Monday, February 17, 2014

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: February 17th

I had a lot on my mind during this Presidents' Day, so I'd like to share some ideas with you.

First of all, there is the subject of Frosted Mini-Wheats.   You know, I was at the store the other day to get some Mini-Wheats, inspired by Rollins' tweet about it (Rollins is on Twitter: @JLB1031).  So I went to the store and got the orange box of Mini-Wheats... the jokers at Kellogg's actually made a SUPER tiny Mini-Wheats, even smaller than the Bite Size versions... but get this!  They did an orange box for those *too.*

So now we have regular Mini Wheats in the Red Box... Bite Size Mini Wheats in the Orange Box, and now these super duper minis in another Orange Box.  I poured those bad boys into my bowl and was like "get outa here!  Look how tiny these are!"

Boy they have really made Mini Wheats into its own industry!   I remember back in the day when they sold regular shredded wheat, and the damn thing was a giant BRICK of wheat strings.  HAHAHAHAHA, that was a challenge to get into the bowl.  You only needed one piece for your whole breakfast.

I had a dream this morning and in the dream we were at a basketball game.  I think my Mom and Dad were both there with me.  So later in the game my Dad comes over and brings Chloe Sutton and says, "Hey Dave!  Here's Chloe Johnson."

and I thought "Chloe Johnson?  That's not her name."   It was indeed Chloe *Sutton* though and I said hi how's it going, and she enthusiastically said hi nice to meet you etc and we talked for a while.  Then I woke up.  I also do not know how my Dad knew who Chloe Sutton was unless he listened to the podcasts I did with her three years ago.

and then we come to the topic of the Fairfax Burrito Dog.  Boy was that a magnificent piece of food on Friday!  I started what could be a Valentine's Day Tradition, with it being 2/14 that day.  Here's what it looks like:

Boy was that good... but foods this dense come with a price.   I was getting it pretty good for my buddies the rest of the weekend.  First it was on Facebook... somebody posted a picture of me and a friend said "Oooh one too many Burrito Dogs buddy!"  HAHAHAHAHA  It wasn't even that bad... I think the picture had me at a bad angle... 

but in fairness, I looked at myself today and I said "I look like a guy that had a Fairfax Burrito Dog this weekend."   Even at swim this morning one of my swim colleagues who saw my FB pic of the Burrito Dog said "Dave that burrito dog must be getting to you!"  LOL.   People have been giving it to me good my friends!

Needless to say, I won't be eating that Fairfax Burrito Dog from Fab's Hot Dogs more than once or twice a year.  I'll tell you what though, it tastes fantastic!

On a tangent, I was quite amused by how much buzz that burrito dog picture got on Facebook.  I posted it to show just how much I enjoyed it, and it sounds like everyone else thought it looked amazing too.   If you're in the area, Fab's Hot Dogs really serves it up.  They do great with regular hot dogs and burgers too.  Yes, even their BURGERS are quite remarkable.

Yesterday I was at the Northern Trust this open with my pop and wouldn't you know it, I met my Dad there at the 9th tee just as Bubba Watson was teeing off.  Somebody, I can't even tell who it was because I didn't hear it, was trying to take a pic of him behind him as he teed off.   I honestly didn't see who it was... I know my Dad was trying to sneak in a pic too but he stopped once he was going to hit the ball.  Bubba's caddy beforehand was saying "Hey no pictures, no pictures guys put the phone in your pocket."  And the guys around us were saying "What are you gonna do, try to fight us?"  Oh my *goodness* I had to strain to keep myself from laughing out loud.  Bubba Watson's caddy is such a scrawny guy, he wasn't intimidating anybody.

Needless to say, Watson yakked the shot a good 40 yards to the right and THEN he really chewed out the fan behind him that took the picture...  alllegedly, I didn't even see the fan take a picture.   Watson was being a real jerk about the whole thing, but this is what he's done his whole career.  Pretty classless in my opinion, and besides, the shot still landed on a very short rough with a clear line of sight to the pin.    Bubba got the 2nd shot right to the green and made par on the 9th hole.  So what was the big deal, Bubba?  Calm down.  Bubba Watson went on to win the Northern Trust Open Championship... he really played some great golf.  As others said he has a little Phil Mickleson in him with those crazy shots... he's a pretty oafish kind of guy too; not a very friendly guy to his fans.  and he has a lot of fans.  There were like 500-1000 extra people that followed him around vs the other golfers.  Every shot was almost like a rock concert here at Riviera.

One other sidebar to the event, which occurred the day before.  I shall not speak of the epic FAIL that was the City of Santa Monica transportation system and their snake oil "deal" to get shuttles from SM to Riviera... that whole plan folded up like a cheap suit.  That's a blog entry for itself really... you can't advertise this great system of shuttle buses and then respond with just ONE freakin' bus after advertising your plan on the Northern Trust Open *website.*  anyway...

The sidebar was for Saturday's round, and as the action was heating up I noticed that a couple groups were right near the top of the leaderboard, and one of them was Jordan Spieth's group.  Jordan Spieth had some pretty good shots at birdie throughout the tournament and he was doing fairly well on Saturday.   Anyway, as I was following his group and two others, this woman in workout pants, brown hair and sunglasses kept going to all the same holes I was.   After a while I put two and two together and asked "Is this Jordan Spieth's Girlfriend?"    This afternoon I hit the google and dug it up... I think it is Jordan Spieth's GF!  She even has the same sunglasses shown in this picture w/ the aforementioned Spieth:

I have her at about 5'6" or so, she was a lil' shorter than me height wise.   Spieth you dog!   That kid is just getting started... incredible talent.  I did not realize he was so young.

It's been an eventful weekend.  See you all again here soon!

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