Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: August 1st

Cheers!  It's August.

Hot times these days in Los Angeles.  Well, this is the time for it!

We're doing all right since the UCLA flood on Tuesday.   The campus is nearly all dried up.  It'll take a while to get things repaired but many of the buildings affected are back in operation.  Pauley Pavilion, in fact, is expected to get its floor repaired and the whole site will be fixed for Fall Sports in October.

Drake Stadium, which had its track DELUGED in the flood, is all clear... in fact, people are running on the track now!  Here's an example.

Just took a jog at Drake Stadium 24 hours after it was under water. Big eight-clap for the @UCLA cleanup crew

Good news indeed.   UCLA could be on its way back.  The biggest problem right now is the giant CRATER in the middle of Sunset Boluevard.  It will take months, maybe even a year, to repair the pipes and patch the street.  In the meanwhile all traffic is diverted to Wilshire... and for those of us who usually travel that way anyway, its been a mess.   It's a small price to pay to get that street up and running.

I'm glad that no one got hurt, and I'm glad the campus is all dried up, for the most part.

This week marked a milestone.  It was the first time I went to souplantation twice in the same week.  What a week it was too!   They change the menu around the end of the month.  Fortuitously, the end of the month was last night, and the result was I got to try nearly a dozen soups within four days.  FAN-tastic!  I also got to indulge in soft serve, cookie bars, and jello.  The Jello at Souplantation is exceptional.   There is good jello and bad jello... like, if you ever go to those chinese food buffets, it can be hit and miss.  But Souplantation jello is on the money:  very sweet, flavorful.   The first time I went this week, they served red jello.  This time around it was green jello.  So good.

You ever hear of "Toto?"   I think there was a missed opportunity for more bands named after dogs.  "Fido" would have been a good one.  "Hunter" maybe?  "Rex" or something?

That's all I have right now.  Have a good weekend everyone.

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