Thursday, November 10, 2011

3-0 and Back for Mo'!

Last week on LOCKS, we went 3-0 on our picks: LSU, NYG, and Chicago. Not only that, but the Bears won outright at Philadelphia on Monday Night. Time to keep it rolling with the new

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Three more picks this week, three obvious looks. How about we start in college?

Arizona State has a late one at Washington State and I think even on the road, the Sun Devils will cover 11.5. ASU -11.5 on the road.

Next, we switch gears to the NFL. I think it's about time the Lions got a nice road win and I can guarantee Jay Cutler won't play well for the Bears. He rarely plays well in back to back games. Let's go Motor City and the Lions +3 at Chicago.

Finally, we turn to the Ravens/Seahawks where I think the Hawks are getting too many points at home. I know they're usually pretty bad, but defensively the Hawks have their moments and the Ravens are never that great against the bad teams. Remember that Baltimore had to stage the biggest comeback of their franchise history to beat the Cardinals. Baltimore is very hot and cold and I'm going to take Seattle to cover. Seattle +7 at home.

We go into the Veterans Day weekend to commemorate those who served as we serve up

Dave's (blam!)
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In summary: ASU - 11.5; DET +3; SEA +7

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