Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: July 16th

Short entry today, a couple points:

I am waiting for a giant truck to accidentally run over Donald Sterling.  There is no way I'm apologizing for that, what a pud.

I listened to Weird Al Yankovic's "Mandatory Fun" album yesterday.   It is indeed fun!   Check it out.

If you can't check it out, don't have the money, or the time, Weird Al still will set you up with videos from 8 of his 12 cuts of the album.  New one every day this week.  Two already in the books.  More to follow, including one today.

It was not a good day yesterday... I had a rough time working with several persons at home or on the road who could not connect to their email or network.  Those are the toughest kind of situations to resolve with people who are not up on technology and over the phone.  And since they can't connect you can't just email them or remote desktop an answer.   It's a rewarding challenge if you can solve it, but yesterday I was not on my A-game.   I did eventually arrive at the answer with some help, thank goodness for friends and help forums.

Now I said it wasn't a good day, but the day was quickly improved with Souplantation.   Excellent menu on display.  BBQ pizza foccaccia, corn chowder with bacon, they held over the lemon lava cake too!  I was not expecting that, a nice surprise.  I was in one of those downbeat moods but in those situations, I tend to want some of the Souplantation Colombian blend coffee with extra milk in it.   Ooh that hit the spot.   The night went a good deal better than the day.

Gosh you want to talk about worlds colliding?   There's a burger truck in town called "Baby's Badass Burgers" that features some babes in pink shirts and shorts selling the burgers from their truck.  Last night they were on "Shark Tank", some business reality show that's on ABC and CNBC.   The board follows that show fairly closely, or at least some of the board does.

Never been to BBB, but I think if they were in town I'd give them a shot.  I may try the burgers too!

I put on a 70's pop music internet station yesterday, and I gotta tell ya, there was a lot of smarmy sappy pop music on the air back in those days.   When the day ended this melancholy Anne Murray song was on and it got me way down... very depressed.  One of my colleagues stopped by the main office where I was at to pick up something and that stinkin' song was killing the mood... I was stunned by the whole thing.  Hopefully my buddy didn't notice but after he left I was like "you gotta be kidding me... Anne Murray?"   Her songs are a bigger buzz kill than Sweeny Murti reports.

Then I turned it off and left the office... I could not get that stupid song out of my head.  "you neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeded meeeeeeeeee, you neeeeeeeeded meeeeee."  As I've said numerous times before, all the great music we did have, iconic music, in the 70's was balanced and counteracted by the large volume of schlock that also dominated the charts.

It's true of every decade, but for whatever reason it sounded even cornier in the 70's.  Ah what are you gonna do?

One of my friends got really ornery yesterday and started to rip Virgin America... I was like "man... that's really too bad, I love that airline."  He used to be such a huge fan of theirs too... I couldn't figure it out.  Might have been a bad day.  I believe his flight was delayed, though.

Flight delays are no fun... I've never had a really serious one... there was one time, if you can believe this, it was on Virgin America, where the flight home was delayed by about 2-3 hours, so my friend and I just had dinner at a decent restaurant in the airport and then went back to the flight when it was ready.

Virgin America flights... most recently, I discovered that there were some basic games you can play on the flight entertainment system.   One of them was Mahjong, and I was *killing* the Mahjong... I won every single game... I was hitting a zone.  In fact, if I knew about it at the beginning of the flight, I'd have some fun playing that thing for a good 3 hours.

Nothing is as good a time killer as that Rubik's Cube... I always thought the Blackjack app was the ultimate time killer but no!  That Rubik's Cube does the job.

Hopefully I did a good job today w/ the blog entry.  Catch you all soon!   Been writing more, recently.   One other post from this week is online in case you missed it; 'til next time...

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manderly7835 said...

Those references to Anne Murray just undid me! OMG, I couldn't stop laughing...because it's true! Been a while since I listened to her songs but never thought of them really being just that: a buzzkill!! So now my instinct is to do the opposite, and just laugh till I have tears in my eyes when I hear her songs!

But that's me, at this moment in time.

I can't breathe! LOL!!!