Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Arizona: *Finally* Super!

It's been 43 seasons in the making, but the Arizona Cardinals are finally in the big dance!

It's great to finally see the once-moribund Cardinals play in the Super Bowl. I've always looked at that team as "the poor Cardinals." From the day the Phoenix area hosted its first Super Bowl (XXX, played 13 years ago), I thought "Wow, poor Cardinals, they'll host all these Super Bowls and never make it to one."

Finally, they have arrived. How? Well, it took some amazing performances by Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald, and all those defensive players who intercepted the ball. Turnovers were key in their ride to the Super Bowl.

But no matter what happens, the Cards have had their dream season. Now let's take a look at the teams who are still waiting for their Super Bowl.

Browns -- This might not count since the original Browns already won it all 8 seasons ago.
Lions -- hah! Good luck ever making it in my lifetime. It may take a lot.
Texans -- They show positive signs of success, so I could see them in the big game soon enough.
Jaguars -- There were several good runs at it, but still no luck. I'm still surprised to this day how badly they played in 2008!
Saints -- They have the QB, Brees; they have the RBs, Thomas and Bush; they have the WRs, Colston, Moore, and Henderson. If they could get a defense, why not?

In today's NFL I get the feeling most of these teams will eventually make it. After Super Bowl XXXVIII, I said "if the Panthers can make it, *anybody* can make it!"

More to come, as we get closer to the big game!!

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