Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: June 5th

Everybody's getting pumped for Peach Season!  Do the dance!!

I had two of them this morning.  A stellar breakfast if I may say so… along with a bowl of Quaker Oats Oatmeal squares.  I ate Oatmeal squares in honor of the Oat Man.   Dude is the best!

….I'm not being serious w/ that comment.  I got Oatmeal Squares because I ate them once before and loved them, and they were on special for $2.50 a box at the grocery store.   I do think Oat Man is the best though!

It was another fantastic night at North End Bar and Grill in Hermosa Beach last night.  Driving there from UCLA is quite challenging but I found a route that was mostly traffic free!  but, as they say, a wizard does not reveal his secrets.   Good times, met with many, almost all, of the same guys I met the previous Sunday for Game 7 of the West Final.  Together we saw Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final.   It was a great time.   I won't comment too much on the game itself, but certainly it was a close one.  Either team was very much a bidder for that win.  I feel like Game 2 will play out the same way.

That's the beauty of hockey -- games are so close in hockey.   Even if you aren't playing that well, you might still be just 1 or 2 goals down.

This time around, I tried the Barbecue Chicken Pizza at North End.   Fantastic choice, another winner.   The crust on North End pizza is pretty good, fairly crispy, and the ingredients are delicious.  The North End menu isn't huge but I've had three things there to date and they all scored, much like Justin Williams in big games OHHHHHHHH…

I'm having *fun* with this Stanley Cup Final.  Kings may go on to lose this series, but it seems like these teams really can go after one another.  Rangers are far from over, to quote Frank Stallone.

Did the Dodgers lose another game last night?  Wow…    Well, it's still June 5th.  I still, honestly, earnestly, think they'll make a run here.   Hard to imagine they wouldn't.  They have some vets on that club, and some great offensive firepower, and perhaps not the pitching we thought, but still, their top three are TRE mendous.   They're making a run… I have a good feeling about this.

Ever get that "good feeling" of a jello shot?    I was not too familiar with them, but lately I familiarized myself with jello shots.  There was also a point in time where I thought it was just a euphemism for something else.  no!  It really is a shot of Jello with some alcohol infused into it.  Not very much alcohol… nobody is going to go on a bender from just Jello shots.  But man… especially on a summer day, boy do those Jello shots feel good.  Tasty too!

I'm not much about filler… so I think we'll close it up for this entry.  Enjoy your week and best of luck to California Chrome in the Belmont Stakes!   I think I'll place a wager on him, why not?   See you all soon!

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