Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: March 19th

I went to a Jeopardy Viewing party for my friend Nick last night at Q's in West LA.   Coach was there as were many of Nicks' Childhood and college friends.  That was a lot of fun.  Nick was great!  I saw the taping when it happened some months earlier, but it was equally as fun to watch us all see him on TV.   That was a lot of fun, and our thanks to Q's for giving us a section of the large sports bar to use for the viewing party.  Loads of fun!

I have a story about Coach too but I shall save that for another day or another venue.

Onward... Virginia getting no respect at all by the basketball media.   I think Virginia makes the Final Four!   Virginia in the Four, that's what I think happens.   Impossible that you even had one guy on "Around the Horn" make an attention grab and peg Coastal Carolina to beat them. That's just a joke.   If that happens I'll go to Myrtle Beach MYSELF and party w/ the CC alums and coeds.  Give me a break.

Then you had Fox Sports Radio's Jason Smith (yes!  He moved to FOX SPORTS RADIO after doing some fill in shows, while maintaining his NFL Network jobs).  This joker decided BOTH Arizona and Wichita State were going to be eliminated by Sunday.  I can certainly see one of them losing this weekend but no both.  For goodness sake, some sanity please?     To have both guys lose out, either Kentucky is going to have to finally apply themselves, Cal Poly will have to exercise the upset of the century (if the even beat Texas Southern which is a tossup), AND, and!, Oklahoma State will have to be so hot that they just blow Arizona away and coaching becomes a non factore.   You can certainly account for one of these but not all of them at once.  It's just too much.  Jason's prediction seems like an attention grab, but speaking as one who is prone to staging similar attention grabs, I will just wait and see, and then go laugh at Mr. Smith for such a silly "bold prediction."

And on the topic of Attention Grabs and predictions, I have maintained that one of the "Tournament Ten" teams (see previous entry) will win the National Championship this year.   That still would be pretty wide open, to think that up to ten teams are title contenders.  The only teams that could really burn me are Syracuse and Villanova, but neither have shown evidence that they can sustain a long title run.  Both teams are too inconsistent, Syracuse with scoring, Nova with a number of things.  I doubt we worry about them coming out of the East region.

That's as bold as I'm going to get with predictions.  All I want to do this year is enjoy the games and soak in the drama.  I'm not that worried about winning a bracket pool, although I entered two pools anyway, one for a radio station, and the other one being Tommy's league for money.   Let's see the games!

One of my friends, Lubsies, had a birthday last night and went after it with a porterhouse steak.  Man that sounds good!  I may consider a porterhouse myself.  A true blue no-doubter porterhouse.  I'll see if I get the chutzpah to go through w/ it.  Maybe I'll play it half way and get a big prime rib somewhere.

I can sense peaches are starting to make a comeback.  Do the dance!

An earthquake is the ultimate alarm clock.

The kale/carrot/grape salad I eat is one of my favorite new snacks.  AND it's healthy and good for the digestive system.   It's hard to eat that dosage of dietary fiber and not get the urge to push it out of the bottom.   but you know?  I'd say it's a healthy push... feels so clean going down through the tubes.   Any time I eat that kale basket I feel much smarter and better.  I love it.

I tried to make my own corned beef on St. Patrick's day.  Overall I enjoyed the experience, but the meat had some mixed results.  The *taste* was terrific, but it was too dry for me.  I wanted it to be more tender... I wonder if I needed to simmer it more.  It was a 4.5 lb piece of meat and I simmered it for 3 hours and 45 minutes.  Did I need to simmer it longer?  Or was my error the fact that I only used some of the meat juice that came w/ the pouch and not all of it?  I didn't think that one through.  Ah well, I should be set for some future meat sandwiches either tomorrow or Thursday.

I'm doing whatever I can to eat healthier.  Corned Beef is not a step in that direction, but I feel like I've been more careful about what I eat.   Even last night at Q's, I didn't go pig out on nachos or fried chicken fingers.  I dismissed their menu entirely and just drank some cokes.   The cokes are not good for you but I had a pretty light eating day up to that point.  My dinner was had a few minutes beforehand at the Jersey Mike's.  I saw a babe there, and she was about to order and I got a little confused about where the line started and so I realized I should have gone stage left to get in line since the line started on the right and filed in towards the left of the counter.  So I go around the lady and she said, "ooh! Excuse me haha."   I said "oh it's all right, no problem!"  That put a smile on my face... very nice of her to be courteous, easy on the eyes to boot, and honestly I think I was the one that got in the way in the first place.  It was no big deal.

At Jersey Mike's, I ordered the #13, an Italian sub sandwich with all the fixings, which they call "Mike's Way."  I couldn't help but think of Franceser.  Does Mike Francesa goes to Jersey Mike's and see the "Mike's Way" denotation on the menu, only to say "Hey, that's not my way ok?  I have my way but it's not that way, I have a different way, I'll go tell you what the way is but it's not this 'Mike's Way' nonsense."

The server last night, later at Q's, the sports bar,  looked a lot like Jennifer Garner... and I mean "a lot."  If she was still doing the ALIAS TV show she might have used "Sports Bar Waitress" as an alibi.   I'd go so far to think that it might have actually *been* Jennifer Garner.  Have you even seen her in a movie lately?  She's as good as MIA no?

I felt bad snapping at the Oat Man yesterday.   He was just trying to make a funny and I lashed out unnecessarily.   He's a funny dude... I hope I haven't made him upset or anything.  

That's all from here!  Hope you all get to fill in your brackets for the NCAA Tournament.  See you soon...

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