Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dave's LOCKS of the Week: Week 11 -- Dave's QUICKIES of the Week

Once a year I get caught up in the other things and try to write a Cliffs Notes version of our...

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Dave's QUICKIES of the Week
Week 11

We keep it short and concise this week, so here we go: To the picks!

IN PITTSBURGH, I like the Raiders off a bye week to keep the game against the Steelers closer than the +7.5 . The Steelers have a very soft defense, that didn't really come to light until the Patriots game. The quick short passing scheme NE used is pretty similar to what Oakland does outside of the occasional deep route to a guy like Ford from Campbell. Not to mention, the Raiders are among the best pass coverage teams in the NFL, which is really going to inhibit the Steelers' offense. This game will be much closer than expected so I take the Autumn Wind and the Raiders to whistle over the Steel Curtain's fortress of 7.5 points.

IN SAN FRANCISCO, the Bucs are on another mission to prove their worth against a slightly surging 49er team. The Bucs, on the road, are not great... they have not a single win away from home. Their last such test was a failure at Atlanta. Nonetheless, I think the Bucs take this and take the points +3. I mean ARE YOU KIDDING with the 49ers?? Niner fans still think this is a playoff team, a "talented team" (not my words, theirs). Nobody ever said 49er fans weren't delusional. This is the easiest LOCK of the bunch. Bucs should *win* by 3, and most likely more. Why? Because I think TB will clean up on turnovers, and LeGarrette Blount figures to have a decent game on the ground. So long as Freeman doesn't throw too many times, I think the Bucs take this game easily, even at Candlestick.

IN PHILLY, the Eagles will be in for a crash landing after a prolific, yet tiresome performance on Monday Night Football. The Giants will rumble in to meet an Eagle team that has a short week, a tired arm, and a recently elated staff of Philly Players. The Giants, meanwhile, are much better than they showed in their annual home letdown game (tm) against Dallas. The Giants, still, have one of the best running games in the NFL. Assuming they keep Eli Manning upright, the Giants should be able to pound the football and keep Vick off the field. I like the G-Men and I like 'em a lot. Take the GIANTS and the Points, NYG +3!

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To Review: Oak +7.5, TB +3, NYG +3

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