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Dave's Thoughts of the Day: April 28th

I saw the article via Facebook's trending news sidebar and all I could do is laugh.

I think if you guys are familiar with me over the years, I have zero tolerance for racism.   I don't put up with it, and I fight anyone who justifies it.  That's been pretty consistent.  People even poke fun at me going over the top with it online with mock :vid: smileys yelling "racist!"  I laugh pretty hard at those because I know I've overreacted too from time to time.

but I mean well, I'm trying to push for social equality.   What is so hard about treating everybody with the same respect regardless of skin color?  Anyway, let's return to the subject.

It was a long night.   I took a bus from UCLA to the Dodgers game to check out the Rockies/Dodgers matchup.  It was a damp night, with sprinkling rain throughout the last 7 innings, which included two extra innings into the 11th.   It was a Dodger Fireworks night, but little did I know the *real* fireworks were going to come from the news when I got home.  So I got home... struggling to stay awake as "Honky Chateau" played over Spotify on the S4 on the ride back.

Next I checked into myVEGAS to reveal what the big "mystery reward" was for everybody playing slots that week... it was a 5x chips giveaway on level ups.  It would take way too long to explain without context, so I'll let it be... will have the particulars.  It's basically an online Facebook slots game you can use to get real Vegas comps.

After getting the regular chip collections from the mock Vegas strip in myVEGAS, I returned to the FB news feed and noticed an enormous but hardly surprising story:  "Donald Sterling says he refuses to take Blacks to his games."  and all I could do was laugh.

I *laughed* because I already KNEW what an elitist, sexist, racist, you name the "-ist" he's got it, that a-hole Sterling is.   He has a LONG history of discrimination and injustice that he effectively bought off in court in "settlements" which is just legal speak for "he bought off all the people who sued him."   Sterling is a *BILLIONAIRE*... that is Billionaire with a "b".   Dude has been making serious profits as a slumlord in Los Angeles and in his bottom feeder tactics as Clippers owner.  He has the money to stifle any opposition against him, perhaps extending to that of other NBA owners.   The complication is -- legally what has he really done that was against the NBA's constitution?   Honestly, the answer was "nothing" over these last 33 years.   At the end of the day, I don't think anyone in the NBA truly likes Sterling... they just put up with him.

Sterling is a very awful, yet strangely bizarre human being.  You don't truly learn who he is until you know the entirety of his career.   In LA, many of us are familiar with his act.  I read an article on years ago about his life story, and the NUMEROUS instances of outrageous mistreatment.   To think any person can live in a cultural hotbed like Los Angeles and be such a blatant bigot is mindblowing... at any rate, I'd like to recommend the ESPN story to you, written by Peter Keating.  Check it out:

This is just one of a series of articles in local print and national that describe the man.   Sterling has been so consistently outed, but the problem was, there was never anything concrete as evidence to showcase the true hatred of his mind.  NOW we had something, meaning the recording revealed on Friday night.

Anyway, those not familiar with Sterling showed some serious outrage.   Me?  I was like "OH THAT STERLING."  because I knew that was who he was all along... just an awful pathetic flaming turd that shouldn't even be called human.  The fallout from this incident is simply delicious. 

So instead of being shocked and dismayed and angered, I was pretty amused!   I knew it... that jackass was going to get roundly ripped by people all over the NBA.  The fact that people in other sports and other industries also joined in was a pleasant surprise!   It just goes to show, that in the most obvious cases, people will speak out against any injustice.

It amuses me further because a guy who otherwise was fairly anonymous to most of the nation is finally being brought out into the open.  And baby may the floodgates open!  Whether Sterling is eventually led to sell his team is not important to me -- what matters is that the players owners and fans call him out, and rightfully so.   I hope sponsors eventually cut him off too.   For a guy like Sterling you gotta hit him where it hurts... the wallet.   

Sterling all weekend got his ass kicked, and just when you think it's going to blow over, wait til Monday morning.  All the talk shows, both sports and non-sports, will take their shot.   It is a glorious time for all of us in Los Angeles.  FINALLY that twat is going to get hammered by the media and by famous names all over the land!  I have long waited for this moment... but in an introspective light, I will submit that there wasn't much tangible evidence I could really use so I couldn't make much more of it than what the ESPN article above cited.  NOW we have it... and I will wait to see what the fallout is.

I figured, this clown is about to get his, so I may as well have fun with it:  I went down to meet my buddy in Koreatown on Saturday night, and I knew that as I drove through Beverly Hills to get there, I'd see that idiot Sterling's "World Headquarters" known as Sterling Plaza on Wilshire Blvd.  It's in the heart of Beverly Hills, which to me is a very weirdly named place because the whole neighborhood is as flat as a pancake with no hills to speak of, but I digress.   I go down the street *salivating!*   Then I opened the driver side window and flipped the bird right to the building.  Oooooh that felt so good!  Here's what the building looks like:

Other assorted thoughts...

Man... that really was a big choke by the Dallas Stars wasn't it??

Did you see the story of how some construction folks unearthed that giant glut of Atari 2600 ET game cartridges?  Then what was the point of burying it 33 years ago then?!

No I do not have a Loverboy poster to unearth, and how can *anybody* make 700 dollars selling stuff on Craigslist?   Half the people who respond to those things aren't even legit buyers.

Would you eat a waffle breakfast sandwich?  If it were me, hell yeah!

Did you know the Big Mac hamburger at McDonald's was not the first of its kind?   The double decker burger was first invented in 1937 as a joke by the people at Bob's Pantry in Burbank (I think it was Burbank).  It was such a hit it became their signature sandwich, and the name of their restaurant changed to "Bob's Big Boy?"  ...and what was the burger referred as?  "The Big Boy."  The Big Mac at McDonald's was introduced much later: in 1968.

I had a box of snacks in my room, and it sat there for MONTHS.   It has this picture of cranberries along the top of the box, and all that time I thought it was cranberries.  Then, yesterday I took a closer look and I realized it was cookies.   Would you believe it??   I had been refusing cookies for months under the premise that they were candied cranberries instead.   They were cookies with cranberries in them.   At long last I opened up the box and had a few of the cookies.  They were scrumptious!

Does anyone know of a PC laptop with a built in optical port?  That would come in really handy for lossless music streaming.

That's all from here.  Have a great Monday everyone!

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