Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: August 30th

Thrilling results show on "America's Got Talent" last night.  How about the Harp Dude William Close making the finals?  Do the dance!

...then you had the pretentious Sand Artist.  And his attitude about how important his "message" is is a joke.  YOU'RE A GUY WHO MAKES DOPEY DRAWINGS WITH SAND!  Reminds me of another "artist" out there.

Dittleman... I think I got the spelling right.  In any case, the man is an incredible showman.  His act is "mind reading."  But to me it's a math equation.  He has a system or an equation that will lead most of his subjects to draw, select, or write the predicted outcome.   Even though I know he's just using a formula (i.e. name two basic shapes that wrap around each other... eliminate the rectangle.  That would most times yield a circle around a triangle or vice versa), yes even if it's a formula Dittleman is a delightful personality.  Unfortunately he got eliminated last night.  It's too bad.

Some people were complaining about the NY Giants new Nike Uniforms last night.  Conversely, I like them quite a lot!   The numbers are huge, but the lettering is a dramatic improvement from what Reebok used to do.  I can READ the names now!  In addition, they don't stretch all over the place.  Nice improvement.

I might have to go back to Northridge for the sole objective of ordering a burrito at El Indio Mexicano.   Their burritos are spectacular.  Cheap too!   Someday soon...

This afternoon I'm going with my work colleagues to an Indian Food Restaurant.  Huge fan.  I'm always up for a little Naan and Chicken Tandoori.

Last night's DITC Podcast ( Tremendous topics last night.  Great to have Dave Griffin back to bring us a little insight between the headlines.   He made a great point about Adrian Gonzalez... the Dodgers primary objective was to get him.  The other guys were just a means to an end.  I can agree with that.

The Dodgers HAVE TO beat the Dbacks 3 out of 4 to have a chance at the playoffs.  It is their only chance.  Anything less than that will put them at a minimum of 2.5 games back (assuming SF wins one game in four).  It could put them at a maximum of 7.5 games back in one miserable weekend.  Now you tell me...   do you REALLY think the Dodgers can win 3 out of four knowing that they already are 4-8 vs Arizona and 1-3 in their last series with AZ **at home??!!**

Fox has ruined the Dodgers more than we will ever know.   Their purchase of the team back in the late 90's has held them back even today in 2013.  Observe:

HOT week in Los Angeles!   I had the fan running during the podcast.  AC too.

Nickelback blows.  They're not overrated:  when you're rated as "suck," there's a good degree of accuracy.

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Snapps izking said...

Great article! I'm surprised Joe Castillo made it through the semifinals beating out a few other acts. I don’t think he has must more he can do for us and I know he’s not a Vegas act I would pay to watch. I enjoy watching Americas Got Talent, and I don’t always agree on some of the judge’s choices. I can watch all my primetime shows when I want and I can do it all commercial free. The Auto Hop feature offers me the option to skip commercials or not. It’s like when you use the fast forward button on the remote but without hitting buttons. I know that when I watch TV, it feels like the commercials are longer than the show, and that’s where Auto Hop is a huge benefit. I was excited when a couple of my coworkers at Dish showed me how this feature works. I'm definitely happy now that I won’t be fast forwarding past my commercials only to have to skip back to the start of my next scene.