Friday, November 20, 2009

Dave's LOCKS of the Week: Week 11

Look at us! Here we are! Right where we belong...

It's time again for

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of the Week (fwap)

Dave's LOCKS of the Week

Week 11

Another big week of LOCKS, after a tough 1-2 record last week. Here we go, TO THE PICKS!

First, we go to Dallas, and in Big D the Cowboys are looking to avoid some big L's... And for the Redskins, a +11 point underdog, you might be surprised to see the spread so large. Take the REDSKINS +11 and watch them skim the points of the margin of victory.

NEXT..! To Tampa Bay where the Bucs are getting a lot of close calls... Nearly beat the Dolphins! Nearly beat another team... BEAT the Packers in a close one.

And facing them are the Saints, who have had some close calls themselves... the Rams nearly beat them with 2 min to go, the Dolphins SHOULD have beat them with two minutes to go... it goes on. While the Saints are the class of the NFC, I'm a-gonna give the Bucs the Points, all +11.5 of them at home.

Finally, out to the Rocky Mountain High, Denver Colorado. It's the Chargers and the Broncos... and let me tell 'ya, Philip Rivers LOVES that high altitude. He's thrown for a great qb rating and several touchdowns up there, PLUS, the Chargers have never scored less than 35 points in the Philip Rivers era. It's gonna be an interesting one, we think, but it could be close. Fortunately, the game is a "pick 'em" and with a zero point spread, I gotta go with the Chargers. No points? No problem!

That will do it for the 11th (hour) edition of

Dave's (BANG!)

LOCKS (swish)

of the Week (zap!)

again, here are the picks: Was +11 at Dal; TB +11.5 at home; Chargers (no spread) at Den

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