Monday, June 23, 2014

Things I Ate in New York

By popular demand: here's a list of the many things I ate while I was on my New York and Connecticut trip.   Several trips to Dunkin Donuts with varying levels of cream and flavor were omitted from this tally.  I found it tougher to find Starbucks in the area but they did have a couple at Grand Central and on the Upper West Side; but nonetheless the Dunkins were more convenient so I gave them another chance.   I still find Starbucks to be better coffee, alas, BUT I would say that Dunkin coffee is a whole lot better when you just get it black.

This isn't really related to anything, I kinda liked the donuts at Dunkin Donuts even more than the coffee... it seems silly, on the surface, to make that point since "Donuts" is in the name, but I thought Dunkin excels in the donut department.  This is quite a goofy tangent, let's get to the list!

Day One

My first order of business was unfinished business: a nearly 5 year long quest to get to Katz's Delicatessen.   This time around I really made it a point to get there, despite the many obstacles in my way, the Airtrain at EWR breaking down, etc, and I'll cover the commute a little later in my full recap.  Katz's Pastrami sandwich... nearly 20 bones but delicious as all hell.  MY GOODNESS, it was like sliced gold folks.   I loved that thing to death.  Katz's for the win!

Next I had a Fried Chicken Grilled Cheese Sandwich at Melt Shop on 53rd and Lexington I bought myself and 3 tater tots courtesy of the Oat Man.  I met the Oat Man!!!   That was a tremendous job by him taking time from his busy schedule to meet the 'cow.

Next was a Mr. Softee ice cream cone with sprinkles.

At night, I had a serving of very good buffalo wings at Bobby Valentine's Sports Bar in Stamford.   Just when you thought it was done, my buddy's cousin offered two slices of a mini pizza at Brickhouse.

Day Two

I didn't mention this to everyone, but before I met my buddy Unclever at Peter Luger's I had a semi-breakfast at Lenny's Pizza on 5th Avenue in Brooklyn.   It was just a regular slice with pepperoni.

I had one half of a steak for two, aka Porterhouse, at Peter Luger's, with Unclever.  We also had some bread and creamed spinach.

Before the game I had two hot dogs at "the Dugout", a bar by Yankee Stadium.

At night, theoretically full, I still went for it and had a sampling of popcorn offered by either Mortsies or OHHH BABY at the Yankee game.  On top of that, I went for the pulled pork nachos.  These are amazing nachos folks.  I was mesmerized at how much meat they put in the nachos.  Far more than most stadium concessions, making it good value for 12 bones.

Day Three

Anthony's Coal Fired pizza with Coach's friend!  We got a complimentary sampling of their oven fired wings, pretty darn good, and I had two of the wings.   The main course was the two of us splitting a 16" Pizza, half Broccoli Rabe/Sausage, half meatballs and ricotta.

I ate some cookies from Peanut Butter and Co. in Manhattan's West Village.  I tried to share the cookies with others but not surprisingly, most folks weren't in the mood for cookies.  That was no problem... I think I ordered too many cookies.  Beer spilled on the last of the cookies anyway.

For Dinner, it was some good not great chicken strips at a West Village bar whose name escapes me.

Day Four

This was a most unusual day in food terms.   Much pizza was had.

  • Everything Bagel from Ess a Bagel, Midtown East, with the lox spread.
  • Sicilian Slice from L&B Spumoni Gardens, Brooklyn.  (not worth it!  Pretty good but long commute to get there)
  • Regular slice from Sal and Carmine Pizza on the Upper West Side (Manhattan).
  • A Georgia Peach from a nearby stand at UWS.   When the sign said "Georgia Peach" I couldn't resist.
  • A spicy pork noodle dish from Xi'an Famous Foods, also UWS.   I went here later but it turned out to be *adjacent* to Sal and Carmine.  How about that??   Very good too I should add.
  • Back in Stamford, I polished off a sausage and onion pizza at Remo's Pizza with YOTS.  He knows his pizza!  Pretty good.
That's your rundown.   A delicious affair for foods, my friends.

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