Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We won a game!

Hockey??? I'm going to write a whole post about Hockey? REALLY?!?!

I have to... everyone's heard enough about A-Rod (see El Hebrew Hammer's post below). Everybody got blown out in the NBA. The Trade Deadline is full of gems like "Chandler to the Thunder.... uh never mind!".

And the biggest story in the NFL, is unfortunately, an untimely death, that of Brad Van Pelt.

So the most positive story tonight is the plight of my own hockey team, the L.A. Hockey Kings, as they finally rose up and won a game. They won a game!! Against the Ducks! Finally!!

Always extra sweet to beat the quacks... honestly do they still have a team? I thought they were a new Disney Pixar presentation. Who thought that was a good idea? Actually everyone did, they get good attendance.

Anyway, it was good ol' Anze Kopitar who sinked the game winner in the 3rd period, after which the Kings held on to win 4-3. Finally, a win! The Kings came home after that blazing hot road trip, then put up a donut in regulation. Officially they went 0-1-2 on a three game homestand, but still tip toed to Anaheim having won 7 of 11.

A much needed win for the Kings. The Kings are a young team, but more losses like that would have ended their playoff run for sure. Outside of that, we had some fun over in DC with the Caps beating the Canadiens in a shootout. Go Ovechkin!


People in New York City are really up in arms about the New York Rangers. They got off to a blazing hot start, at one point near the top of the East standings. Now they're on the ropes and coach Tom Renney is already looking behind his back for the ax. Had they lost tonight to the Islanders at home, it would have been the absolute nadir to an underachieving season. Instead they dominated and beat the Isles 3-1.

I'm surprised Steve Somers didn't have more to say about that. Turns out "ice" disappoints less than rock any day of the week, doesn't it? The Isles have no money and no audience... what's the Rangers' excuse?

That's the latest from the NHL... and I'm sticking to it!

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