Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: April 21st

I don't get hockey.  At all.  Onward.

I had a wonderful Easter Sunday with my family back at the 'nard.   Our family meetings get a little larger each year and this year we had a very nice group.  My grandparents, my aunt's family, our family, including my sister and her niece and my other two sisters, my younger sister's boyfriend, and a whole lot of food.

It was really enjoyable.  My younger sister did a great job making the sugar cookies.   My Mom made a spectacular guacamole.  My grandfather was masterful roasting the duck in the oven.  My aunt made some tasty meatballs.

I'm pretty close to landing a two night stay at the Aria comp'd through the courtesy of myVEGAS slots.  It's been a journey, but it's also been a lot of fun.  I really enjoy playing the myVEGAS slot games... it's almost a win win.. play these fun games during spare time and earn loyalty points for room comps.  I can't even land room comps playing regular slots in Vegas.   I mean seriously, have any of YOU ever landed a free room by gambling in Las Vegas?   You could spend like 200-300 bones on slots and still not even get an attaboy from the casino.  Yes, I'm saying this even if you use their rewards card.  I don't know how the other people get those free rooms.  They must gamble way more.

At any rate, with some minimal buy ins and a little creative shopping through the myVEGAS sponsored partners (i.e. Old Navy, Puma, ProFlowers, Hotwire, and other such fine retailers), I'm about to secure a 150 dollar a night room at the Aria for free.   Aria is pretty sweet, so I'm very excited about the prospect of staying there w/o paying a penny.  I *might* have to pay some resort fees but I will try to negotiate out of that.

The Hotwire connection is the best part.  I can get these Hotwire express deals and get a boost in myVEGAS chips for doing so... an unexpected benefit of the game.

It's hard to really think about sports right now - pretty much the entire city @$%@ the bed this weekend in their respective games.   Clippers blew Game 1 to Golden State.  Kings lay down in two games in a row against the Sharks.  Dodgers did pretty well so we do have that.   The worst part about all this is that they're losing these big playoff games to NorCal.  The mongos up in NorCal WILL NOT SHUT UP about these games, but to be fair, even Laker fans here in town were rooting for Golden State anyway.    Nonetheless, NorCal is beating SoCal head to head pretty badly.

I gotta be honest, the Kings had some amazing, inspiring playoff runs.  I think a couple bad games in the 'offs are allowed.  What I'm going to do is take a break from local hockey for a while.   If the Kings are still playing one week from now, great.  If they aren't, then so be it.

but those last two games were just impossible to watch.  I can't stand it.   What even happened?  I'm more confused than upset.

The Twitter account @LOL_KNBR is simply unbearable right now.  The Bay Area teams need to start losing again so he can go back to tweaking his station's callers and hosts like he usually does.

Lenten season is now over, which means, in my case, I can now eat meat on Fridays without guilt.  Do the sorta dance!   I really did that tradition for my Mom as much as any religious motive.  

That's all for the moment.  I will need to sort out my other thoughts and get back to you.  Have a good Monday!

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