Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dave's DIVISONAL LOCKS of the Week

Dave's (crash!)
LOCKS (smash!)
of the Week (bash!)

2-2 last week in Wild Card LOCKS (fantastic results for me), so on to the Divisional round:

Three picks to select, one omitted out of respect for my friends who are Giants and Packers fans. Here we go!

In SAN FRANCISCO, I'd hate to do this to SF, but I have no choice but to take the 49ers +3.5. The odds of winning are too good to pass up, but thankfully that also allows for SF to lose by a field goal. Niners to strike gold and make this a tight game at the Stick!

In FOXBORO, I'm going Broncos +13.5 . I have less than zero confidence in the Broncos actually winning the game, but I'll root for the Tebow Nation just the same and expect them to be within two touchdowns at game's end.


In BALTIMORE, I have Texans +7.5, making the pick with 50% confidence. I would have taken the Ravens with any line less than 7 points, but with the sportsbooks placing the spread above 7, I'm going conservative and taking Houston. I just don't feel like this will actually hit. It's Joe Flacco's first career home playoff game, and if Ray Rice gets any kind of seam, he's going to destroy the Texans' defense. On the flip side, the Ravens have the 2nd best rush defense in the NFL and won't give an inch to either Foster or Tate from the Texans' backfield. Despite all this, I think it will be a relatively low scoring affair with Baltimore winning a close one. Possibly 27-21 as a final score.

That's the Divisional Round for

Dave's (bang!)
LOCKS (snap!)
of the Week (crunch!)

Your picks are: SF +3.5, Den +13.5, HOU +7.5

I can already hear Admiral Ackbar yelling "It's a TRAP!!! It's a TRAP!!!!"

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