowboys – Talk about two teams with tons of distractions. Geez. This could be the last stand for the Cowboys. A loss here could very well get very close to eliminating them from the playoffs. Meanwhile the Giants are trying to secure the #1 seed in the NFC. Games between these two always seem to be fun. Good game to end the weekend with.

So there you go. Sorry about missing last week (I had lots going on…my bad), but I did find you 4 good games to keep your eyes on this weekend. Enjoy the weekend everyone…

Oh…yeah…We are having a Christmas party on Saturday night. All my readers are invited. See you there, drink in hand…

Andrew Jacobsen

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dave in the City Podcast: Friday

Today "In the City", we'll have the latest in the MLB Winter Meetings, preview the upcoming NFL schedule, and touch on the recent Richardson for Bell/Diaw trade.

Plus, Andrew Jacobsen stops by to talk football and give his take on the Heisman Trophy ceremony. Enjoy the big Friday Show, everyone!

Link: Dave in the City Podcast (12-12-08)

Dave's Weekly Pizza Pick

The best pizza I've had all week was a special blend known as the "Gaucho Loco" over at Woodstock's Pizza. It's basically a combination of Pepperoni, Sausage, Bell Peppers, and onions.

Whatever you do, you gotta eat this thing fresh. It is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaan-tastic!

Dave in the City Podcast: Thursday

Today's podcast covers more from the MLB Winter Meetings, a look at the Heisman Candidates, and this week's NFL preview, in a new segment we call "Roll Call"

Enjoy everyone!

Link: Dave in the City Podcast (12-11-08)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Week 15: Dave's QUICKIES of the Week!

Once again we're back at it again, here to bring you good pick until the end.
A week ago we were 0-3, but this time we'll pick 'em rightfully
So don your gay apparel high, and witness here as we try

Dave's (ring!)
LOCKS (ding!)
of the Week (dong!)

The Holidays are upon us indeed. Pretty soon Hanukah arrives and then the big one... Christmas Day. May we commercialize to our hearts content!! Now then, let's round our our season with a bang, starting here with Week 15's big time LOCKS of the Week.

To the picks!!

To ARIZONA we go... Would you believe the Cardinals have no line against the visiting Vikings? Is that for real? No line??? Take the Cards!! They're stellar at home and figure to be a cinch against the mediocre Vikes... EASY MONEY! Cards (no line) win outright at home vs the Land-o-Lakes

Now let's soar like a Cardinal from Glendale to the Queen City. On the banks of the river, the Bungles play out their season on a string. Poor Bungles... so much hype for so little output. The Bungles had their run, but now they flat out SUCK. They're getting 7 points at home against the Redskins, but the 'skins are mad! They've been lashing out at each other, and now will want to dominate to get back on track. I think the Redskins cover the (-7.0) and get a huge win at Cincinnati!

Finally let's float down a few rivers from Cincinnati to Baltimore. Time for some Crabcakes and delicious seafood. Imagine a Ravens fan this weekend: hmm, Crabcakes or a Ravens game? Both look ugly, but get me results! If ever the Ravens looked like a LOCK to win, this was the game. The Steelers are riding high but highly beat up. Their offensive line has been weak all year long. Joe Flacco is servicable, which is all you ask for as a Ravens fan. I like the Ravens a lot! The Ravens are (-2.0) favorites and I like them to get it done. Ravens cover the (-2.0) at home.

Ho Ho Ho!! Season's Greetings on

Dave's (blink!)
LOCKS (clump!)
of the Week (bonk!)

Only a few days until Christmas! Stay safe out there!!

Recap: Cardinals (no line) win outright at home; Redskins (-7.0) cover at Cincy; Ravens (-2.0) cover at home

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dave in the City Podcast: Wednesday

Very involved show today "in the City!" Extensive coverage of MLB's winter meetings, a look at the recent meltdown of the Washington Redskins and Clinton Portis, a potential new suitor for CC Sabathia, plus a recap of the Cavs' historic 9 game winning streak. Finally, I couldn't help but chip in another huge Lakers rant (if you saw the game last night you'd see why).

Link: Dave in the City Podcast (12-10-08)

Lots to come in today's edition of "Dave in the City!" Enjoy everyone.

Dave in the City Podcast: Tuesday

Tuesday "in the city," we had an abbreviated show for a slow Monday night. Monday Night Football, the NFL division clinching teams and their prospects, plus a Heisman trophy preview.

Link: Dave in the City Podcast (12-09-08)

Sorry for posting this late. Enjoy, everyone!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dave in the City Podcast: Monday

Big podcast today. In today's "Dave in the City," we'll be covering the big SEC Championship game, a breakdown of this year's BCS bowl games, the week in the NFL, extended coverage of Cowboys/Steelers, plus the fall of a boxing legend.

It's all here for you on today's "Dave in the City" podcast. Download it through the link below!

