Monday, June 9, 2014

Dave's LOCKS of the Week: June 10th

Vegas was a blast!

I have quite a lot to share on the subject of Las Vegas, but the gist of it was:  Traffic was great getting over there and back, the acommodations were top notch, and I finished the weekend down only 6 dollars.   That's my best finish in Vegas to date.  Usually I leave down quite a lot of bones.  This time around, I picked my spots.

There was a moment at the craps table on Sunday night where I was down to my last ten dollars on a ten dollar table, and I took that, hit a number, and salvaged the night leaving with a little over half of what I put in.  I considered that a huge win.  I did well in Blackjack too, finishing my session at break even.  That doesn't sound like much but BELIEVE ME, the way I was getting fleeced in blackjack the last few years, that went really well.  Slots continue to deliver for me.  I get picked on by other fellas for playing slots like I do, oh it's just an old ladies' game etc, but it's really a plot device to pick up points in casino loyalty programs.   It helps to set up possible comps too.  I have yet to be comped a room but I feel like that time could be coming with enough experience.   Besides, slots are a fun exercise in probability.  I also pick my spots playing slots.  Right now I isolate my slot play to two machines, both quarter machines:  a single pay line DOUBLE or TRIPLE DIAMOND machine, and the WHEEL OF FORTUNE quarter machine.

In the former case, you can play 2 credits per spin, which means 50 cents.  In the latter case, its 3 credits max play, or 75 cents per spin.  WOF slots did poorly for me this time around, but to be fair this was at Wynn where slots are most likely tighter.

I placed a bet on the Heat Money Line, which was more risky than just betting them against a 4.5 point spread, so that made the whole affair of NBA Finals Game 2 very exciting!  I was fist pumping and everything watching that game from my hotel room, but the Heat made it happen.  I was pumped.  So pumped that my friend and I went to get a steak afterward.  Good times.

So, one of my favorite experiences in Vegas this weekend, and I'll never forget it, was being at the Mirage sports book to see the Belmont Stakes with a Triple Crown Bid in play.  California Chrome was the big favorite and had a shot to win a historic Triple Crown for the first time since 1978.  The Mirage sports book is HUGE, and as the race time came closer people crowded the room.   I took a spot and stood behind some couches and had a good line of sight with the biggest screen.   Then, after a while, I look around, and it's standing room only!   There were people just packed all over the sportsbook and even behind the sportsbook going in from the casino.  It sounded like many of us were going for California Chrome since we all wanted a piece of history.   The odds were 4/5, which were decent from a gambling return perspective... I thought he'd be an even bigger favorite than that, honestly.

Anyway, the race starts, and literally thousands of people are watching the race right here in the Mirage and Chrome falls behind, but then around turn number 2, he gains speed and starts to push for the lead.  When that happened, the whole sports book was SCREAMING, cheering for him to take the lead... it looked like he had a slim shot but then fell behind for good.   but what a race!  It even had a photo finish... and everyone was just revv'd up getting into each gallop.   I LOVED all the excitement.  You could really feel the buzz all over the Mirage, where I also had my first night.  Fantastic moment.

Night number two was at the Aria, and it was also a great stay.  I have more deets on that but I don't have time to share that just now.   I also was able to put in the Miami Heat bet at said Aria, by way of their high tech sports book.  It's not tiny but it is smaller than most sports books and probably half as large as the Mirage sports book.  Aria is the best though.. I loved being there!

Much more to share from Vegas but that's all for now.   It was very fun.  I hope to maybe get a room for my parents as a gift so they can enjoy some exciting times in Vegas.  My Belmont Stakes experience alone far exceeded expectations, and it makes me want to consider going back to Mirage for the Super Bowl.  Time will tell whether it happens.  For now, onward!

One quick thing before I go... what the Kings did this season to this point, one game from a cup championship, is like that craps table session I had, but imagine if the Kings were down to that same final ten dollars on the pass line.   The Kings basically rode those final ten dollars and turned it into a $250 win.  Truly amazing work so far, but as they say it's not over til it's over.   It also doesn't seem to me that it'll end as soon as people think.  We'll see!   Watch for that fat lady first am I right?

Catch you all soon...  take care for now.

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