Monday, April 21, 2014

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: April 22nd


A second blog entry this week.  I wonder if most of you will catch it today.   Enjoy...

I made a big mistake trying to finish the box of cookies.  I bought a dozen enormous chocolate chocolate chip cookies last week in preparation for the Kings/Sharks series, and since that time the Kings absolutely tanked.   Well!  If you remember how much good luck the kebabs gave me two years ago, the cookies gave me the complete opposite of luck.  In fact, I couldn't even finish the box.  I am so tired of cookies.  I ate two more last night in a vain effort to finish the cookies.  I was still down to 8 after last night.  It's just not going to happen, fellas.

Those cookies set me back so much for my health.  I felt like I had a really good nutrition day up until cookie time.   I didn't eat breakfast, but I had a nice lunch from Panda Express... steamed veggies, rice, beef with broccoli and orange chicken.  Delicious and generally good for you.  Dinner last night was a baked honey garlic skinless chicken breast from Foster Farms.  I baked it in the oven for half an hour then took it out of the tray, sliced it and enjoyed.  With it I had some pop chips, a couple blue corn tortilla chips, and my Kale/Carrot/Grape salad.  Then the cookies.  One of those things were not like the other.

but going back to the original topic, the cookies were a TERRIBLE omen for the Kings.  Well, no more.  I ate my last big chocolate cookie.   I'll figure out to do with the remainder of them later.

Other thoughts...

Kevin Durant is not human.  I tweeted that Durant is "not yumen," thinking of my buddy Oomer, and then no sooner than I tweet that, I read his tweet just below mine: "Kevin Durant IS NAWT YUMEN!"   Hahahahahahahaha that really put a smile on my face!

2014 is the year of the selfie.  Is it not?  When I used to work at UCSB, I would keep a small page on my cubicle wall and wrote down what the big trend was that year.  So for instance, in 2006, I wrote "The Year of YouTube."  and I kept the list going for a few years, then I moved to LA.   Once I moved, I was too lazy to dig up my "the Year of" sheet from my archives.  It IS out there but I never bothered to dig it out.  That's too bad... I could fill in those remaining years... 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 the year of Gangnam Style, stuff like that.

There's nothing worse than when you purposely set your alarm an hour later and try to get some sleep only to have your smoke alarm run out of battery and beep every 90 seconds at 5am in the morning.  That is unbelievable!!! I had to wake up and get a chair to take the smoke alarm and remove the battery.  I picked up a battery at the store and in the evening I replaced the battery with a new one.

I was in Vegas once and the smoke alarm was low on battery in my room.. so I called the front desk and asked them to send a guy to fix it.  So the guy comes and he tinkers with the smoke alarm and he claims the battery is replaced.   So he leaves and I go back to the bed and then BEEP it starts beeping *again!*  Then I went over to the door and yelled "IT'S NOT FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  So he actually heard me from the stairwell and went back to my room with a new battery.  THEN he got it right and replaced it.

Turns out, my friend in the room next to me heard the whole thing.   Hahahahahahahahahaha

Is it even possible to stay anywhere in Manhattan without paying 200 dollars?  I really don't think so.  When you factor in taxes the costs are still about that much.   Anything that isn't 200 bones probably is too seedy to be inhabitable anyway.

I am not dangerous nor bold enough to try a hostel.  The word "hostel" sounds too much like "brothel" so the whole *thing* is just awkward!

Best wishes to Craig Sager.  Jolly dude, kind man, longtime reporter.   I hope he can beat his battle with Leukemia.

What would happen if someone in the media or otherwise that you hate were to get a nasty disease?  How would you play that?  I would feel bad for even the worst human beings suffering from things like cancer, but I probably wouldn't get too emotional about it, if that makes any sense.

Does Dodger Stadium still do the all you can eat section in Right Field?  I haven't heard anything about it lately.  

That's all from here.  Take care everyone.  Stay healthy you all.

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