Monday, July 14, 2014

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: July 15th

It's a small world out there, but then when your phone runs out of battery, it gets a lot bigger.

I feel like some of my closest friends live 3000 miles away.

I'd like to get my own Rubik's Cube so I can save electricity by not using the Google Doodle Rubik's Cube.

Speaking of "Doodle" I found a GREAT pinball machine over the weekend.  "Doodle Bug."  It's so rare, it's tough to really describe what it is without context.  Here's a link to it:

That's the game in action... there's actually a gap behind the flippers which makes it impossible to just hold the ball because it will just slide down into the bottom.  but THEN you get this little target in the middle that
activates the "doodle bug" underground.   The Doodle Bug is this little 2nd pinball which bounces back and forth and each "bounce" is 10 points!   If you hit more targets, the bounces are worth 100 points, or 1000, or even 10,000 but that's really hard to do.  I love this game and I just started playing it last weekend.

I long had a dream to put a pinball machine into my house, or my apartment.   Yet, over the last 3 years I completely forgot about it.   Suddenly, seeing a bunch of pinball machines this weekend, I revived my interest, but not enough to go seek one out.  There's no room for one now.  I share an apartment with Coach... there's no place to put it.  I can barely fit anything into my room... a pinball machine would give me no walking room.

In the *old* days I wanted to get a pool table in my parents' house, but this is an even worse idea than the pinball.  A pinball machine is easy to play and doesn't require any extra setup.  The pool table you gotta get out all these balls and cue sticks and chalk, its a big production.

And the pool table takes so much space too.  You would need a dedicated room just for the pool table.

I had a dream to complete a Rubik's Cube... get all the sides into uniform colors.  All the yellow ones on one side, red squares on one side, etc.   I get closer every day, but still nothing.  32 years of trying this!  One day I'll get it.

I dreamt of driving all the way across the country.  I haven't given up on that one, but all I need is the time and some money.

I had a dream of going on a date with Mena Suvari, but that was a little far fetched.  I think even way back than she was already married.  I never took that one seriously, but I DID write her a paper letter once in high school which got no response.  Oi.

One time one of my cousins, this was when I was 7, clowned me and after I sent some fan mail to Paula Abdul, one of my cousins pretended to write a response postcard as her, and I got it and I flipped out!  I thought it was awesome!   Then later they revealed it was just my cousin pretending to be her, but I gotta say, she did a marvelous job writing that up!  She even drew a little icon of a record on the turntable as part of the signature.

I don't think I ever had dreams of eating one of those 72 ounce steaks as part of a challenge.  Usually any thought of one is superseded by the guilt and gross feeling I would expect afterward.

Ever go an extra day without shaving?  It's a weird feeling... its like your hair gets fuzzier and the face gets all oily.  Then you feel your face and its like you touched a piece of fried chicken.  My beard never gets long.  I tried one very concerted effort one summer and it never grew more than 1/8 inch.

Also when I was 7, I wondered if Paula Abdul was related to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.   I was quickly informed she wasn't.

One thing I loved about the World Cup was how unfettered and uninterrupted it was.  Games started on time, rigidly timed periods, ongoing action.   Little to no fluff during game telecasts.

It'd be kinda nice if a league like the NFL decided to just run the TV feeds themselves and do away with the networks' intervention (aside from halftime/pregame/postgame).  I get tired of the barrage of network promos, the constant reminders to check out the lousy half time show, the stupid NBC inspired fluff pieces, sometimes used between plays, the inane "did you knows?" about starting linemen, random cut aways to the sideline reporter.

I think that's all for the moment.  Take care everyone!

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manderly7835 said...

Same here - I feel that my closest friends are the ones living farthest away (in physical proximity).

I was on a bus in San Francisco and saw a young man with a rubik's cube and how deftly he matched all colors, then started all over again. He would repeat this until he got off at his stop. I think it was an automatic outlet. Most folks were wired to their earphones or focused on their smart phones, while this young man was with his rubik's cube. He chatted with a few passengers; I was content to just watch him quickly match all colors.