Thursday, November 17, 2011

SPECIAL: Thursday Night Pick of the Week: NYJ vs DEN

1-2 last week, and here for the rebound on

Dave's (clank!)
LOCKS (fwisssshhh)
of the Week (booom!)

To start, we're doing a special THURSDAY NIGHT PICK this week.

Here's the scene: Jets, coming off a Sunday night game against the Patriots, going to face the Broncos at Denver. The Jets are favored by -6.5, and I'm going the other way! I don't think the Broncos are that good, but while this is the case, I think they'll have no problem with the Jets great pass coverage. The Broncs barely throw the ball with Tebow leading the charge. Charge he will: there will be a lot of wildcat formations and option plays tonight. Get ready for it... BRONCOS by 6.5!


Dave's (bink)
LOCKS (bink)
of the Week (BOOM!)

It's going to be a fun one over at Mile High...

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