Link: Dave in the City (12-08-08)

Hope you enjoy the show, everyone!

Saved by the buoancy of Cherilus!

The Lions saved themselves from themselves by being themselves. When Gosder Cherlius chop blocked Allen to rile up the Vikings, it was ON. Suddenly, the once hapless Vikes flicked the switch and beat the Lions the rest of the way. Final score: Vikes 20, Lions 16.

The Lions quest for 0-16 continues. Now they're 0-13! Only three games remain for them to achieve the ultimate infamy. They've been playing with such amazing heart, though, I can't see it happening. Coming up on today's "Dave in the City" podcast, I'll go over how the Lions' energy will put a dent into a perfect season.

A slight bummer, but the Lions truly deserve a win after these last two games.

Special note: A big preview of the BCS bowl games awaits you, also on today's "Dave in the City" podcast.

Oof and 3

Love those LOCKS of the Week!

Nothing across for any of my LOCKS of the Week. When will I learn my lesson and just pick the opposite of my gut instinct? I said "Lions win"... they blow it. I said "Packers cover"... they blow it. Then... I had the audacity to actually expect the Broncos to cover a Chiefs game. Well done, Denver. You have once again put yourselves on the "Dave's Wall of Shame."

Really, Denver? REALLY?!?!?! The Chiefs? Ugh... if you don't want to waste money, never, ever, EVER bet anything on the Chiefs. You cannot rely on them to do anything right. I thought I'd learn my lesson. Nope! Geez, louise!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dave in the City Podcast: Friday

Hello everyone!

I've started a daily podcast, and with the help of YouSendIt!, I have posted a link to the podcast for your listening pleasure.

I'd love to hear your comments or opinions on either the broadcast or the topics from the show. Today we'll get into Antonio Pierce's potential testimony, a big trade for one of San Diego's best players, and the latest from MLB's hot stove.

Enjoy everyone!

Dave in the City Podcast, 12-05-08 (link)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Week 14: Dave's BLOCKS of the Week

Dave's (swish!)
LOCKS (fwish!)
of the Week (splish!)

Dave's LOCKS of the Week
Week 14

No big introduction this week, as we get right into the thick and the skinny! Ever notice how folks will say "we'll get to the thick of it" or "here's the skinny". Imagine, two opposite terms describing the same thing!

This is going to be a big week of desperation... TO THE PICKS!!

First let's go to Detroit, where the Lions have been tamed to play like little pussy cats. Oof... not good times for Detroit Fans... that is until they go to Joe Louis or the Palace. The Lions are at home to play the Vikings, and I think Vegas knows something we don't know. How is there no line for the game?? The game has been taken off the board!! Wow!!!!!!!!! All I can say is, if anybody's losing to the Lions it's the Minnesota Vikings. They have to be the most inconsistent team in the NFL, they have almost no passing game, and they really should have lost the first meeting with the Lions. That game was played in the Metrodome... THIS ONE will be played in the motor city. Take the Lions to win outright baby (no line)!!!

From cold and windy Detroit we go to... cold and windy Green Bay. The Packers are getting (-5.5) against the usually lousy Texans. The Packers really need this game. It's as simple as this: if they lose here, they're out of the playoffs. You can bet Green Bay will play the game of its life. No defense? No problem! The Texans will turn the ball over for them. Pack to cover (-5.5).

Now we fly from the Green Bay to the Rocky Mountain High in Denver, CO. The Broncos, having dominated the Jets last week are home to host the Chiefs. The Broncos got torched in the first meeting over in Arrowhead. This time, the Broncos, and the elusive to pick against the spread Chiefs, go at it again. Nothing here would surprise me. If the game was decided by a field goal, I'd almost expect it. I could even see the Chiefs winning 58-10. But today is gut check time for the Broncs.

On Thanksgiving Night, the Cardinals really needed to make a stand and go out and CLOBBER a struggling team. They folded like the big wusses they are, but the Broncos will fare much better. Denver is favored to win by (-9.0), and I'm gonna give it to them. The Broncos better not blow this one... they need to really dominate in order to build credibility. And I think they're gonna do it. Broncos cover the whole (-9.0) yards.

All three teams are on their way to Building Block wins... here on

Dave's (trickle)
LOCKS (boink)
of the Week (fwip!)

Here's to a big time Week 14!

Recap: Lions win at home (no line), Packers (-5.5) cover at home, Broncos (-9.0) cover at home

Taking one for the team

I couldn't help it. I had to pick against my Steelers last week. It just seemed too delicious not to taste, and look at the results! The Steelers completely dismantled the Patriots, all at Gillette, 33-10.

I know it blew LOCKS of the Week, but man, I was so happy to see the Steelers win one for the Willie! ...Parker, that is.

Poor Willie. He's been out for a good portion of the season, and as a result, the Steelers running game has been shaky at best. Maybe they DO miss Alan Faneca. My, oh my.