Monday, January 12, 2009

And the winner for "Biggest Shocker of the Weekend" Goes to...

Wowie! What another week of surprises.

First, the Ravens went out and bounced the Number One seeded Titans. Great performance by the Ravens defense, once again, and another instance of Flacco getting it done and not turning the ball over.


Next, how about the Cardinals STORMING the Carolina Panthers in the "Shocker in Charlotte?" Nothing says winning like SIX, count 'em, SIX Jake Delhomme turnovers. No wonder the Cardinals won the game, they had the ball inside the 40 to start several possessions.


Do you believe it? The Miracle Eagles are at it again, going into the Meadownlands to upset the New York Football Giants. I figured it'd be a runaway, but certainly not in Philly's favor! The Giants were flat out abyssmal yesterday, and Eli Manning was a big reason why. He had some awful passes, wind or no wind.


More Steeler domination. Most surprising is 1) The Steelers stayed with the run the whole game, 2) Parker was very effective, to the tune of 2 touchdowns and 146 yards, and 3) Roethlisberger avoided the turnover and helped the Steelers dominate time of possession. The Chargers had the ball for only 17 seconds in the 3rd Quarter!

The Cardinals game had to be the most shocking development of the weekend. Even with my prediction, I didn't anticipate the Cardinals to run away with it. But that's the NFC for you: hardly anyone in the conference is good, so you get all sorts of silliness. Even in the Ravens/Titans game, many folks figured Baltimore was good enough to at least compete for a Super Bowl.

Just when I thought the NFC was decent again... they SUCK me back out. Oof for that. More to come on LOCKS of the Week soon, including a Championship Round LOCK of the Week (as a general rule, I don't pick games involving my own team, the Steelers).

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