Monday, November 21, 2011

MNF LOCK of the Week: Chiefs at Patriots

We nailed our Thursday night pick last week, and we do it again on...

Dave's (clank!)
LOCKS (bonk!)
of the Week (squish)

And now we go on to MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL with possibly the most lopsided matchup of the season: Chiefs vs Patriots.

In this game you have one of the NFL's best offenses, granted, one that's struggled lately. That's the Patriots. You also get possibly the worst NFL offense you've seen yet this year. That's the Chiefs.

The Patriots have looked better with each week with their pass rush. Their corners are still awful, but I think they have the ability to defend teams once in a while. Put together, the Pats will take this game by storm and destroy the -16.5 spread at Gillette Stadium. I'm going Patriots -16.5 at home in a complete "waste-of-time" game tonight in Foxboro. reason why we call it

Dave's (crackle)
LOCKS (gobble)
of the Week (smash!)

Coming up later this week: our Turkey Day picks with some games that may not be as bad as you think. Stay tuned!

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