Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dave's LOCKS of the Week: Week 17 -- Dave's Unpredictables of the Week

Here we go, the last one of the Week... it's time for

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Dave's UNPREDICTABLES of the Week
Week 17

Week 17... it's often come upon many unpredictable twists and changes, some which we could never have expected. What's to come this week for the NFL in its final Sunday of the regular season? Let's GO TO THE PICKS!

First, in Atlanta, the Falcons suffered a setback and failed to clinch the #1 seed in the NFC. This week vs the visiting, quitting Panthers, I have a sneaky feeling the Falcons playoff pressure is getting to them. Dare I say the PANTHERS sneak up and cover +14.5?? Seems like the Falcons are about to swoop into Carolina's path to me! Carolina +14.5

Next, to Cleveland Browns Stadium, where the Browns face the Steelers, still without Polamalu (we think). Cleveland is a +6.0 point underdog at home. That seems like a mistake! McCoy is back, the team wants to finish on a big note, and let's face it, it's not what it was, but it's still Steelers/Browns, and these teams and fans really go at it! Best of times, worst of times, who cares? I'm taking the Brownies and the points. Cleveland +6.0 .

and finally, to the Northwest we go and Qwest Field, where the Seahawks try to make the playoffs by hosting their rival, the St. Louis Rams. Interestingly, the Sea-birds are a +3.0 underdog, but call me crazy... I'M PICKING THE HAWKS!!

So we're looking at three big Week 17 upsets here on

Dave's (boom!)
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of the Week (screeeeeeech!)

It's been great compiling LOCKS of the Week. Happy New Year to you all, and hope you all celebrate responsibly.

To Review: Carolina +14.5; Cleveland +6.0; Seattle +3.0

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