Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dave's LOCKS of the Week: Week 12 -- Dave's THANKS of the Week

Dave's (gobble)
LOCKS (gobble)
of the Week (gobble gobble!)

We have much to gobble on for this Thanksgiving Weekend and much to give thanks for:

-- I give thanks for my health and well being, 28 and still going strong.
-- I give thanks for the success of the sports teams I root for, especially those on the football field: the Trojans over the years and the Steelers today.
-- I give thanks for the people who supported me, my friends, family, and those who listen to the DITC podcast at http://daveinthecity.podbean.com .

Onward, to the selections!

Ah, we have a gorgeous Turkey of a game for you, look at it up above where 35th street is, they're sponsored by the Ford Motor company and it's a Lion of a feast. Now, Jim, this is what you call the New England Patriots, and they come from a long lineage of victories including last weeks against the Colts. Oh and you'll see its acompanying piece, the Detroit Lions, who had a pretty good passing effort against Dallas but doesn't seem to get over the top... OHH it just trampled a traffic signal.

Matt, I think we gotta give some points to the Lions for Effort. We'll take them +7.

Our next floating game is the size of a dome, the SUPER dome, Jenny, and boy does it look great! It's called the "Saints" and you can see it rising higher and higher. Watch it soar now right over the Cowboys. A mighty feat... we gotta give some points to New Orleans for the crafting of this terrific sight. -3.5 for New Orleans.

Lastly, a late comer to the party, it's a special inflatable from Baltimore known as the Raven. It's slogan, "Never More!" Ho ho, that sounds marvelous, Jim, and they tell us that the Raven(s) also have a commanding ground feature that will trample Buccaneers to and fro. The Bucs unfortuantely don't have a real defense for the ground features, so we gotta give the Raven a score of -7.5 . Marvelous on a nice day like this one, isn't it?

We'll be back with a special performance by Justin Bieber right after this message from...

Dave's (bang!)
LOCKS (pfffft)
of the Week (chomp!)

To review: Detroit +7; New Orleans -3.5; Baltimore -7.5

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