Monday, April 13, 2009

Harrison locked up with a Steel Safe!

It's done! The Steelers lock up Defensive Linebacker James Harrison to a Six Year, $51.7 million deal.

Here are the details from

Harrison will get a guaranteed $20 million, more than any other Steeler outside of Ben Roethlisberger. This also gives Harrison the distinction of being the second highest paid player in team history.

The Contract runs through 2014, however, it is unlikely Harrison will play out the duration of the deal. Harrison will be 31 in the first season of the new deal.


While it's a rather steep price for one guy, it's only right to give the best defensive player on the team his proper reward. One could consider the contract retribution for his efforts in 2008. Either way, it's a great moment for the Steelers and Steeler fans, which ensures Harrison will remain a Steeler as long as he is a productive player.

It's nice to see the Steelers finally hand out contracts on par with the rest of the league. It wasn't always the case going back, and furthermore, the dividends are paying off. Roethlisberger, offered a lucrative 8 year deal last year, only led the Steelers down the field in a 2 minute drill most players dream of. Down a score late with the Super Bowl on the line, Big Ben Roethlisberger engineered a near length of the field drive that put the Steelers ahead and won them a championship!

Enough of my Steeler bias! The deal is a good one and a refreshing sign of fiscal assertiveness from the Steeler organization.

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