Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dave's LOCKS of the Week: Week 8 Hallowed LOCKS of the Week

Ghosts and goblins rule the night..
Monsters stare and watch in fright...!
But Dave's predictions see the light


Dave's (howwwwwwwl)
LOCKS (boo!)
of the Week (Aieeeee!)

Dave's Hallowed LOCKS of the Week
Week 8

Many screams of jubilee as Dave went 2-1 for thee
Now to this week's hand of picks, on we go, it shall be SICK!

[To the picks...]

At Louis, the Saint, a flock appears... We'll take the Rams, give (-3) and fearrr..


Next, to the home of Paul Brown, sight of Orange Hue, the road dogs, nay, Dolphins, shall take the deuce (+2).


And last in the land of the ragged Saints, this Hallowed Night, strange things eminate.
I take the Saints (-1), to haunt and hail, the Steelers D is doomed... to FAIL.


Do be careful on Night of the Dead
Treat Responsibly, I said...



Dave's (chop!)
LOCKS (clang!)
of the Week (bonng)

To Review: Rams -3, Dolphins +2, Saints -1

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dave's LOCKS of the Week: Week 7 -- LOUTS of the Week

Hi friends!

Wow, who went 0-3? It's me! It's me!

Ugh... all right let's start it up, y'all...

Dave's (donk)
LOCKS (binng!)
of the Week (THUMP)

Dave's LOUTS of the Week
Week 7

Nuts.. I can't catch a break. I had a edge on all three of my LOCKS last week and ALL THREE of them were blown in the 3rd quarter!! All three!!!!!! COME ON NOW!! Can't I catch a break?

We'll try to do it all again, STARTING... HOT-lanta where the Falcons continue to get it done, with some exceptions. The Flirty Birds always flirt with the line on the road but not last week. A total PATHETIC effort at Philadelphia, but in better news, Atlanta is now at home, facing the Bungles. Take the Falcons to peck all across the Bungle's Fir. Atlanta -3.5!

Next, out of the deep south and into the beaches of Florida. It's going to hurt me to pick this but I gotta go with the flipping Dolphins against the visiting Pittsburgh Steelers. The Dolphins will jump through those steel hoops and drown the curtain in Sunny Miami Gardens and we will take the DOLPHINS +3

And finally, we'll hover over to the big spaceship in Arlington, Cowboys Stadium for the big Monday Nighter with Dallas and NYG. The Cowboys, as desperate as ever (don't listen to what Wade Phillips says) will put forth some GREAT pressure, as they tend to do, on the Giants and Eli Manning and DOMINATE on the big stage, giving the -3 points easily.

And that will hopefully flip, whip, and peck things around on

Dave's (whiirrrrr)
LOCKS (zzzzzzzzzzzzz)
of the Week (rattle...!)

To Review: Atlanta -3.5; Miami +3; Dallas -3

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dave's LOCKS of the Week: Week 6 -- Disappointments of the Week

Hiya Folks!


I had a bad week last week!


It was so bad, the Packers took the field and at the end of the game, the Detroit Lions walked off of it. ZING!! I'm killing it, on

Dave's (Bonk!)
LOCKS (brrrrp)
of the Week (zzzzzt!)

Dave's DISAPPOINTMENTS of the Week
Sixth Edition

Oi! My streak of winning weeks on LOTW hung in the air and rested on a ball Mason Crosby kicked near the end of Regulation at FedEx Field against the Redskins. And by God, it was so close to hitting, and with it, my unbeaten streak. But no!! It hit off the crossbar despite having plenty of distance!! The Packers would go on to lose in Overtime and blow the -2.5 point cover. Argh!

Enough of the rants, we try to rebound as we enter...

DISAPPOINTMENTS of the Week. To the picks!

We start in HOU-STONNNN! Where the Texans face the Chiefs. Ok, so "HOU-STONNN" doesn't have quite the ring that "KAN-SAS City!" does, but what does ring is the ears of the Texans after getting beaten to death by the NY Football Giants. This week, I dare say the Chiefs start a new streak, that is, a LOSING one, as the Ranging Texans (yipee, yee ha!) stampede the sneaking Chiefs (HOW, Otowe!) and destroy the (-4.5) point spread. Texans by 5+ at least!.

Onward, from the Texas Toast up to the Spirit of New Englannnnd! (WBZ Booostoonn!) and Gillette Stadium. At the Razor this week: The Patriots host the surging Baltimore Ravens who are slowly finding their offense. Flacco has been off to a rough start no doubt, but quoth this Raven... "Never more!" The Brady Bunch will not have that easy of a start and as you remember, the Ravens still have them figured out if last year's Wild Card game was any indication. Look for the Ravens to peck all over the Minute Men in Massachussets and cover the +3 easily.

Now let's go on to our DOG of the Week (woof woof!)

Down the rivers and lakes we go from Massachussets to Cleveland Ohio. Big Ben makes his return for the Steelers on the road at Browns Stadium. The Steelers coming off a bye and looking hungry, but wait just a second! The Browns have given many teams a tough time all year long and have had 3 point spreads almost every week. Now all of a sudden they're a +13.5 point underdog?? Something is amiss, and these bloodhounds will sniff it out. Let's take the points in Cleveland with the Moon over Parma and take the BROWNS to bark out the points (+13.5) against the visiting Steel Curtain.

And THESE are our rebound picks for

Dave's (boinnng!)
LOCKS (dink!)
of the Week (blamm!)

To Review: Houston -2.5; Baltimore +3; Cleveland +13.5

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dave's LOCKS of the Week: Week 5 -- One Liner's of the Week

Hey! You ever hear the one about the Rabbi that went to the Casino and did

Dave's (bang!)
LOCKS (ka-ching!)
of the Week (rrriing)

Dave's ONE LINERS of the Week
Week 5 Edition

I had a great week last week, HOW GREAT WAS IT???

I went 2-1 in LOTW and it felt like Moss joined the Vikings again. ZING!

To the picks (wah wahhh...)

Why did the Packers Cross the Redskins and cover (-2.5)? To get to the other hyde! Get it?? Zing!!!

Knock Knock... (who's there?) Big Blue... (Big Blue hoo?) Houston's (-3.0) gonna make Big Blue go BOO HOO!! Aahhh I'm killing it! Tapaiya!

What do you get when you cross an Falcon (-3.0) with a Brown? The Dirty Bird!! Aaaahhahahahaha That's all I got, good night everybody!!!


Dave's (yaaay!)
LOCKS (neiiiiggghhh)
of the Week (clank)

To review: Three Favorites this week, and I'll probably get one of them: GB -2.5, Houston -3.0, Atlanta -3.0