Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dave's ATTEMPTS of the Week, Week 14

Oh man... another tough set of point spreads on

Dave's (CLOP!)
of the Week (CLINK!)

Dave's ATTEMPTS of the Week
Week 14 (well, its two times seven...?)

WOW, look at the tough picks this week... this is tough. 1-2 last week, brining me to 21-18. My winning season is in jeopardy!

Speaking of which, we start our journey in HOT-lanta where the Falcons host the Saints. Talk about Jeopardy! The Falcons are in danger of blowing back to back winning seasons, which has NEVER happened in their franchise history. That's both impressive and depressing. This week, they're a (+10.5) point dog against the undefeated Saints.

The Falcons have numerous injuries: Ryan is banged up, Turner is too... not looking too good. But, the fact remains, Roddy White is still hanging around as is Tony Gonzalez. Could be a good effort for the Georgia Peaches. I'm taking the Falcons and the points (+10.5)!

Next, out to the Meadowlands! It's another division clash between the Giants and Eagles. Nothing giant about these two teams, this is the epitome of mediocrity. The Eagles... they can't even win consistently, but they might be able to beat the Giants here on the road. The key is, while McNabb can't handle a west coast offense, he CAN handle launching the ball to receivers who burn the secondary. The Giants secondary is lousy right now, and I think the Eagles might pull off the minor upset. The point spread is just (+1) but I'll take the point and go EAGLES... E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!

I must be nuts...

Finally the Colts are at home to face the Broncos. Indy is favored by (-7), and they have played very well at home. Talk about a battle of the horses. In this one I'm taking the thoroughbreds, and that's the Colts... Colts to win place AND show (-7) at home!

That's the tricky outlook for

Dave's (VROOM!)
of the Week (wum wum wum wum...)

To review: ATL (+10.5) at home; PHI (+1) at NYG; IND(-7) at home.

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