Friday, December 4, 2009

Dave's JINXES of the Week... Week 13

ooo eee ooo

Dave's (clank!)
LOCKS (bing!)
of the Week (yaaaaah!)

Dave's JINXES of the Week
for Week UN-Lucky Number 13

I was 2-1 last week, continuing my long streak of winners here on LOCKS of the Week. This week, we go for the juggular... or perhaps I'll just jinx all of them. Here we go!

First, to Cincinnati, where the Bungles will be hosting the Detroit Lions. No spiel this time... if the Bungles are as good as they think they are, they better dominate and dominate and DOMINATE the Lions in the Queen city. The only thing is, the Bengals' Carson Palmer has not be impressive in the least, lately. Nevertheless, I pick the Bungles to cover (-13) at home and out roare the Detroit Lions.

Next, we pounce from South Ohio to somewhere in New Jersey. The Giants take on the surging Dallas Cowboys... but wha oh! It's DECEMBER! And that means it's officially time for the Cowboys to suck!! It's going to be an ugly game no matter what, and I dare say the Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-men take it, and take the points +2.

Finally we travel to Greeeen Bay, where the Packers *think* they're in the playoff hunt, hosting the Ravens, but they really aren't. The Packers may have one of the worst defenses in the league, and the Ravens have a middle of the road/solid defense. The Packers always look good against bad teams, but this time around they'll get shut down. Take the Ravens in an upset (+3) on the road.

and that is probably, likely, supposedly...

Dave's (clangalangalang!)
LOCKS (bonk!)
of the Week (fwat!)

Good times ahead to close the season. Again, the picks: Cincy -13 at home; Giants +2 at home; Ravens +3 at GB

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