Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dave's LOCKS of the Week: Week 14 -- Jolly Good Jubilee and Football Prognostications (of the Week)

Greetings fellow Christmas Season followers!

Come and join in our festive Christmas, Hannukah, and other seasons of the Winter. Come, come all to our festive feast...

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Dave's Jolly Good Jubilee of the Week
Week 14

Boy do these games get tougher to pick or what? I'll tell you what, we are in for a monster finish in the NFL and to get it all going in this Holiday season we go... TO THE PICKS!

First, off to the Moootor City, vroom vroom, where the Lions host the Packers. Meat, meet the Lion, oooh, no good no good!

But this week, the Lions won't devour their meat... far from. Anyone who's anyone knows that Aaron Rodgers absolutely DOMINATES in the D... Expect him to throw at least 3 touchdowns this week and expect Green Bay to pack up a THOROUGH beat down of the Lions. Packers -6.5.

Let's cruise down the highway from Michigan down to the Bayou in Louisiana. It's the Rams hosting the surging Saints, and these red hots have been close to the outs many times this year. The tricky pickin's this week involve the Saints who host a competent quarterback in Sam Bradford. New Orleans wasn't cooking so much as a cornbread last week in the Queen City, Paul Brown Stadium. I doubt they pick up the entire 9, even at home. Look for the Rams to bounce the Saints into territory too close for comfort. Rams +9.

Finally, we come up the Mississippi River and out towards Lake Michigan where the suddenly Superior (get it? Michigan? Superior? The Great Lakes! Wokka Wokkaaaa!), ahem suddenly Superior New England Patriots meet the Chicago Bears. The Patriots thrive on down the middle passing, but the Bears also have some tricks up their sleeves: namely, a GOOD DEFENSE, which I dare say can cover the middle pretty well. This is the first shot at the Pats meeting a defense that can attack their strength, and at this point it's all they got. The Patriots are *dead last* in all passing defensive categories. Fortunately, the spread is only -3 points, so I'm picking the *Spirit of New England* to gut out the victory (or at least push!). Pats -3 on the road.

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To Review: GB -6.5; STL +9; NE -3

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