Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I see baseball in your future...


No, no, no, I'm not going to start doing a goodbye speech like the folks at Baseball Toaster. Rest assured, there will still be content going into the indefinite future.

I love this place, and even with football over, we'll still get to cover lots of neat topics... especially (da da da da da daaaaa) BASEBALL!

Yep, get ready for some fun and good times coming up from me and some of our contemporaries here on LOCKS of the Week. Don't forget, our podcast is still up and running daily on the site. We likewise have a food show called "Dining with Dave" which comes on every Wednesday morning.

This was on my mind today: Who's the greatest hitting Rivera of all time?

The winner turns out to be the very first Rivera in Major League Baseball. Anyone remember "Jungle Jim" Rivera from the Chicago White Sox? He had a solid career from 1952-1961, OPS+ ing over 85 in every year but two. Not the greatest statistics ever, but in the 50's he was a solid hitter and a GREAT base stealer... the kind of player that Juan Pierre could only hope to be. But still... only about an 85 OPS+er.

Despite that, he had 422 career RBIs, the most of any Rivera to date. He also won the Triples Crown in 1955, finishing second in triples in numerous other years. Remember that folks, as we start watching Rising Riveras go up through the minors.

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