Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: August 29th

Here's a few things I had on my mind but couldn't fit onto FB or Twitter.  Random thoughts, if there ever were any.  I'll add to this throughout the day:

I think I know why they say "carbs are so bad for you."   I had the pasta last night with marinara and added some Johnsonville Italian Sausage.  Boy was that thing a gut bomb!

I *hate* the song "Wild Thing."  Maybe in the 60's it was cool and "groovy," but it's extremely corny and impossible to sing along to.  EXTREMELY corny.

Good swim this morning.  I felt like my butterfly was much better than it was on Monday.   Really happy about it.  In fact, I was trying to judge how fast I could do 25m on a long course pool, so half the length of the pool.  At workout speed, I'm just over 30 seconds now.  I seem to remember it being about 35-40 seconds a year ago.  Big time.

Watch ESPN does nothing for me.  For a year it claims "your cable/satellite provider is not supported for Watch ESPN."  ESPN needs to get with the program.

Traffic coming home on the bus has been pretty good lately.   Not counting on that to last long-term.

I read an entire Wikipedia Entry on Johnny Carson last night.  I couldn't decide whether he was just a very private guy or a total egotistical douche.  On further review, I have decided he's both.   It's funny too, because critics often trash him for stealing other people's material.  It's a valid point!  The man was a wise businessman though.  #random

I bet you're wondering what got me to read a complete Wiki entry on Carson.   I was watching "America's Got Talent" on NBC.  It made me realize... "Hey!  This is just like 'Star Search'."  Then I looked up Star Search clips and remembered ole Ed McMahon.   Then I looked into McMahon's bio... naturally that led to an article about the old Tonight Show.  and, ergo, Johnny Carson.

Who gets suspended for refusing to wear a polo shirt?  I'm not buying it.  Link:

Looking forward to tonight's DITC podcast (10pm ET at   My buddy Dave Griffin will be on for all the baseball stuffs.  Plus, even though the Dodgers are winning right now, I'll be pretty vicious with the Dodger uppers about their frivolous overspending.    I'm *hoping* Kevin on the Cape can return via his loaner cell-phone for Random Questions.

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