Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dave's LEGS of the Week, the turkey kind, Week 12!

Gobble up some fun, it's time for

Dave's (bok bok bok)
LOCKS (gaaah!)
of the Week (chomp!)

Dave's Turkey LEG LOCKS of the Week
Week 12

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all have a safe and good weekend with your family. Enjoy the big meal and... that's about it.

I'd say "enjoy the games" but what's to enjoy...?

In DETROIT, we have another Thanksgiving rematch with the Lions and Packers. Perhaps the networks scheduled this years in advance hoping Favre would still be on the Packers. Perhaps the Lions can score points again. After all, they beat the Browns 38-37. And perhaps cows will jump the moon and cheese will grow out of trees. Are you kidding?! Aaron Rodgers tears up the Lions, just like Philip Rivers tears up the Broncos in Denver. Give the points to the Packers, all (-10.5) of them.

Let us also be thankful for an interesting game at night between the Giants and Broncos. Won't make a LOCK of the Week there, so let's go on to Sunday's games...

Off we go to Houston, Texas! At Reliant Stadium the Texans will host a rootin' tootin' good football game against the still undefeated Indianapolis Colts. I'd be hard pressed to see the Colts take yet ANOTHER game, but to be honest, I *do* think the game will be close... in fact, even closer than you think: The Texans are getting only (+3.0) points, but I believe they'll either win or lose by 1-2 points. HIDEE HO!!!!

Our last stop this week is down in Nashville, TN. This almost isn't fair, but the Titans, as hot as they are, will face the Warner-less Arizona Cardinals. And there's no line. It's just not fair... how can you not take the Titans? I'll take the Titans (0.0) and then take candy from a baby, shoot fish in a barrel, make a layup....

And that's the Mayflower edition of...

Dave's (toooooot)
LOCKS (sqwak!)
of the Week (blat!)

Again the picks are: Packers -10.5 at Det; Texans +3.0 at home; Titans 0.0 at home

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