Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm baaaaaack

Hi everyone,

Boy am I sorry for the extremely long hiatus I've had here on the program. And wouldn't you know: the Magic didn't even come CLOSE to winning the damn Eastern Conference. Who knew???

Thanks so much for being there for the DITC podcast here on LOCKS of the Week, and now, I think I'm going to start doing some posts again.

The problem, in the past, was that I tried too hard. I wanted to do some very analytical, fact supported articles akin to those on Baseball Prospectus or other Sports Blogs. I tried to be a columnist in the footsteps of Bill Simmons or Jim Murray. Why do that? Why couldn't I do it differently??

So, I thought, instead of being some generic sports commentary site, I have determined that this blog space will now be the home for all of my crazy wacky predictions. Just as it was in the very beginning, except this time, I'll be doing predictions for sports other than football.

Let the prognostication begin!

1 comment:

Dave Medina said...

I should have said "Prognostications in *addition* to football." No way would I abandon the very popular LOCKS of the Week!