Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: July 2nd

This is a big week.  Wednesday marks the official debut of the "Dave in the City" show on YOUTUBE.  Yes!  We are now going to do a TV simulcast of the show on Youtube for all of you to enjoy.  Let me know what you think!  We'll come on at 10pm Eastern.

It will be just like the regular show except that we'll put a camera on my dopey face during the show.  The calls will be taken like usual and the Random Q's are still at the same place: blogtalkradio.com/daveinthecity although I'm considering a move to twitter.   Twitter is fluid and easy to access from anywhere so we may go that route.  To help us along, I set up a separate twitter account: @ditcow , in order to take Random Questions.  That way it won't clutter my regular feed @diningwithdave.   We'll see how it goes.

Well it's over... the World Cup ends for USA, but it was a lot of fun to watch.  Now back to my usual nonsense here on the blog.

I am ashamed of myself... I ate Subway twice in three days.  Why?  Simple as this:  I was lazy.   I had my car nicely parked on the street across from me, and Coach needed the carport that evening so I decided to just leave my car on the street rather than drive to a better sandwich shop and spend the next 40 minutes looking for a space.

It's different here in Santa Monica.  Anywhere else in the universe, you can go to your street and just park in an available spot.  9 times out of 10 or 900million out of 900million and one places in America you can just go to your street and find a spot right there for you.  Not in Santa Monica!   When you live here, you gotta fight and fight for a space if you park any time after 6pm around town.  And... our apartment has only room for one of our cars to park at any given time.  

Since I take the bus to work, it's a bigger problem on my side, so Coach and I made an agreement when I moved -- if you can believe this, it occurred around this date a year ago.   The agreement was that during the week I was allowed to use the carport since Coach usually took the car to work and just drove right back.  The carport was helpful to me during the week because it kept my car off the street during sweeping day which was usually Tuesday or Wednesday.

The trade off was that when Coach needed to go out at night (for a date or for errands, whatever reason), I needed to move the car back onto the street before he left.  It was a fair agreement.  Still is.

Anyway, tonight, I had my car on the street so that Coach could return last Sunday, but it stayed there through Tuesday.  Tuesday night, I checked with Coach, anticipating he might go out to do stuff and it turns out I was right.

But that outcome also made me too scared to take my car anyplace, because I *knew* I'd lose the parking spot if I came back.  Ergo I had to go with restaurants within walkable distance.   My options were the grocery store deli... good meat but lame bread; Panera Bread, too far, and Subway.  So by default I went to Subway.   AGAIN.

A very disappointing moment.   It was fine though -- I lived and the sub was at least edible tonight.  Of course, I was walking home, never realizing the whole time I could have ordered from Jersey Mikes with the EAT24 app and had them deliver oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Usually when you order delivery they make you order at least 15 bones of stuff so I would have ordered two giant sandwiches and saved the second one for the next day.   I just wasn't thinking.   Nonetheless, it was all good in the end and I still had a surplus of peaches to turn to.

I have a question:  how many peaches could you eat in one sitting if you really tried?  I haven't quite put myself to the test but already I've had bouts with four peaches and three peaches at different points of the year.  Just call me the undisputed heavyweight peach champion of the world baby... undefeated.

I'm such a mongo with the peaches that I would go to the store the day AFTER I bought peaches and go get another bag of peaches.   I had three bags of peaches in the fridge at my peak just a week ago.  Oh these are good days my friends!

If you found out a girl you knew worked at a chocolate shop would that be a turn on to you?   I think its the sort of stuff that could potentially move your motor.   I love chocolate too!

I'm pleased to announce I'll be heading to San Francisco next weekend... well sorta San Francisco and sorta Santa Clara.  Day one is SF.. I'll walk around, look for "Golden Boy" Pizza in North Beach, meet my buddy Jacob, go see some sights, and eventually work my way to AT&T park for a Giants game, and I'm going to load up on concessions that night.

Jacob tells me that the Sheboygan Sausage Sandwich is the best.  I gotta see for myself!  And the popcorn is a must.  The Popcorn at AT&T is the best there is in MLB... I'm not even joking here!  It's amazing.  I will get crab cakes if they have any.  I'll get the garlic fries, that's a lock.  Lastly, I'd go after an It's It ice cream sandwich if they sold any.  They may not, so I'd probably just relax if it's not around.

AND... if I am so fortunate as to make good time on the drive up, I intend to get breakfast in the Central Valley at a place called Harris Ranch.  All the signs make it seem like some hokey tourist trap rest stop, but it's more than that.  It's home to some of the best meat in the state, no lie.  They have a great butcher shop and furthermore, they were wise to set up their own restaurant.   Meals there -- simply spectacular.  I haven't tried the breakfast yet though, so that's on the docket.

Ah and Day Two... the California Extreme Arcade Game convention show in Santa Clara.  I've been wanting to go to this show for years!  Every historic arcade game of the golden years, some 30-35 years ago.  I am PUMPED to see this!  The convention has been going for over a decade now.  Day Three will be back in SF to see the World Cup Final with Jacob at a bar in town.

I know a lot of people are waiting on pins and needles for football season but I love *this* season... it's like an offseason for me too... a time to worry less about sports and get to do other things with life.  I live for these days.   After this SF trip, I have a Boz Scaggs concert featuring legends like Dave Grusin and Lee Ritenour collaborating on Piano and Guitar, respectively.  All three of these guys are BIG names in Jazz, Music, and Movies, and having them all on the same night will be quite a trip.  That concert goes down at the Bowl in Hollywood.

I'll have a chance to relax a tad... get to know my favorite spots and enjoy the sunshine.  I may get to swim more too.  Meet babes and such.  These are good times indeed.

It gets even better too... for jokers like us anyway.   July 14th:  New Weird Al Yankovic album!  "Mandatory Fun."  Ooh!  I'll be all over that.  Can't wait... let's do it.

That's all for now.   Catch you all soon... good tidings, good times. 

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