Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wow, nearly one year gone??

My goodness!

It's so good to have you all back. Where have I been? Honestly, where? It's time for some more

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I've been very busy of late, compiling great radio programs on the Dave in the City Podcast . I've been taking my lumps with bad predictions: remember the Cardinals and the World Series? That was me. Remember the blown 17 point lead in the NBA Playoffs for the Thunder against Dallas? That was me. I haven't had a great streak of late.

Maybe this time we can get it back and get it roooolling. I'll start with the big Northeastern Showdown in Gillette. Pats are a whopping 9.5 point favorite, but I think Big Blue comes up big and stays in it. Giants +9.5

And now! We're introducing some COLLEGE ACTION deep in the south. LSU vs Alabama, and with the Tigers on the road, we think they're an easy +4.5 cover. Take the Tiger's Roar over the Crimson's tide.

And lastly, the big one for Philly: Bears/Eagles. Am I crazy or do I think Bears +4.5 is going to work? It's true the Eagles have made a nice surge of late and their defense looked dominant a week ago vs. Dallas, but I'm calling for the BEARS +7.5! I think we're going to see some shuffling this weekend....


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Your picks: NYG +9.5, LSU +4.5, CHI +7.5

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