Saturday, July 10, 2010

The (Micro) Preview: World Cup Final -- Netherlands vs Spain

I probably know less about International Soccer than I do about any other sport, including swimming. That said, I think we're in for a real dog-fight Sunday Afternoon (Sunday Night over in South Africa)!

The Spaniards and the Dutch: Two people who have never tasted a World Cup Championship before. Doesn't it feel like Super Bowl XVI at the Silverdome? A new(ish) building, a new power, a new matchup... two teams that had never been there before. There was a lot of wonder leading up to that matchup.

Actually there were some additional firsts to that game. For CBS, it was the first Super Bowl Featuring John Madden and Pat Summerall. It was, more or less, the first Super Bowl held in a Cold-Weather City.

Today, some additional freshness and wonder evades the tip of the African Continent. For the match, I predict the Spaniards win it. For me, I hope they can pull it off. They've been to a few international events with high expectations, only to meet their demise. I do think it will go into extra time, and the goal will be scored there.

Again, I really have no semblance of expertise with Soccer, but I hope there's a great game in the making!

The final score? 2-1 Spain in the Extra Time.

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