Saturday, February 28, 2009

28 Sentences to Describe a Week

I can't believe I went a whole week without posting anything about sports!

Do you believe February is the longest *and* the shortest month of the sports year?

Denver 90, LA Lakers 79: The Lakers played the single WORST game of the season last night, by far.

All that hoopla for Tiger Woods return for nothing?

Jim Calhoun might be The Jerk, but he has a point.

Nothing excites me more for baseball than when I see a glimpse of a spring training game.

The Redskins are out of their wit signing a free agent to boat loads of dollars... again!

This weekend might be the most trying weekend in sports yet.

Why are we talking about the NFL draft in February?

I still think Denver is going to be a dark horse in the NBA.

Larry Benifest, why would you give the Marlins such a hard time about infield defense in the first game of Spring Training?

The LA Hockey Kings are a much worse team than I thought, so when they say "rebuilding" they mean "losing a lot of games."

Celebrity Jeopardy is a dumb idea, unless they use the "answers" from the regular show.

Santa Barbara is back to being good weather central.

Could the Red Wings now be the team to beat in the West?

UCLA basketball is, always has been, and always will be overrated.

Marvin Harrison is the quiet receiver (save a gun incident), such a shame to see him cut but also a good move by Indy.

Johan Santana missing a start due to a sore elbow: early, but not a good sign.

Are the Academy Awards like Super Bowl commercials, where there's so much hype going in but the results are never great save for a brief moment in the Mid-90s?

American Idol is ruining TV schedules!

The Phoenix Suns still look like a mess.

Wow, another solid road win for Cleveland, even though the Cavs beat half the San Antonio Spurs.

Why in the hell did the Boston Celtics sign Stephon Marbury?

The C's without KG are a much weaker D.

Will somebody please just SIGN Manny Ramirez already?!

Charles Barkley is a human being, remember that.

MLB Extra Innings ought to be a waste of money this year.

Isn't it always the hardest thing to find a great snappy closing line to an article or an essay?

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