Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dave's LOCKS of the Week: Week 7 -- LOUTS of the Week

Hi friends!

Wow, who went 0-3? It's me! It's me!

Ugh... all right let's start it up, y'all...

Dave's (donk)
LOCKS (binng!)
of the Week (THUMP)

Dave's LOUTS of the Week
Week 7

Nuts.. I can't catch a break. I had a edge on all three of my LOCKS last week and ALL THREE of them were blown in the 3rd quarter!! All three!!!!!! COME ON NOW!! Can't I catch a break?

We'll try to do it all again, STARTING... HOT-lanta where the Falcons continue to get it done, with some exceptions. The Flirty Birds always flirt with the line on the road but not last week. A total PATHETIC effort at Philadelphia, but in better news, Atlanta is now at home, facing the Bungles. Take the Falcons to peck all across the Bungle's Fir. Atlanta -3.5!

Next, out of the deep south and into the beaches of Florida. It's going to hurt me to pick this but I gotta go with the flipping Dolphins against the visiting Pittsburgh Steelers. The Dolphins will jump through those steel hoops and drown the curtain in Sunny Miami Gardens and we will take the DOLPHINS +3

And finally, we'll hover over to the big spaceship in Arlington, Cowboys Stadium for the big Monday Nighter with Dallas and NYG. The Cowboys, as desperate as ever (don't listen to what Wade Phillips says) will put forth some GREAT pressure, as they tend to do, on the Giants and Eli Manning and DOMINATE on the big stage, giving the -3 points easily.

And that will hopefully flip, whip, and peck things around on

Dave's (whiirrrrr)
LOCKS (zzzzzzzzzzzzz)
of the Week (rattle...!)

To Review: Atlanta -3.5; Miami +3; Dallas -3

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