Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wow was THAT a beatdown?

Last Monday night was quite a show. I don't think anyone expected this outcome: Saints 38, Patriots 17. Many thought the Saints could win, but to school the Pats as they did was impressive indeed.

I have mixed feelings on this. I'm 100% happy for the Saints and their fans, they're off to a great start... hell... Start? The Saints are storming the barn this year! To think that this franchise used to cling to a SINGLE WIN during the entire season. The "ain'ts" ain't, no more!

And then there's the Patriots. The "mix" in my feelings is that while I want to be just so ecastic over a Patriot beat down, what I realized was the Patriots were badly overrated, and I was one of those who overrated them. I really thought the Patriots were a better team, but the numbers don't lie. Outside of a neutral field "road win" in London, the Pats have not won a single road game all year.

It's the kind of statistic you don't notice right away, because the Patriots only played four road games all year. Now you see them just get clobbered at New Orleans. Shame on me! I really thought the Patriots would compete more than this.

Truth be told, the Pats' problem is the same problem they've had for the last five years: their defense suffers. It is just not that good. Remember in the second quarter when Devery Henderson was wide open without a Patriot within 50 yards of him? That told the whole story.

Going back to the Saints, I've been pretty high on them the whole year, and this time around, I feel like I'm justified. The Saints are bound to lose a game, and honestly it's better for them if they do. I'm not saying "don't win games," but a loss is really good at refocusing a team for the long term.

Last night though, really was a showcase of conferences. The Saints, and the NFC, are clearly the superior group.

Speaking of losses, man, are you getting a kick out of MNF analyst Jon Gruden, who proclaimed "The Saints are going to run the table!"? This is the same guy who said "The Steelers won't lose another game the rest of the season [paraphrasing]", after which they proceeded to lose three in a row. Jon, you're killing me! Stop jinxing the NFL!

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