Thursday, March 6, 2014

Gloryland and the HALL* of Fame

*Hall and Oates, that is.

20 years ago, the United States hosted the World Cup, and Los Angeles was a HUGE part of it.  Opening Ceremonies occurred in the area, at Pasadena's Rose Bowl.  The Championship Round was played there.  The seminal game with the United States occurred there.   It was a big deal at the time…

Two things I remember most from the 1994 World Cup:  Soccerfest, which was the Fan Festival for the Cup that took place at the Convention Center.  The other was this song they BLASTED all over the stadium for every game.  My Dad and I and some relatives went to a couple games at the Rose Bowl.   I was fully unfamiliar with Soccer at the time, so I had no idea who the teams were or who won… I think Argentina was one of the teams.

But this SONG… "Gloryland" was just BOOMING all over the Rose Bowl when we were there.  They played the music so loud!   Over and over "glooooooryland, lend a helping hand… this is glooorrrrrrylaannnnnnnd."

In the next 20 years that song would pop up in my mind once in a while.   I wondered who did it all that time, but never wondered enough to look it up.   It wasn't until this week, two decades later, when I was doing research on Hall and Oates that I learned of the man who wrote and performed the song:  Daryl Hall.

I thought that was pretty cool!   When I heard it the first time I thought "this guy can really sing!  He is really wailing those lyrics."  Well no wonder!  It's the blue-eyed soul wonder Daryl Hall… truly a legend along with his songwriting/performing partner John Oates.

Everything came together this week.   2014 presents a wonderful coincidence: a new World Cup Tournament *and*, Daryl Hall and John Oates' induction into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of fame.  I couldn't be happier for the two.  They still perform as well, most of the time individually but sometimes they get together and jam.  Both guys are still really really good.

As for the Cup… it's the 20th anniversary of the year when USA Soccer finally mattered.  Tangible results in a World Cup tournament.  This year's Team USA should have a good run in them.  Perhaps they can call on their prior "Gloryland."

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