Friday, January 9, 2015

Say Hello to Ottis and Andy in Seattle: Co-Champions of the "Kids Club" Football Picks Contest!

I am pleased to announce the winners of our "Kids Club" Football Picks Contest.  And the winners ARE:

Andy in Seattle
Say Hello to Ottis

Both finished with a 34-29-3 record to complete the first place co-championship.  Way to go fellas!  We'll give you the final standings here:

Andy: 34-29-3
Ottis: 34-29-3
John: 32-33-1
Ron: 27-35-4

Major props to Andy for coming from way back in the standings, numerous games under .500, to reach first place.  An incredible comeback for Mr. in Seattle.  Oat Man did a good job keeping pace despite some 0-4 weeks (everyone had their share of 0-4 weeks with the unpredictable college season).  Now we'll show you how their final picks went.  These were four bowl picks made in mid-December plus two picks from NFL Week 16.

Andy in Seattle (2-4 for Week 16)
Hit with: Rice, Duke
Missed with: Alabama, USC, Patriots, Broncos

Say Hello to Ottis (2-4 for Week 16)
Hit with: Mizzou, Vikings
Missed with: Alabama, LSU, UNC, Broncos

John in CT (3-3 for Week 16)
Hit with: Duke, Vikings, Packers
Missed with: SDSU, Cincinnati, Minnesota

Ron in NJ (2-4 for Week 16)
Hit with: Texas A&M, Vikings
Missed with: NIU, LSU, Auburn, Lions

One overarching observation about the final picks: Bowl games are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to predict.   The later you get into Bowl Season, the harder it gets as well.  Teams like Florida State, Alabama, and Baylor seemed like good plays but ultimately failed to cover the spread.  NFL went better for most of the club and most fellas either split or swept the two NFL games to close Week 16.

It was a fun year, and a great contest.  Props to all who participated: John, Ron, Andy, and Ottis.  Here's to future success picking games!

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